Ah Boys to Men Part 1

Ah Boys to Men is the 2012 “it-show” produced by local director Jack Neo. It opens in theaters from 8th November onwards and the gala was on 061112. I am very very honored to play a minor role in the local film and would like to thank director Jack for the opportunity. In this show, I play IPman’s lovely girlfriend. The character will be further developed in Part 2. In Part 1, IPman’s girlfriend, Mayoki, is basically just a normal deeply in loved girlfriend who’s very much missed by her boyfriend in army.
(During imaging, prior to filming)
It was my first time actually acting a role in a show and I thought that I could have done way better. During filming, I was very cautious about getting the lines right and have to have as little NGs as possible. Although I successfully did that, but I somehow did not place as much effort into playing the role and doing the expressions well enough. That would be my one regret. 
(This scene will be in Part 2. To know what happened please support the Part 2 of the movie as well!)
Gala Premieres 061112
The gala of Ah Boys to Men Part 1 was held at Vivocity on the 6th of November. Many media friends, sponsors as well as crew attended the event. Every actor would tell you that even though we act in the show, we hardly know the storyline and how the entire film goes until we watch the show. So, believe me, we had the same anticipations as you guys. Anyway, the event kicked start with a meet-the-cast session on stage and the boys did a special performance for all you fans out there. I managed to snap some pictures of them! 
I apologise for the poor quality. I was too lazy to bring my cam! 
 The guys singing the Ah Boys to Men theme song
Group picture!
Backstage Snaps!

Famous blogger Qiu Qiu plays the gf of the main character in the show. Seriously, I feel so short standing beside her! Those of you who said that Im tall have issues..

And here is my “boyfriend”, the famous Youtuber, Noah Yap! I know alot of you young girls are fans of him. His fans did a great job shouting at the gala man!  

 With a boyfriend like him, every girl will look fat la! 

It was nice working with him cause he’s really a sweetie and quite cute at times. Did I mention before that I used to find him “not very good looking” when we first met? HAHA. But ok la. I admit. 
日久生情k? Boyfriend, I take back everything I said, you are good looking k! HAHA. 
Please get your hair back!
Me with my precious sisters, 闪亮姐妹, who play the family members of the main guy. 
Waiting excitedly for the movie to start!!  
 The Getai Artistes who were involved in the movie
Movie Review
Indeed, there was great hype about the movie prior to it being screened and Im glad to say that the movie did not fail us. When the trailer was released, I did spend time looking through the video comments and many Singaporeans left several harsh remarks about the visual effects. I’ve got to be frank here that yes, the computerized effects cant exactly be compared to heavily sponsored America movies like 2012, but Singapore, being such a small country (you know how limited our resources is) , having able to achieve something like this is actually something worth being proud of. 
The first 20 minutes of the show featured Singapore as a war zone and showed us how the army will work if theres ever unrest in Singapore. I think that a few scenes were done rather well, especially the Shenton way scene since it truly looked like ruins and rubbles.  I think most Singaporeans should be able to feel something when you see familiar places you see everyday being bombed and disintegrated into dust. Something lets hope we won’t ever get to see real-life!
However, the reason why I thought that the show was worth the watch has nothing to do with the front. For myself, I preferred the home scenes and BMT scenes in the show as compared to the booms (Maybe guys will like the front?). Jack Neo has just this talent in him to inject humor into simple everyday life scenes! I laughed through out the whole movie. There were so many funny scenes when the guys went for training and I will never forget my boyfriend’s hair swing! Besides, the actors all did well too. I think that Irene Ang did a good portrayal of a kiasu mommy. Tosh Rock looked everything like a strict PS and Noah Yap, Maxi and Wang Wei Liang made their characters so distinctive. 🙂 Shall not disclose too much about the storyline here. 
I am reviewing this as a regular audience and I really need to emphasize how this show has just enough comical and heartwarming scenes to make you laugh and cry. To guys who’ve been through army, the movie would remind you of the good times with your buddies in army. To those who’ve not been through army, it sheds you some light to what army life is about, so be prepared! To all mummies and daddies, its a light-hearted movie to spend some bonding time with your sons and daughters. To all girls, catch all the new local talents and see for yourselves what your brothers or boyfriends have been through. After watching the movie, you guys will know how all our once ahbeng/lazy/joker/babyish Singaporean guys are moulded from AH BOYS TO MEN! 🙂 Steady la! 
Theme Song: 
I’ll see you guys in Part 2 k! 
Support Support! 

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