My 21st Hello Kitty Birthday Party Part 1 – Preparation

Yes people, the girl’s finally 21 though I dont really think there might be any difference in the freedom thingy and anything else. HAH. Anyway, on the 17th of November, I held my 21st Birthday Party and guess what? I made it Hello Kitty themed. (Like duh?) but dont judge k, its really for the better. Its to save my future husband so that he need not prepare a Hello Kitty wedding for me.  So, I had this really big idea and concept about what kind of party I wanted and I wanted it to be a really memorable one for me and my guests. You know the kind of garden party that we often see on screen? I wanted something like that!



There arent exactly many parties like this in Singapore or rather I havent been to one as yet and thus I wanted to try it out.  As you can see, in order for the entire setting to be a success, you need some twinkling lights, a nice garden with awesome view and some greenery some where. As such, I had a hard time choosing the PERFECT venue. I went researching and finally found a place I like – Aloha Changi Cottage.


After months of planning and preparation, the day finally came! We went there early to set up but was denied entry into the house cause their official check-in time is at 3pm. (Super late for check-ins right?) We had no choice but to start the preparation for the stuff outdoor instead. No time to waste! Sadly, it was drizzling the whole afternoon which made set up really hard but we managed. At 3pm, we were finally allowed into the house itself and it was full-power decoration time!

Pictures of the chalet:

20131005_141202The gate

The main door

20131005_132235The dining area.

The living room.

1466214_10202410843540458_544568861_nThe kitchen

1466055_10202410841940418_1545460873_nRoom 1

1457701_10202410842660436_1308223035_nRoom 2

945456_10202410843300452_1479260244_nChillax room 

1456763_10202410838420330_769761324_nRoom upstairs

Looks plain? No worries, its gonna be transformed into a Hello Kitty haven in awhile… Anyway, the main reason why I chose this place is cause of its awesome sea view! Nice enough for my garden party.

Camera 360

Camera 360Pretty?

Interior set up:

 The crew got to work swiftly and we started getting ready the decorative materials which of course consisted of mostly Hello Kitty items! I was really particular about decorations so that the party really felt themed. I searched high and low for all my hello kitty materials and yes, Im really happy to have managed to get some of them.

1468758_10202410838900342_988959960_nQuick quick!

1425689_10202410851020645_889931459_nFolding the papers for games and lucky draw.

Self-made tissue flowers 🙂

Lightstick vases so that its not too dark.

Getting the signs ready.

And of course the Hello Kitties!

Lots of them!

The life size one!

Cherlyn getting super excited!

529526_10202410850460631_1905377571_nMore kitties!

1453471_10202410862620935_461977319_nGetting the guestbook and doorgift table ready!

The preparation outdoor:

The initial plan consisted of a stage against the sea. However, it was cancelled as the chalet didnt allow any setting up of tentages (WTH)! We had no choice but to use the balcony instead. I had the sound system come in but we could only use it a short while as the management came over to tell us to shut it off cause they didnt allow speakers! (OMG. what is a party without music!) Was really disappointed as the restrictions almost ruined my entire party. Luckily, we got through and my guests still managed to have a great time. Talk about that more in the second post, back to decor.   

1461663_10202410857940818_940899314_nIts difficult to locate the chalet, so my mum decided to tie balloons on the lamp posts along the road to guide people in. My guests said that it was a fantastic idea as they just had to follow the kitty balloons. HAH. Made things so much easier.

As mentioned, a garden party’s not complete without the lights!

994960_10202410855740763_1164017719_nSetting up the tables. Everything’s in either red, white or pink 🙂

We tied the kitty balloons everywhere!

And it took awhile to set up the balcony area..

1452314_10202410854340728_1345537096_nMore kitties on stage!

DSCN0328Decorating the stage.

DSCN0319Helping out.

It was tedious with the limited amount of time given. There was so much to do and everybody worked like hell.  It was hard for me cause of my injured leg. Yes, I had some leg injury during my bday week and was semi-bedridden for days. Really suay. I woke up one day and felt as if I sprained my leg (thigh area). I went for hosting that night and the next morning my leg hurt like hell. Its the kind of pain like a sprain with non-stopping cramping (but seriously thigh area?) I couldnt walk and hobbled to my singing gigs cause its not very nice to cancel that last minute. I went through days of seeing a chinese physician, eating the meds and even had to suck some blood clots out from the injured leg.

20131115_135353(Sorry for the gross pic)

Yes suck by poking holes and using a suction tube. I was worried that I wouldnt recover by the 17th and I didnt have enough time for some party shopping. Luckily, I got better and I could at least hobble naturally during my party.

On this note, I’d really like to thank my party crew that day – Genevieve, Cherlyn, Waikei, Jasmine and Jonathan. They came early that day to help in the decorations and had individual roles assigned to them that night. Thank you dearies. You guys made my dream party come true despite all the obstacles and problems that the chalet gave.

Here’s a preview of how the interior setting and the garden setting looked like.


DSCN0318 (1)



Will blog the second part of the party tomorrow..

The drizzle gave me a cough and a flu.

Wait for my post!


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