M Hotel: Steamboat Buffet

Im not sure if you guys have already visited this place before cause it has already been here for a long time BUT nonetheless, all good food is worth the intro. So there you have it, a review on the all-famous M Hotel’s Steamboat Buffet.

When it comes to steamboat buffet, the things that I would deem important would be firstly its variety of soup and ingredients and then secondly, the freshness of the stuff. You know how its kinda difficult to find a place where everyone can find something to eat? Especially so when it comes to steamboat as some prefers meat while others have a better liking for seafood. Well, at M Hotel’s steamboat buffet, you would not have to worry about any friend having nothing suitable to eat as they really do have the MOST choices of ingredients I’ve ever seen. Tthe buffet over here also allows you to have two choices of soup at any one time and the soup choices includes of chicken soup, tom yam, fish and laksa. If I’m not wrong they offered pork bone soup and porridge as a base soup before too! Not too sure if its still available though.

We had the chicken broth on the left and the fish one on the right. I preferred the chicken one as its sweeter while the fish one’s more salt-based. Do take note that you’ll really have to rely on yourself to make the soup tastier so do go search for the Chinese herbs and sweetening ingredients like corn and cabbage, available at the buffet area, and add them in once the soup is served. This is extremely important as it’ll ensure you a soup tasting nothing less than AWESOME.

As mentioned above, be spoilt for choices here at M Hotel! LOOK!

Here’s the poultry section. Beside them are the normal steamboat ingredients like fish balls, taukee, yong tau fu and more.

The common seafood section which includes of squid, fish fillets, clams, mussels, octopus, shell fishes and more.

Fresh fishes, prawns, crabs, flower crabs, scallops. (I just realized I forgot to take some sections!)

Here’s the vermicelli, noodles, eggs and other carbohydrates section. I missed out the vegetables section too! 😦

Many many sauces!

And last but not least, free flow of drunken herbal live tiger prawns cooked on the spot. WEET!

OH YA! Before I forget, though Im not a huge fan but the dessert-lovers I went with were definitely amazed by these counters!

The desserts counter which includes of assorted cakes and kuehs!

Looking tasty!

Something thats worth gaining the weight for – Durian Dessert! My friend kept going for more! I think if not for health reasons and weight issues, 15 cups of that would not have been a problem!

And of course! Every kid’s favorite! Chocolate fountain ,marshmallows, fruits and ice-creams!
This one is created by myself! Looks good?

TIPS for your own ice-cream at a Buffet.

You see, its always ok to show a little bit of creativity so don’t be afraid to make use of the different items there and indulge once in awhile.

1. Get two scoops of your favorite ice-cream – best mix: Chocolate and Vanilla. Mint and Chocochips is ok too!

2. Make use of the hot fudge at the chocolate fountain. Use a spoon and pour some hot chocolate over the ice-cream. After awhile, it’ll be cooled and you’ll get some crispy chocolate coating. (In my opinion, this tastes better than the chocolate syrup!)

3. Go grab your favorite fruits and sweets and add some in.

4. Sprinkle some peanut flakes and chocochips over.

AND TADAA, when the hot chocolate freezes, you’ll get a yummilicious ice-cream dessert! THUMBS UP!

Other than having a whole lot of ingredients which are obviously free flow, since its a buffet, some of their drinks are also free flow after a top-up as well. If you’re looking for a place to you know have a great dinner and chillax a little, this is IT! Since the area is very well air-conditioned, you wont have to worry about sweating. Though so, the price is a bit steep, if I’m not wrong maybe $50+ per pax so its really much wiser to visit this place dead-hungry, oh and of course gorge yourself with the expensive seafood available.

M Hotel Steamboat Buffet is located at:
81 Anson Road Level 2
Singapore, 079908

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