Salad Bar Buffet

Was first introduced to salad bar buffet a few days ago.

Im sorry, I know Im slow.

Anyway, I recently took on a liking at eating clean and healthy. I’ve always been a steamboat person lah, but Im pretty intrigued by the whole salad bar buffet concept, and exceptionally pleased with the one at Krazy Salad. They’ve got really fresh veg and a great variety of salad add-ons available. 

Everything looks appetising at the counter and they’ve even got sides like mushroom soup, clam chowder soup, pastas, tacos, fruits and soft-serve ice-creams.

You’ve got to put those wanton skins inside the soups. The texture is so good, like it remains crunchy though its soaked with soup. Yumzzzz. But of course, if you’re there for healthy lunching or dining then please skip the fried wantons ah, and the ice-cream..

I got so crazy over salad bars that I’ve been eating it for three consecutive days. Yes, crazy much, but I really enjoy it. I’ve got to say that the veg here are a lot fresher, cleaner and crunchier (not a cucumber person but the jap cucumber here is daebak yo!) Oh and their proteins (chicken breast) and other ingredients like ham and egg mayo tasted far better than those elsewhere. 

Fret not, if you’re not the healthier option kinda people cause they’ve got excellent mains here too which includes their chicken chops, grilled fish and more.. Heard their beef here is good too.

I think they really deserve a shoutout for their good food, wide variety, good value and comfortable atmosphere. The salad bar buffet (only) costs about 17bucks per pax and the mains ranges around 20 plus bucks. You’re entitled to the salad bar too as long as you order a main or if not, you can just go for salad at the above mentioned pricing. Some of my friends have texted me for meet-ups there so Im definitely gonna be back for more.

YAY to good and healthy dining! Wee.

Krazy Salad is located at:

(Right above TPY Central’s KFC)
#02-516 Toa Payoh Central
190 Lorong 6 Toa Payoh S310190

This is not a sponsored post

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