Poke Bowls.

Im new to this.
Really thankful to my friends who brought me to Alter Ego for dinner on Sunday.
They’ve got such good ambiance, good beers, ciders and cocktails and oh-so-delicious poke bowls that tasted so damn good and feels healthy enough for a dine-out chill out night.

To those of you who’ve never heard of Poke Bowls, they’re these healthy rice bowls filled with japanese rice and loaded with sashimis and veggies. As much as I hoped that they’ve got something to do with pokemon or poke balls, they don’t.  They actually originated from Hawaii. Its actually been around in Hawaii for centuries despite it being made popular recently and they’re really “Cubed fish bowls”. The raw fishes are seasoned in different flavors and they’re healthy and yummy! Just so you know, Poke is pronounced as “poh-kay”, instead of poke like face book’s pokes and poke like poker. Somehow, its just kinda difficult for me to pronounce bowl, behind “poh-kay”. Too used to poke balls. ARGH. Whatever.

Anyway, I fell in love with the poke bowls here at Alter Ego. They’ve got such a generous portion of salmon cubes on top and that just made it so worth the price. I ordered the spicy one, and it tasted really flavourful, there was no fishy taste at all. Their poke bowls here consists of avocadoes, cucumber cubes, seaweed, cherry tomatoes, ebiko and ikura oh and their miscellaneous veg are so crunchy and tasty. Every mouth can be a different taste if you decide not to mash them all together. No matter how you eat it, its just AWESOME.

Oh they’ve got so many sinful dishes there that looked really good, but I didn’t get to try. Will definitely be back for more. If you’ve got some feel to try some alcohol, their mojito cocktails was an awesome mix. My friends were pretty amazed by their apple ciders and cinnamon apple ciders too. Enjoy!


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