HTF do you pronounce that NAME!

Do you ever get irritated at names that you can’t pronounce? Cause I actually get super fed up when I like call myself a “Bilingual” emcee and have failtothemax conversations with my friends like this..

J: Eh, your skin looks better recently?

S: Is it?? Oh, must be a new foundation Im using. Coverage good bah.

J: Wa, what brand you using?

S: That…. That… Korean Brand la..

J: Walao, which one so many…

S: That… La-nique, La-nage, Le-ni-que, La-nich.. WHATEVER.


S: -feeling very pissed-

-Please say you feel me-


<!–more Keep on reading!–>

K: Eh, we still need to get birthday cake!

S: Oh, where you wanna get from?

K: Eh recently got one damn famous one!

S: Which one?

K: The pretty pretty one?

S: Walao, a lot of bakeries now cakes very pretty….

K: The everywhere also have, bright bright one.

S: -roll eyes-

K: The Jap one la.


K: The one that starts with C.

S: -faints-

– Please say you feel my pain-


We shall just talk about brand names today…

Yes, nowadays, we see a lot of shops and brands with super Atas name ya! French names especially, since they make everything feel super high-end. Anyway, the actual reason why Im writing this post is cause I super love buying cakes from the C shop recently though I feel freaking fat and its seriously not helping that the “C” cake shop is like everywhere now and I always wander in and out of the shop, pass by the shop, and wonder like, HOW THE HECK do you pronounce Châteraisé. How how how? Its very frustrating when I can’t even tell my dad/mum/maid/ahma or even friends to buy from that shop cause they’ll never get it (unless we just come to a conclusion to call it the “C-cake shop”. Ah shit, that made me think of C-section or something. EEWWW. Sorry, back to point.).. You see, at least Breadtalk becomes “Bad-tok”, Bengawan becomes “Barn-gar-wan”, Paris Baguette becomes “Ba-lis Ba-guat”, Prima Deli becomes ” Bi-ma Deh-Li”.. How do you even pronounce Châteraisé to Ah-mas?!?!?!?!!?! Faints. I can’t even start somewhere.


Anyway, I’ve decided to do US a favour to google for the right pronunciation. So, to all you fellow Châteraisé fans, its pronounced like this:


Come say it.. 1,2,3…. ” SHARE-TOH-RAI-ZEEE” 🙂

Ah Ma -fades in- : 什么?什么血头来si4/xi4 (死 in hokkien)?

Anyway, let me intro SGAuntyLian and AuntyXiaohua to you! They’ll be going through the list of mis-pronounced words with you below k! Go through the words and see if you’ve been getting it right.

Laneige is pronounced as….
-SGAuntyLian-: La-nique?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 拉你弟。
Correct: LA-NESH.

L’Occitane is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Lok-see-tain?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 落西蛋。
Correct: Lox-see-ten.

Givenchy is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: G-Ven-Chee?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 七分气儿。
Correct: G-von-she.

Hermes is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Her-may?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 喝没。
Correct: Air-maze.

Longchamp is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Long- Shamp?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 弄啥安呸。
Correct: Low-shomp.

Louis Vuitton is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Lu-is Ver-ton?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 鹿一胃痛!
Correct: Lu-yi Vwee-ton.

Sephora is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Seh-fo-ra?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 色佛辣!
Correct: Seh-foh-hah.

Ikea is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Yi-kia?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 一起压!
Correct: I-ki-ear or Yi-ki-ear.

Paris Baguette is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Ba-lis Ba-guat?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 八里八卦!
Correct: Pear-ris Bar-get

Bengawan Solo is pronounced as…
-SGAuntyLian-: Barn-gar-wan? Bend-ga-wan?
-AuntyXiaoHua-: 笨鸡啊湾 瘦咯!
Correct: Burn-na-wan So-lo

HAHA. Just for laughs k. I lub AuntyXiaoHua. 🙂

Im sure there are many other brand names that we’re all saying it wrong.. But its okay la, I don’t really think it matters since we’re all Singaporeans and we’re all doing it like that. YAY TEAM. I just cannot when I really haven a clue on how to pronounce “Chateraise” to my 小姑大姑阿嬷阿公爷爷奶奶舅舅舅妈?!?!?! Oh one more thing before I end the post. I CANT STAND IT TOO WHEN PEOPLE pronounce Gong Cha as 憨茶… I feel sad, like why its supposed to be a 贡茶 -贡献的贡,敬贡给皇帝的贡,and to only end up being 憨茶, which really stands for fools.. So people, PLEASE, its Gong4 第四声k!

Oh right, I forgot, not that it matters anymore since 贡茶 is GONE GONE GONE. 😦 Im sad. Plum Green Tea, Alisan Tea and more.. I’ll miss you. RIP. Li-Ho, I Bo-Ho… :((((

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