Steamboat seems like the “it” thing to eat now amongst teens (Trending since last year). I have no idea why, but theres been a fad going on about this. Its either Korean or Thai. Like please, just in case you’ve not noticed, even Seoul Garden has adopted the concept of having BBQ + HOTPOT combined. Although its like everywhere now, but I’ve got to say, its a good combination even if its “FATTENINGLY” FAT (Im just trying to highlight this to REMIND myself to stop visiting this place so often. :X )

Given the kind of timing I end work, its always a little difficult to find a place to go for supper.

So, if you’re like me

1.  Dinner time starts at 11pm

2. Hate crowd

3. Rather waste my calories on good food rather than eekky ones

Then, Moo Kata is really not a bad place to add in to your list of places for good supper!

There’s a lot of Moo Kata places around in Singapore now, the most famous one being at Golden Mile. The one that I visited this time round was called Moo Kata Huay Hwang Thai Place and its located at Maude Road. I personally think that the food here is not bad and the price seems to be rather reasonable as well, given the just-enough-portion. The main reason I chose this place though would be due to the opening hours (Buffet ends at 11.30pm and A-la-carte ends at 6am) and its hardly crowded. Carpark’s not an issue here too. 🙂

So, here’s a basic introduction to Moo Kata.

Well, the difference between Thai steamboat and Singapore steamboat would be how the Thais ingeniously invented a way to have the best of both worlds when it comes to food – BBQing and Boiling them in tasty soup. Although the ingredients are mainly catered to suit Singaporeans but the broth definitely tastes different. My mum thinks that its sort of like white carrot soup. Me? I cant really figure the taste but its still awesome although it might get too salty after awhile. Thai BBQing is different as well as they uses pork lard as “oil” rather than how we normally use butter. Yes, its super unhealthy how you’re supposed to expect the lard to melt itself into the soup as well, fattening too. So, if you’re like me, pretty in love with this, you really need to exercise extreme self-control!

Over here at Moo Kata, be sure to be spoilt for choices! There’s a wide variety of food to choose from and you can choose to either have the set meals (two kind of sets here – Moo Kata Set/Seafood Set), the buffet (from 6pm till 11.30pm only) or the a-la-carte. I ordered the a-la-carte one cause I cant eat that much and I’d rather have all the food I like rather than being forced to eat some food that comes in the set. Eventually, you’ll realize that the cost is about the same and the portion is just right! What’s more! There’s no service charge and no GST here! Great or what!

My favorite Chicken Thighs for the BBQ! YUM YUM! ( This is roughly the portion for a plate from the a-la-carte menu)

I really enjoy and recommend the Chicken Thighs and if you like spicy stuff then you may wanna try the Black Pepper Chicken. For crispy texture, place the chicken on the BBQ surface longer and you’ll get” crispilicious” but tender chicken meat! Pork lovers, do feel free to try the Pork Belly too. My mum thinks they’re good but Im not much of a pork-eater so Im not too sure.

Another highlight of Moo Kata would be its special spread of Chili sauces. There’s different levels of spiciness for the chili sauces here so choose what you can manage. I prefer the garlic chili one (Lower one in the pic). Its a little bit spicy and at the same time sour. Helps you get your taste buds started diligently on the delicious food. To enhance the flavor, you may want to add in more chili padi slices as well as a few drips of lemon juice!

Awesome Chili!

See the texture of the chicken! Hotdog lovers, don’t forget to BBQ these cheesy pieces!

Don’t worry about the soup getting dry, worry about your BBQ items falling in!

In love with the food!

The owner of this place is actually a Singaporean and he brought this concept over from Thailand. Overall the food is nice, theres a good spread and it comes in fair proportions. I’d say that the environment is pretty nice as well, quiet and not that crowded, the way I like my dining area to be.

The food I ordered: Fishballs, Seafood Tofu, Egg Tofu, Quail Eggs, Cheesy Hot Dog, Kang Kong, Tang Hoon and 2 plates of chicken thighs. Of course there were other food available as well but the prawns, clams, squids, scallops, shitake and others are just not my kind.

The amount was enough for 3 pax (provided you cant eat ALOT) and it cost about $45 in total, inclusive of the drinks. I was VERY full and satisfied with the food. And so, you’ve been introduced. Do visit if you want to try some Moo Ka Ta! 🙂 Though so, do drink loads of water after that cause its very heaty and try not to indulge too much in the soup cause its gonna be tasty due to the pork lard dripping in. I can totally sense a sore throat and a weight gain coming up. TSK. Enjoy dearies!

Moo Kata Huay Hwang Thai Place
No 9 Townshend Road
Next to Jalan Besar Plaza, near Maude Road
Opening hours: 6pm-6am

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