Extreme Look Salon now with a brand new look!

I was around Nex the other day for lunch after class and was feeling a bit angry at how my fringe seemed to be a little too long that its hard to keep it in place. Thus, I decided to visit my hairstylist for a quick hair cut to keep it neat. To my surprise, they’ve actually renovated the place and it looks SO classy right now. 🙂

NA201306231546340073-62-810000(Before haircut, at Nex for lunch)

Camera 360
(How their frontal looks right now)

Camera 360
(Although they are located more towards the neighborhood area, but they try to distinguish themselves with their shop design, their skills and professionalism)

(This is my hairstylist Louis. He spares no effort in keeping my hair healthy and has never failed to give me the kind of hairstyle I want. Often I just save a picture of the hairstyle i want and he’ll do it for me. He’s very conscientious when it comes to dyeing and rebounding to prevent damage to customer’s hair and LOL isn’t he good looking?? *bash*)

Camera 360  (Here’s me and him right in front of the salon. Doesn’t this look totally like an advertisement picture? HAHA. He should totally pay me for endorsements! JK.)

For those of you within the vicinity, you might want to try his salon out. Go in and let him perform the magic. Challenge him and walk out like somebody else.

Extreme Look Salon
237 Serangoon Ave 3
#01-118 S550237

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