Happy Labour Day

Happy Holidays guys, though I’m not exactly sure what you’re supposed to do on Labour Day, but its okay, just enjoy it.  I never really got the purpose of Labour Day. I mean, there are ways to celebrate all the other different occasions and holidays in Singapore, but there just aint any specifics to do on Labour Day, is there? I wanted to plan for my holiday so I did my research of “WHAT TO DO ON LABOUR DAY”. Seems like most people either go out for BBQs, which to me just spells VERY HARD WORK, or visit the Istana. Maybe they should have came up with some customs for Labour Day too. Or else, you probably should. I came up with my own yesterday night.. I reckon that you might be interested to want to follow closely to it too.


Sherraine’s TO-DO-LIST on Labour Day:

1. Golden Rule of the Day: Keep labour to its minimum.

2. Enjoy my sleep.

3. Throw my phone at the wall when the alarm rings. No, it shouldn’t even ring.

4. Throw my phone at whoever comes opening my room door. If it doesn’t work, throw my pillows, throw my blanket, throw everything I can grab until that person slams the door and runs off. In my scenario, thats probably gonna be my dad but oh well.

5. Tell him its Labour Day, and its okay if you’re not embracing your inner pig daemons, but its hard-earned time for 老娘 to 睡觉. Or actually, just ignore him. Reacting is too much labour, I shall just sleep.

6. Go back to deep sleep and wake up only when I’m hungry or need the toilet.

7. Prepare a nice and sumptuous meal that only requires these 7 simple steps:

a) Open the fridge
b) Take the food out
c) Open the food
d) On the switch
e) Put it in
f) Press 5:00.
g) Listen for the “Ding”


I’ve got myself some Tom Yum Wanton Noodles Soup, Carrot Cake and Hor Fun for breakfast! AWESOME.

8. Anticipate my next meal. 4 Yakitori Sticks, Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and 2 club sandwiches for lunch later. Sounds yummy!

9. Eat in my room

10. Go back to sleep.

11. REPEAT until 2nd May.

I sincerely hope you follow closely to the plan I have for you to fully enjoy your Labour Day.



Anyway, you should really appreciate Labour Day.  Its the reason why we only work 8 hours per day. You see, some really tired and frustrated (I supposed lah, cause thats how I’d feel if I worked for more than 8 hours) workers from the Worker Union came together and advocated for the eight-hour movement many many many years ago. They fought for and requested that they should have eight hours for work, eight hours for recreation, and eight hours for rest.

Labor Day 2011

Thank you so much for the advocation.
Any brave souls out there wants to start a new advocation?
Like 24 can be fully divided by 6 too.
Its the millennium century already!
Six hours for work, six hours for humans, six hours for rest and six hours for machines sounds legit too. Six hours should be enough for all your scrolling through of Facebook. Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Blogs, Weibos and some online games ya?


Anyway, Ive no idea why but I keep thinking of Labour Day being the day that mums goes into labour. Thats what they would probably mark on their calendars right? Like, ITS LABOUR DAY. WORST LABOUR EVER. But then again, your LABOUR DAY would probably mean your kid’s birthday too.. Oh my, 真的是 labour day 不间断 for at least 21 years. Planning birthday parties, getting presents and cleaning up after they’ve had their fun is 苦工 kay!

To my future kids…

“Hi whatevernameyourbrilliantmumcameupwith, Happy Birthday to you. Its your birthday and its my labour day too. Labour Day really means I get off from everything, especially mummy duties to you. Happy Birthday.”

Okay, I should have followed closely to my list today cause now I’ve laboured more than I should.

Back to sleep. Bye.

^ I do not own any rights to the comics above.

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