The New Steamboat in Town: Beauty in the Pot (Centrepoint) VS Hai Di Lao

Its 2017, yea, but "steamboating" seems to be steadily maintaining their popularity well into the new year. With the steamboat trend popularised by Hai Di Lao 3 years ago, young adults continue to look onto steamboat restaurants for a good place for food and meet ups. It doesn't even matter how its a tad bit luxurious [...]

Robot Kitty Singapore: To Go or Not

After last year's Hello Kitty Go Around funfair in Singapore, Mighty Eight continues to please Hello Kitty lovers by bringing the Robot Kitty Exhibition to our sunny island. Along with the exhibition, they introduced Robot K and yes Hello Kitty lovers, you're gonna love the robot. Its not every time you see Hello Kitty in [...]

Hello Kitty Goes Around the World Carnival- Singapore

Its the first time that there's a Hello Kitty carnival thats happening in Singapore, and being a huge fan of Hello Kitties, Im definitely not gonna miss it. I visited the carnival near its opening date and though the carnival was pretty small scale, I managed to get some amazing photos taken. So generally, Im [...]