Taiwan Cafe: PS BUBU

If you remember the all-time famous Taiwanese Drama, Meteor Garden, then you would know the PS BUBU Cafe thats in Taipei. Featuring PS BUBU cars in different colors, this cafe is must-go if you decide on a trip to Taipei. Though it takes some travelling but hey what’s a little effort to relive some romantic drama moments right?

Lovely red bricked entrance with some road signs hanging~

Many seats, lovely setting and loads of car-turned tables.
Obviously I chose the pink car cause its the very one that ShanCai was in. This car was also featured in a recent Taiwanese movie called “闺蜜” which was acted by Ivy Chen. Totally my kind of car.

Im not gonna lie but the seats were a little tad hard.

We decided on their set meals cause its quite worth the value. Though its about NT490 which is like SGD22 but the whole themed atmosphere and picture opportunities made up for it. I think Taiwan cafes are really into the set meal idea. Anyway, here’s some PS BUBU serviettes.

Started off with the cold salad.

Next up was some consommé soup.

And we decided on two different spaghettis.

Generous portions and they actually tasted good.
I think the food here is a lot better than the Hello Kitty Cafe.
I can’t remember exactly what we ordered. The green one’s something like cream and dory fish with an extra flavour while the other one was a fusion of curry and cream I guess. Both were yummilicious!

Desserts was a slice of Banana cake with chocolate drawing of PS BUBU.

Don’t forget to visit the toilet before you go off. Thats a really cute mirror though it looked kinda squashed above the sink.

Glad to have at least visited this place once and I actually kinda miss the food there.

PS BUBU Restaurant (金屋藏车餐厅)

No.1 Lane 140 ZhongShan N. Road Sec 7 (中山北路七段140巷1号)
Opening Hours: 12pm to 10pm
Tel: 886-02-2876-0698

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