My 21st Hello Kitty Birthday Party Part 3 – Review

Alright, Im here to review some of the services that I've engaged during my birthday but before I start off, here's a shout out to JONATHAN TOH cause he said that I didnt mention enough of him in my previous post. Thanks friend/classmate/schoolmate/neighbour for all your help during the party. Deeply appreciate it! So lets [...]

My 21st Hello Kitty Birthday Party Part 2 – Celebration

Its Party Time:  After months and hours of preparation, it was finally party time! Its the first time that I put so much effort into organizing a party and I've got to say that it wasnt easy. I finally understand why brides are like always TIRED OUT after their wedding. There was so much to [...]

My 21st Hello Kitty Birthday Party Part 1 – Preparation

Yes people, the girl's finally 21 though I dont really think there might be any difference in the freedom thingy and anything else. HAH. Anyway, on the 17th of November, I held my 21st Birthday Party and guess what? I made it Hello Kitty themed. (Like duh?) but dont judge k, its really for the [...]