Okay.. I’ll try to be a little more intellectual.

Thanks guys, for coming back, despite my very entertaining, or otherwise nonsensical post yesterday. I just really had to tell you about my nice Tiffany Green and Gold planner cause I spent 20 bucks on it. Pardon me. Anyway, so after receiving some feedbacks saying that my post yesterday was FAR TOO entertaining to catch [...]

Tokyo: Meiji Shrine

Tokyo: Meiji Shrine

I've never missed a trip as much as this one before. Since it was my first time at Japan, the Meiji Shrine was definitely on my visit list.  Its actually quite a good feeling, waking up early in the morning and taking a stroll in the park. Though it might get crowded, but since the parks in Japan are really super spacious, it was still pretty enjoyable, especially with the warm sun and cold air there.

The New Steamboat in Town: Beauty in the Pot (Centrepoint) VS Hai Di Lao

Its 2017, yea, but "steamboating" seems to be steadily maintaining their popularity well into the new year. With the steamboat trend popularised by Hai Di Lao 3 years ago, young adults continue to look onto steamboat restaurants for a good place for food and meet ups. It doesn't even matter how its a tad bit luxurious [...]