5 Reasons to dine at Mangkorn Seafood BKK


So, you’re finally at the land of smiles, loads of shopping and well, nice people. But hey lets not forget the awesome Tom Yum and yummilicious seafood. Located at Din Daeng, Mangkorn Seafood is a BBQ seafood buffet thats not only popular amongst the Thais but has recently been the rave amongst tourists from many places. A click onto their Facebook and you’ll see good reviews from visitors from all over the world. We decided to check it out. So, should you go to Mangkorn or not? Well, if you’re a seafood lover and you don’t mind getting your hands all dirty with all the crab de-shelling then you really should! Heres why..

1. Its all you can eat at 399BAHT.

20160311_190653 copy 

And thats equivalent to, as of conversion in March 2016, approximately 16SGD. (WHAT!! IM HORRIFIED) Err, yeps.. At 399 BAHT, you’re given a total of 90minutes to dine. Eat all you want, eat all you can and pile your plates up. The time’s pretty enough for a decent meal. Do be really mindful of maximising your 90minutes though cause they’re REALLY clear of your entry timing and its gonna be printed on the receipt. It’ll cost you 4 baht per minute if you exceed the 90 minutes time frame and a 120 baht if you extend your dine time by 30 minutes. Do be mindful of food wastage while you’re at it as a 100 baht fee will be imposed should you be EXPOSED. There’s instructions at the counter in mandarin too if you’re bringing older members of your family.  Everyone clear of the instructions?

2.  Hello old-school charcoal grill!

20160311_191229(0) copy

Im not exactly sure if its a good thing… but well, you’re gonna be cooking your own food on this old-school charcoal grill. Its probably gonna cook slower than those electric grills that we see nowadays but it actually does makes a difference to the taste of your food. Im saying this from experience cause I ate Seoul Garden recently after being back from Thailand and I’ve gotta say that grills and charcoals really made wonders. Kudos to them that the fire’s very alive when they brought in the stove – no waiting for charcoal to get hot time. YAY 🙂

3. There’s a variety of seafood, like GOOD seafood.

20160311_191002 copy

Dear seafood lovers, you’re gonna have a blast here. All you can eat CRABS 螃蟹 and FLOWER CRABS 花蟹, assorted big prawns with scary claws 鲜虾 (HAHA), Sotongs 苏东, Squids 花枝, Bamboo Clams 竹棒, Scallops 扇贝, Clams 啦啦, Mussels 蛤,  Assorted Fishes 鱼 (Like a whole fish not dory slices),  Big slices of Salmon 三文鱼, Sea Snails 海螺 and more….

TIP: You really need to strategise on how to cook the food. Im not sure whats the best way cause the crabs take the longest time to cook and they take up a lot of space… The prawns gets cooked really fast and gets CHAOTA often. The fish takes awhile to cook as well. I think you’re supposed to cut the sotongs and squids and put them on aluminium foil for cooking.. and that should be the way for scallops and clams too? Ah, here’s totally a #regretnotbringingmymum moment. HAHA.

4. They’ve got AWESOME chicken kebabs, OMG.

20160311_191825 copy

No worries if your friends wanna come here but you’re not a seafood lover cause thats the only crab we ate too but we still filled our tummies up with really AWESOME non-seafood stuff like THAT chicken kebab. Honestly, I’ve been wondering why my friends brought me here for food when they’re so disinterested in the prawns and fishes and sotongs and crabs.. WEIRD. Back to the kebabs.. Please do get some of these while you’re there cause they tasted so good. The chicken cubes tasted really fresh and juicy. They’re so flavourful, with authentic char-grilled taste, especially when you eat them with the sweet pineapple cubes on the skewers. Yum!


We chomped down loads of chicken kebabs, marinated chicken thigh meat and chicken sausages. My friends enjoyed their thick slices of salmon, and big portions of buttery flower and enoki mushrooms.


They’ve got cooked noodles, fried rice and other deep-fried finger food as well. You’re definitely in for a feast, seafood lover or not.

5. Did I mention that there’s free-flow of beers, drinks and desserts?

Ah ya, what’s a BBQ Dinner without some BEER? Drink all the Chang and Heineken you want! Overall, it was a good dinner, though we exceeded the time a little cause we’re such bad cooks, but it was good-for-value cause of all e delicious chicken that I really liked and variety of fresh seafood and cooked food.

mk6 copy

How to get there: We took a tuktuk from Platinum Mall. It’s approximately a 10 mins ride.

Mangkorn Seafood
1394 soi Prachasongkhro 21 Prachasongkhro road, Dindaeng, Bangkok
ประชาสงเคราะห์ 21
Opening Hours: 16:00-04:00

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