Something EVIL happened in the tunnel

So guys, I was in town this afternoon.
Went for my facial at Clifford Centre and decided to pop by town for lunch and some shopping. Will blog about e facial another time since I’ve just signed a 4 months package with them cause I need better complexion. Anyway, I wanted to buy a book from Kikki K, those motivational kind cause I found it pretty helpful when I did daily reflections last year. I started being more positive after completing the book and had a new outlook to life… (which was diminished when I started school, so yea, am in need of some fuel…) Was pretty disappointed when I found out that the branch at Ion was closed. Googled for other branches and found one at Raffles City. So, heres a happy me.

You must be wondering what the whole paragraph above has got to do with my title of the post. Its okay to think that way cause the real story starts from here…

So, you see, I was at Orchard MRT and needed to get to Raffles City and so.. RED LINE it is. Its been awhile since I boarded the train at peak hour so it was pretty hectic. Got to the platforms safely and boarded the right train, though it took quite a wait cause it was really hard to squeeze on board. After leaving Dhoby, the train started braking abruptly and it stood still for awhile. I started chatting with my friend and didn’t keep track of the train. The next moment I looked up, the light showed “Raffles Place” and I alighted from the train confidently. It was upon disembarking the train that I remembered that Raffles City feels like its at CITY HALL station instead.. Being at Raffles Place means…. I might have alighted wrongly. DAMN! This is gonna offset some time from the 1 hour that I have to go, buy the book and be back. Still not really sure if Raffles City was at Raffles Place MRT or City Hall MRT (I know right! WTF is this. Raffles City is like both Raffles and City. WHICH ONE IS IT?!?!?!?!) Thinking hard, I looked around and saw the sign that says “To Joo Koon”. I finally figured that Raffles City is probably at City Hall (YES GUYS, RAFFLES CITY IS AT CITY HALL ARGH) and went frantically looking for “To Jurong East”. Since I was pressing for time, I rushed up the stairs, following the signs for the red line back.

The next moment felt really surreal. I felt disoriented actually and had to take a second, third and fourth look to be sure. At level 2, I found “To Jurong East” and guess what was above that………. The sign wrote “NS 25 CITY HALL” No! It couldn’t be. I was pretty sure Im at Raffles Place MRT, the lights showed that and I was thrown into a frenzy. It can’t be right! I felt giddy and overwhelmed. I was relieved but it was unreal, so unreal, that HEY IM AT THE RIGHT PLACE!  I went another level up just to be sure. There weren’t any other confirmation signs at the card-tapping area.. I only believed my eyes when my friend said that “If you see to North Bridge Rd then its probably City Hall”. Great! I see that!

We proceeded out and up towards the mall.

Me: “Something doesn’t feel right. Im sure we were at Raffles Place.. Something happened.”

P: “Ya, the lights flashed Raffles Place. I was still thinking that you wanted to go to Raffles Place.”

Me: “Ya, the lights showed Raffles Place and I still thought I was right until I realised Im wrong. Im VERY SURE. Something happened there. Omg. And when we got out of the MRT, its Raffles Place right? How come when we go level 2, the words so big CITY HALL? Doesn’t make sense.”

P: “Omg, this is damn weird…”

S: “I feel disoriented really. Like that 5 mins did in the tunnel did something.”

P: “Ya sia. Scary. Probably the train got stuck in the tunnel so long, it didn’t even know where it was already.”

S: “Something blacked my life out for 5 mins there. Im serious.”

Anyway, in conclusion, we figured that the flashing lights for the stops must have made an error.. If not, maybe we travelled through space. Keeding. We probably believed that the lights wouldn’t have erred so much that we kept thinking and feeling that we were at Raffles Place and the frantic must have messed with our heads too cause it felt totally deja vu when we “landed” at City Hall when we climbed the stairs to level 2.

Whatever it is, honestly, it probably caused us some brain damage cause after the whole saga, we went to Kikki K and bought a book and a pen and this happened.

At the cashier….

“$54.50 please.”

S -in thoughts-: 15? 50? huh?

P -in thoughts-: She meant 15 right?

S takes out 50bucks and give cashier.

“Sorry, ermm its $54.40.”

S -in thoughts-: huh? oh okay. (Pays more money)

P- in thoughts-: Wa, what kind of book so expensive 40plus 50 bucks?

“Thank you. Have a nice day.”

Took my package and took the MRT back to Somerset. Went for dinner and I finally reached home like past 12..

After a bath, I decided to start writing in my Kikki K. Took the book out and out fell the receipt. And guess what. I looked closely at the receipt and realised…

That the book cost $29.50..

S -in thoughts-: Huh, wait, they must have calculated wrongly then… How did it get to 50plus? Must go back to ask for change..

I wrote in my book happily and it was towards the end of my writing that I saw the barcode and price on the pen..

Guess WHAT!

That PEN cost $24.90.

Like What kind of PEN cost $24.90!@$@!$!@






Meanwhile.. in whatsapp.

S: I tell you something very funny. HAHAHA

P: What what? Quick!

S: The book I buy, is only $29.50… The pen is $24.90. FML! LOL. ROFL.

P: WTH?@#$!


P: You never see price?????

S: I was rushing I didnt know. I won’t buy if I knew OMG. I suck sorry.

P: Normally I would have checked the price for you cause I was shocked that the bill totalled to $50plus. I thought the pen was $4.50 and the book was $49.90. Must be the damn train and tunnel OMG. I would have seen the price or receipt. I don’t know why I didnt!

S: YA LA. You didnt. I didnt too. Gosh. The tunnel got EVIL. I just paid without looking and you didnt check this time.. We were like weird. So off somehow.. ARGH. Im sad.

P: Why so ex one!

S: Eh, Im supposed to be positive after writing in the book. Okay, Im happy.. Guess how I ended my reflection in the book!

P: What?

S: “P.S. This DAMN pen is $24.90. PLEASE DO NOT LOSE IT.”


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