HTF do you pronounce that NAME!

Do you ever get irritated at names that you can’t pronounce? Cause I actually get super fed up when I like call myself a “Bilingual” emcee and have failtothemax conversations with my friends like this..

J: Eh, your skin looks better recently?

S: Is it?? Oh, must be a new foundation Im using. Coverage good bah.

J: Wa, what brand you using?

S: That…. That… Korean Brand la..

J: Walao, which one so many…

S: That… La-nique, La-nage, Le-ni-que, La-nich.. WHATEVER.


S: -feeling very pissed-

-Please say you feel me-


K: Eh, we still need to get birthday cake!

S: Oh, where you wanna get from?

K: Eh recently got one damn famous one!

S: Which one?

K: The pretty pretty one?

S: Walao, a lot of bakeries now cakes very pretty….

K: The everywhere also have, bright bright one.

S: -roll eyes-

K: The Jap one la.


K: The one that starts with C.

S: -faints-

– Please say you feel my pain-


We shall just talk about brand names today…

Yes, nowadays, we see a lot of shops and brands with super Atas name ya! French names especially, since they make everything feel super high-end. Anyway,  the actual reason why Im writing this post is cause I super love buying cakes from the C shop recently though I feel freaking fat and its seriously not helping that the “C” cake shop is like everywhere now and I always wander in and out of the shop, pass by the shop, and wonder like, HOW THE HECK do you pronounce Châteraisé. How how how? Its very frustrating when I can’t even tell my dad/mum/maid/ahma or even friends to buy from that shop cause they’ll never get it (unless we just come to a conclusion to call it the “C-cake shop”. Ah shit, that made me think of C-section or something. EEWWW. Sorry, back to point.)..  You see, at least Breadtalk becomes “Bad-tok”, Bengawan becomes “Barn-gar-wan”, Paris Baguette becomes “Ba-lis Ba-guat”, Prima Deli becomes ” Bi-ma Deh-Li”.. How do you even pronounce Châteraisé to Ah-mas?!?!?!?!!?! Faints. I can’t even start somewhere.


Anyway, I’ve decided to do US a favour to google for the right pronunciation. So, to all you fellow Châteraisé fans, its pronounced like this:


Come say it.. 1,2,3…. ” SHARE-TOH-RAI-ZEEE” 🙂

Ah Ma -fades in- : 什么?什么血头来si4/xi4 (死 in hokkien)?

Anyway, let me intro SGAuntyLian and AuntyXiaohua to you! They’ll be going through the list of mis-pronounced words with you below k! Go through the words and see if you’ve been getting it right. 

Laneige is pronounced as….
-SGAuntyLian-: La-nique?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 拉你弟。
Correct: LA-NESH.

L’Occitane is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Lok-see-tain?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 落西蛋。
Correct: Lox-see-ten.

Givenchy is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: G-Ven-Chee?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 七分气儿。
Correct: G-von-she.

Hermes is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Her-may?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 喝没。
Correct: Air-maze.

Longchamp is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Long- Shamp?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 弄啥安呸。
Correct: Low-shomp.

Louis Vuitton is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Lu-is Ver-ton?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 鹿一胃痛!
Correct: Lu-yi Vwee-ton.

Sephora is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Seh-fo-ra?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 色佛辣!
Correct: Seh-foh-hah.

Ikea is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Yi-kia?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 一起压!
Correct: I-ki-ear or Yi-ki-ear.

Paris Baguette is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Ba-lis Ba-guat?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 八里八卦!
Correct: Pear-ris Bar-get

Bengawan Solo is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Barn-gar-wan? Bend-ga-wan?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 笨鸡啊湾 瘦咯!
Correct: Burn-na-wan So-lo

HAHA. Just for laughs k. I lub AuntyXiaoHua. 🙂

Im sure there are many other brand names that we’re all saying it wrong.. But its okay la, I don’t really think it matters since we’re all Singaporeans and we’re all doing it like that.  YAY TEAM. I just cannot when I really haven a clue on how to pronounce “Chateraise” to my 小姑大姑阿嬷阿公爷爷奶奶舅舅舅妈?!?!?! Oh one more thing before I end the post. I CANT STAND IT TOO WHEN PEOPLE pronounce Gong Cha as 憨茶… I feel sad, like why its supposed to be a 贡茶 -贡献的贡,敬贡给皇帝的贡,and to only end up being 憨茶, which really stands for fools.. So people, PLEASE, its Gong4 第四声k!

Oh right, I forgot, not that it matters anymore since 贡茶 is GONE GONE GONE. 😦 Im sad. Plum Green Tea, Alisan Tea and more.. I’ll miss you. RIP. Li-Ho, I Bo-Ho… :((((

Something EVIL happened in the tunnel

So guys, I was in town this afternoon.
Went for my facial at Clifford Centre and decided to pop by town for lunch and some shopping. Will blog about e facial another time since I’ve just signed a 4 months package with them cause I need better complexion. Anyway, I wanted to buy a book from Kikki K, those motivational kind cause I found it pretty helpful when I did daily reflections last year. I started being more positive after completing the book and had a new outlook to life… (which was diminished when I started school, so yea, am in need of some fuel…) Was pretty disappointed when I found out that the branch at Ion was closed. Googled for other branches and found one at Raffles City. So, heres a happy me.

You must be wondering what the whole paragraph above has got to do with my title of the post. Its okay to think that way cause the real story starts from here…

So, you see, I was at Orchard MRT and needed to get to Raffles City and so.. RED LINE it is. Its been awhile since I boarded the train at peak hour so it was pretty hectic. Got to the platforms safely and boarded the right train, though it took quite a wait cause it was really hard to squeeze on board. After leaving Dhoby, the train started braking abruptly and it stood still for awhile. I started chatting with my friend and didn’t keep track of the train. The next moment I looked up, the light showed “Raffles Place” and I alighted from the train confidently. It was upon disembarking the train that I remembered that Raffles City feels like its at CITY HALL station instead.. Being at Raffles Place means…. I might have alighted wrongly. DAMN! This is gonna offset some time from the 1 hour that I have to go, buy the book and be back. Still not really sure if Raffles City was at Raffles Place MRT or City Hall MRT (I know right! WTF is this. Raffles City is like both Raffles and City. WHICH ONE IS IT?!?!?!?!) Thinking hard, I looked around and saw the sign that says “To Joo Koon”. I finally figured that Raffles City is probably at City Hall (YES GUYS, RAFFLES CITY IS AT CITY HALL ARGH) and went frantically looking for “To Jurong East”. Since I was pressing for time, I rushed up the stairs, following the signs for the red line back.

The next moment felt really surreal. I felt disoriented actually and had to take a second, third and fourth look to be sure. At level 2, I found “To Jurong East” and guess what was above that………. The sign wrote “NS 25 CITY HALL” No! It couldn’t be. I was pretty sure Im at Raffles Place MRT, the lights showed that and I was thrown into a frenzy. It can’t be right! I felt giddy and overwhelmed. I was relieved but it was unreal, so unreal, that HEY IM AT THE RIGHT PLACE!  I went another level up just to be sure. There weren’t any other confirmation signs at the card-tapping area.. I only believed my eyes when my friend said that “If you see to North Bridge Rd then its probably City Hall”. Great! I see that!

We proceeded out and up towards the mall.

Me: “Something doesn’t feel right. Im sure we were at Raffles Place.. Something happened.”

P: “Ya, the lights flashed Raffles Place. I was still thinking that you wanted to go to Raffles Place.”

Me: “Ya, the lights showed Raffles Place and I still thought I was right until I realised Im wrong. Im VERY SURE. Something happened there. Omg. And when we got out of the MRT, its Raffles Place right? How come when we go level 2, the words so big CITY HALL? Doesn’t make sense.”

P: “Omg, this is damn weird…”

S: “I feel disoriented really. Like that 5 mins did in the tunnel did something.”

P: “Ya sia. Scary. Probably the train got stuck in the tunnel so long, it didn’t even know where it was already.”

S: “Something blacked my life out for 5 mins there. Im serious.”

Anyway, in conclusion, we figured that the flashing lights for the stops must have made an error.. If not, maybe we travelled through space. Keeding. We probably believed that the lights wouldn’t have erred so much that we kept thinking and feeling that we were at Raffles Place and the frantic must have messed with our heads too cause it felt totally deja vu when we “landed” at City Hall when we climbed the stairs to level 2.

Whatever it is, honestly, it probably caused us some brain damage cause after the whole saga, we went to Kikki K and bought a book and a pen and this happened.

At the cashier….

“$54.50 please.”

S -in thoughts-: 15? 50? huh?

P -in thoughts-: She meant 15 right?

S takes out 50bucks and give cashier.

“Sorry, ermm its $54.40.”

S -in thoughts-: huh? oh okay. (Pays more money)

P- in thoughts-: Wa, what kind of book so expensive 40plus 50 bucks?

“Thank you. Have a nice day.”

Took my package and took the MRT back to Somerset. Went for dinner and I finally reached home like past 12..

After a bath, I decided to start writing in my Kikki K. Took the book out and out fell the receipt. And guess what. I looked closely at the receipt and realised…

That the book cost $29.50..

S -in thoughts-: Huh, wait, they must have calculated wrongly then… How did it get to 50plus? Must go back to ask for change..

I wrote in my book happily and it was towards the end of my writing that I saw the barcode and price on the pen..

Guess WHAT!

That PEN cost $24.90.

Like What kind of PEN cost $24.90!@$@!$!@






Meanwhile.. in whatsapp.

S: I tell you something very funny. HAHAHA

P: What what? Quick!

S: The book I buy, is only $29.50… The pen is $24.90. FML! LOL. ROFL.

P: WTH?@#$!


P: You never see price?????

S: I was rushing I didnt know. I won’t buy if I knew OMG. I suck sorry.

P: Normally I would have checked the price for you cause I was shocked that the bill totalled to $50plus. I thought the pen was $4.50 and the book was $49.90. Must be the damn train and tunnel OMG. I would have seen the price or receipt. I don’t know why I didnt!

S: YA LA. You didnt. I didnt too. Gosh. The tunnel got EVIL. I just paid without looking and you didnt check this time.. We were like weird. So off somehow.. ARGH. Im sad.

P: Why so ex one!

S: Eh, Im supposed to be positive after writing in the book. Okay, Im happy.. Guess how I ended my reflection in the book!

P: What?

S: “P.S. This DAMN pen is $24.90. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE IT.”


Salad Bar Buffet

Was first introduced to salad bar buffet a few days ago.

Im sorry, I know Im slow.

Anyway, I recently took on a liking at eating clean and healthy. I’ve always been a steamboat person lah, but Im pretty intrigued by the whole salad bar buffet concept, and exceptionally pleased with the one at Krazy Salad. They’ve got really fresh veg and a great variety of salad add-ons available. 

Everything looks appetising at the counter and they’ve even got sides like mushroom soup, clam chowder soup, pastas, tacos, fruits and soft-serve ice-creams.

You’ve got to put those wanton skins inside the soups. The texture is so good, like it remains crunchy though its soaked with soup. Yumzzzz. But of course, if you’re there for healthy lunching or dining then please skip the fried wantons ah, and the ice-cream..

I got so crazy over salad bars that I’ve been eating it for three consecutive days. Yes, crazy much, but I really enjoy it. I’ve got to say that the veg here are a lot fresher, cleaner and crunchier (not a cucumber person but the jap cucumber here is daebak yo!) Oh and their proteins (chicken breast) and other ingredients like ham and egg mayo tasted far better than those elsewhere. 

Fret not, if you’re not the healthier option kinda people cause they’ve got excellent mains here too which includes their chicken chops, grilled fish and more.. Heard their beef here is good too.

I think they really deserve a shoutout for their good food, wide variety, good value and comfortable atmosphere. The salad bar buffet (only) costs about 17bucks per pax and the mains ranges around 20 plus bucks. You’re entitled to the salad bar too as long as you order a main or if not, you can just go for salad at the above mentioned pricing. Some of my friends have texted me for meet-ups there so Im definitely gonna be back for more.

YAY to good and healthy dining! Wee.

Krazy Salad is located at:

(Right above TPY Central’s KFC)
#02-516 Toa Payoh Central
190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh S310190

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Poke Bowls.

Im new to this.
Really thankful to my friends who brought me to Alter Ego for dinner on Sunday.
They’ve got such good ambiance, good beers, ciders and cocktails and oh-so-delicious poke bowls that tasted so damn good and feels healthy enough for a dine-out chill out night.

To those of you who’ve never heard of Poke Bowls, they’re these healthy rice bowls filled with japanese rice and loaded with sashimis and veggies. As much as I hoped that they’ve got something to do with pokemon or poke balls, they don’t.  They actually originated from Hawaii. Its actually been around in Hawaii for centuries despite it being made popular recently and they’re really “Cubed fish bowls”. The raw fishes are seasoned in different flavors and they’re healthy and yummy! Just so you know, Poke is pronounced as “poh-kay”, instead of poke like face book’s pokes and poke like poker. Somehow, its just kinda difficult for me to pronounce bowl, behind “poh-kay”. Too used to poke balls. ARGH. Whatever.

Anyway, I fell in love with the poke bowls here at Alter Ego. They’ve got such a generous portion of salmon cubes on top and that just made it so worth the price. I ordered the spicy one, and it tasted really flavourful, there was no fishy taste at all. Their poke bowls here consists of avocadoes, cucumber cubes, seaweed, cherry tomatoes, ebiko and ikura oh and their miscellaneous veg are so crunchy and tasty. Every mouth can be a different taste if you decide not to mash them all together. No matter how you eat it, its just AWESOME.

Oh they’ve got so many sinful dishes there that looked really good, but I didn’t get to try. Will definitely be back for more. If you’ve got some feel to try some alcohol, their mojito cocktails was an awesome mix. My friends were pretty amazed by their apple ciders and cinnamon apple ciders too. Enjoy!


一公升眼淚 One Litre of Tears

我並不堅強, 但卻因為你們的鼓勵而勇敢.
謝謝你們讓我成為你們的陽光, 也為我的世界帶來那麼多希望與曙光.
自從我又開始blog, 你們總會留言說期待我的下一個故事.

“在我今天能夠站在這裡, 帶著笑容跟你們分享我的故事之前,我大概已哭了一公升眼淚. 可這條路是我的選擇,而在這條路上,我堅持一步步找尋屬於自己的那一道光. 我相信每一天的生命都不會是結束, 而是一種不一樣的開始. 跌倒了算什麼,你總能起身. 若你跌傷了,就躺著望一望天空吧. 你將發現今天的天空依舊碧藍,依舊遼闊. 這片藍天正對著你笑,因為你還活著.”


人生路上,你我同行. 共勉之.

The connection between an artiste and his/her fans is indeed extraordinary.

I’d just like to thank all of you for the comments and support.
Im not exactly someone who’s strong, but I remain courageous due to all your encouragements.
Thanks for allowing me to be a motivation and influence to all of you and Im grateful for the brightness you guys have brought into my world too.
Ever since I started blogging again, you guys have been really supportive and have left comments saying how you guys are excited for more stories. So, I’ve decided to dedicate this post to all of you. 🙂 Spread the love!

I’v recently watched a Jap Drama and theres this one quote that really touched my heart:

“Being able to smile and tell everyone my story, I must have at least cried one litre of tears. But step by step, little by little, I will find the light on this path that I’ve chosen for myself. Life from now will not be an ending, but just a beginning of something new. There’s nothing wrong about falling. You can always get back up again. And when you look up at the sky after falling, you’ll realise that the sky today remains blue, it stretches limitlessly and is smiling at you. You’re alive.”

To anyone of you who might be feeling down, fight on!


Signs you’re probably getting old

“Im old already.” This sentence kind of pops up in my mind ALOT these days. Like how can I not? I see my dog stumbling and slipping and forever sleeping. Bailey is an old dog now and me? Definitely not young. Really. I finally understand what it means to be fatigue. I can no longer survive and work well after “tonning” the night for a sunrise. Ah, like who gives a damn to sunrises, I need my REST. How did I use to survive playing falling furniture in Habbo Hotel and doing party quests in Maplestory all the way till morning. HOW DID I EVER DO THAT! Oh, and I’d really like to assume my oldness is probably the cause of my recent gain of weight. Hey yo, my -usedtobedamngood- metabolism, you ARE SO failing me. Im upset really. 

List of Signs You’re Probably Getting Old

1. You can no longer understand the art of tonning and the fun of wild drinking. Those just means fatigue, pukes and fatigue.

2. You need panadol after listening to loud rock music consecutively for 3 hours

3. You wear lesser shorts and buy more maxis, midis and long jeans.

4. You try to wear tights instead of FBTs when exercising. You don’t understand how you used to be so comfy wearing FBTS everywhere you go and rolled your eyes when your mum told you that they’re shorter than her underwear. KIDDIN.

5. You cook a pack of maggie and add ingredients in it instead of the cup ones with nothing – minimise the badness and enjoy the fragrance.

6. You get enticed by the words like “collagen”, “firm”, “lift”, “anti-aging”, “anti-wrinkle”, “supple”, “shaping”, “boost”,”non-fat”, “low-fat”. In short, everything thats anti-old, anti-fat and anti-ugly.

7. You appreciate genuine coffees and teas (GENUINE. Not freaking starbucks frappucinos. THATS a killer.)

8. You bid goodbye to Milo Dinosaurs and welcomed a drink called Teh O.

9. You start using Thermo Bottles. You’re surprised but you kinda prefer hot drinks now.

10. You start appreciating floral scents, floral tasting biscuits, floral ice creams, floral clothes, floral cardigans.. go Team Floral!

11. You go for less intense (or less exciting) exercises like Yoga or signed up at the Gym. For body building and for the hunks that is.

12. Salads now exists in your vocabulary.

13. You buy stuff from Isetan/Robinsons/Metro and start appreciating Uniqlo and MUJI.

14. No more backpacks unless you’re overseas or going for a hiking trip.

15. You look back and feel astonished by the time you wasted loitering outside doing nothing when you were in Secondary School. WHY OH WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO HOME AFTER TEN.. Karma hits! Now you want to go home by 6pm but you need to OT till after ten right right right..

16. You’re okay now with onions, shallots, gingers, spring onions, chili padi, garlic and other weird spices that you couldn’t even stand a freaking bite into. In fact, bring them on right now cause you’ve come to learn of their flavours and tastes.

17. You struggle to read this:

sup yo. 10Q 4 readin dis post. hru. I just wan 2 say hi and tht it ish so 1daful tht u read wat i rite. sowie tht smtym i upd8 so l8 cuz im nt on9 24/7 n deres TMSGO. bt its ok i knw u r v coo. ah!  cd9! brb. mum bhind. ttyl. msg u whn bck.. afk..

bck. lmao my mum dam fun-e. she tink i got A 4 test. so stupiak. its tbh, it wld b 2g2bt la lolness. anw jtlyk i b gg dere str8 29, u dun b l8. cul8r @ *$ 6.30pm. imo tat guy tht alwaz go dere @7pm ish so qt. dunno if he gt SO alr nt. aiya dkdc but tink Jean lyk him 2. she alwz NATO tho n she keep sayin me n him will nt happen.. i wuz like MYOB lah.. WAS rite! ^5. sowie TMI. ROFL. nvm. IDGAD, YKWIM?

anw, lubu4eva. B4N k. XOXOZZZ.

18. You took more than 5 mins to read this.

19. You googled for some of the net lingos.

20. You think TISL. You hate me for including it and kinda regret reading this.

Happy Labour Day

Happy Holidays guys, though I’m not exactly sure what you’re supposed to do on Labour Day, but its okay, just enjoy it.  I never really got the purpose of Labour Day. I mean, there are ways to celebrate all the other different occasions and holidays in Singapore, but there just aint any specifics to do on Labour Day, is there? I wanted to plan for my holiday so I did my research of “WHAT TO DO ON LABOUR DAY”. Seems like most people either go out for BBQs, which to me just spells VERY HARD WORK, or visit the Istana. Maybe they should have came up with some customs for Labour Day too. Or else, you probably should. I came up with my own yesterday night.. I reckon that you might be interested to want to follow closely to it too.


Sherraine’s TO-DO-LIST on Labour Day:

1. Golden Rule of the Day: Keep labour to its minimum.

2. Enjoy my sleep.

3. Throw my phone at the wall when the alarm rings. No, it shouldn’t even ring.

4. Throw my phone at whoever comes opening my room door. If it doesn’t work, throw my pillows, throw my blanket, throw everything I can grab until that person slams the door and runs off. In my scenario, thats probably gonna be my dad but oh well.

5. Tell him its Labour Day, and its okay if you’re not embracing your inner pig daemons, but its hard-earned time for 老娘 to 睡觉. Or actually, just ignore him. Reacting is too much labour, I shall just sleep.

6. Go back to deep sleep and wake up only when I’m hungry or need the toilet.

7. Prepare a nice and sumptuous meal that only requires these 7 simple steps:

a) Open the fridge
b) Take the food out
c) Open the food
d) On the switch
e) Put it in
f) Press 5:00.
g) Listen for the “Ding”


I’ve got myself some Tom Yum Wanton Noodles Soup, Carrot Cake and Hor Fun for breakfast! AWESOME.

8. Anticipate my next meal. 4 Yakitori Sticks, Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and 2 club sandwiches for lunch later. Sounds yummy!

9. Eat in my room

10. Go back to sleep.

11. REPEAT until 2nd May.

I sincerely hope you follow closely to the plan I have for you to fully enjoy your Labour Day.



Anyway, you should really appreciate Labour Day.  Its the reason why we only work 8 hours per day. You see, some really tired and frustrated (I supposed lah, cause thats how I’d feel if I worked for more than 8 hours) workers from the Worker Union came together and advocated for the eight-hour movement many many many years ago. They fought for and requested that they should have eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

Labor Day 2011

Thank you so much for the advocation.
Any brave souls out there wants to start a new advocation?
Like 24 can be fully divided by 6 too.
Its the millennium century already!
Six hours for work, six hours for humans, six hours for rest and six hours for machines sounds legit too. Six hours should be enough for all your scrolling through of Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, Weibos and some online games ya?


Anyway, Ive no idea why but I keep thinking of Labour Day being the day that mums goes into labour. Thats what they would probably mark on their calendars right? Like, ITS LABOUR DAY. WORST LABOUR EVER. But then again, your LABOUR DAY would probably mean your kid’s birthday too.. Oh my, 真的是 labour day 不间断 for at least 21 years. Planning birthday parties, getting presents and cleaning up after they’ve had their fun is 苦工 kay!

To my future kids…

“Hi whatevernameyourbrilliantmumcameupwith, Happy Birthday to you. Its your birthday and its my labour day too. Labour Day really means I get off from everything, especially mummy duties to you. Happy Birthday.”

Okay, I should have followed closely to my list today cause now I’ve laboured more than I should.

Back to sleep. Bye.

^ I do not own any rights to the comics above.