Hello Kitty Cafe in Taiwan

There’s a wild craze over Hello Kitty in Singapore, in Taiwan, in Japan. Worldwide. Everyone loves the sweet 3-apples-tall feline. And if you’re one of the kitty fans then the Hello Kitty Cafe at Taipei is definitely one of the must-go-places for you should you go visiting Taiwan. 

With its lovely pink bricked exterior, this sugar-coated restaurant is hard to miss. Upon arrival, be greeted with pink walls and cute sights of Hello Kitty and her friends all over the place!

(The Cashier)

The very first item that caught my sight was this super cute menu sitting at the waiting area.

I felt like I was in fantasy island with all the pink walls, pink bows and pink everything.

Camwhoring while waiting for seats. I’ll recommend reservations before visiting the restaurant as they go by “timings”. If I’m not wrong, every table is limited to something like one and a half hours in the restaurant. (I think this is what the staff told me..) Perhaps it was due to it being a weekend too, cause there were many parents with their kids there. 

Hello Kitty sofas, pink seats, pink table mats. 

EVERYTHING IN PINK. I think guys will find the pink too horrifying.

(I really love these seats.)
They have two levels in the restaurants. Its quite a nice cozy place to spend 
the afternoon at with your friends. 

I was seated at level 2 AND gosh I love the backdrops too! Makes life happier~~ 

(The interior of the menu)
We decided to go for the set lunch which consists of drinks, salad, bread, soup of the day, a side,  a main and a dessert. 

(While waiting for the food.. #letstakeaselfie)

(Salad: Tasted barely passable.)

(Hello Kitty Butter Bread: This tasted quite good. Sweet, soft and fluffy. 
Well, its got a kitty face there so, points up!)

(Hello Kitty Soup Bowl: Nah, I didn’t like the butter consommé soup. 
Tasted too buttery and sweet to my liking.)

(Sides- Chicken Wings: Tasted pretty normal)

(Main A – Pasta: I forgot the name but it was something with chicken and chill. And it was spicy, no joke. It tasted pretty oriental, so I think its a fusion dish. Didn’t taste like superb but its still edible.)

(Main B- Chicken Drumstick in special sauce. Wasn’t awesome either.. 
Its edible if you’re not the fussy kind. But theres a Hello Kitty carrot slice so, oh well..)

(Desserts- Hello Kitty Mango Pudding: Tastes like cold-storage material, 
just cuter and a lot more wobblier! HEHE)

(I didn’t order this but its SOOOO PICTURE-WORTHY. I think I should have just went for the desserts instead of the set. Im not sure of the taste cause its ordered by a couple sitting at the next table… But Im guessing that macarons, bread, cream, strawberries and a CUTE bread can’t get too bad..)

Time for more pictures after eating… 
Thats the whole purpose of coming, isn’t it..

OMG. If I ever get rich-enough Im gonna have a setting 
like this in my karaoke room kayy. #Sherrainedreams

Don’t forget to visit the toilet for pictures too! 

A pretty light Hello Kitty mirror isn’t something that you’e gonna see everyday! 

Decided to get some cakes before I left cause they looked so good! 
(Spot my Hello kitty Bag haha.)

They looked too good to be eaten!

I was spoilt for choice but I decided on these lovelies after a long time deciding. 

Got these for a few friends of mine!

The smaller box should you purchase just one of it.

They do have their very own merchandises sold there as well, so do take a look! 

I’d say that Sweet Hello Kitty Cafe’s pretty worth going if you’ve never been to a Hello Kitty cafe. I mean the pictures there are gonna make the trip worth it. The set meal wasn’t expensive actually. I think it was like max S$25 per person. Food-wise, it wasn’t to my liking. The cakes and desserts should taste better than the mains. 🙂 The desserts menu’s more photo worthy too. Ah, so now you know what to order and expect when you get there! 

Hello Kitty Sweets Cafe
No 90, Section 1 Daan Road
Daan District, Taipei
Tel: +886 2 2711 1132
Daily: 11.30am – 10pm
Nearest Station: Zhongxiao Fuxing 
(Do call for reservations if possible or you might end up having to wait for quite awhile!)

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