The New Steamboat in Town: Beauty in the Pot (Centrepoint) VS Hai Di Lao

Its 2017, yea, but "steamboating" seems to be steadily maintaining their popularity well into the new year. With the steamboat trend popularised by Hai Di Lao 3 years ago, young adults continue to look onto steamboat restaurants for a good place for food and meet ups. It doesn't even matter how its a tad bit luxurious [...]

November 8

November 8's not just a date but a really nice chillax cafe located at Thomson Road. Its kinda new but definitely a place to sit back, relax and chit chat. I really like the warm and homey feel at that place so do expect a whole lot of camwhore pictures below before I start off [...]

Grand Shanghai Restaurant: Steamed Pork Dumplings 小笼包

Fan of Dim Sum? Im definitely in the group. Thats right. Dim Sum is a very traditional type of Chinese food which is served in small portions, often in steamer baskets, and its a delicacy being passed down from ancient China. There are many types of Dim Sum available and Im frequently in awe of [...]