Why my name contains ‘Rain’?

Well thats an obvious one!

Cause I love rainy days. Don’t you?

You’re weird if you don’t like rainy days. I mean rainy days are like so comfy, the sky’s dark, and the air’s super cool. I especially like it when it rains like how its raining now! Its raining cats and dogs!

Jeez, I love that phrase. I’ve been using this SPECIFIC TYPE of description for RAIN since my teachers taught me the phrase in primary one. Its one of the easiest but very atas way you can describe rain and it paints such a lovely nice beginning picture for your composition. See!


Okay, maybe they should have came up with something more specific, something like, ITS RAINING PERSIANS AND CHIHUAHUAS! I mean, who’s gonna want golden retrievers and labradors or huskies dropping down from the sky right? Thats probably gonna cause a higher death rate than the mosquitos flying around! Okay, on the other hand, a husky is probably worth $7k-$10k or $20k or $12.8K now and that sounds like pretty good value. Come on HUSKIES, BRING IT ON!

Oh anyway, cause I have to make my post intellectual somehow, Im gonna tell you how the phrase, “raining cats and dogs” came along. You see, houses in old England had hay roofs and that sounds like a really comfortable place to sleep in, so, guess what! JENG, their cats and dogs slept there. Unfortunately and sad enough, when these lovely pets are in deep deep sleep, like wandering off to dreamland kind of deep sleep (which you’ll know cause they kinda make hiccup sounds when they’re so soundly asleep), they’re freaking in deep shit when it rains, cause the roofs gets slippery and they would slide off and well “fall from the sky”. Ya, those poor unfortunate sleep-lacking souls… Another theory, would involve how the animals would either be washed out of the roof thatch, or rapidly abandon the thatch for better shelter when it rains.

Okay, nvm.. no-one really really cares why there’s this phrase..

Point taken. Moving on.

Anyway, I think I just heard thunder.

Oh oh, thats my tummy grumbling, sorry.

Please pardon me, cause I haven’t eaten the whole day cause it was raining. Its so nice and cold that I entitled myself to an extra 10 mins of snuggling in bed. I wasn’t expecting this, I mean, Im a GOOD GOOD KID, like I know I shouldn’t worm/snake/laze/lepak so much but but NVM, I SHALL JUST STAY IN BED, like STAY. Anyway, Im thinking if I should order Macs or cook some Korean Maggie Mee, suggestions? Both sounds really good to eat while its raining. Comfort food for my lethargic lazy body!

Ah crap, I just remembered I can’t eat that. Everywhere I’ve been, people have been telling me how I’ve put on weight. I need to stop pigging out. Look at what school and stress does to you! They make you subjective to sleep and FOOD.  Ah, talking about food, I’ve got so many types of Korean Maggie in the cupboard I’ve yet to try.. Maybe I should try the hot squid one tonight.. ARGH.. NO MAGGIE NO, you need to stop your sinister smile and stop wagging your tail at me. I said stop. Crap, did I just see my dog trying to chew on that packet of maggie I left on the kitchen floor just now! Anyway, stop it, you’re making me hungry. NO I MUST RESIST. Crap, I think the hunger’s making me hear things.

“Hey Sherraine, come over and pick me up. I know you miss me. Think about it- bouncy noodles, hot soup, spicy broth, how about adding an egg and like a few stalks of vegetables and a couple of sotong balls. Oh there’s prawn wantons in the fridge too, thats gonna go well with the soup. Hey, you’ve got frozen chicken wings! Heat it up, its gonna taste so delish! I’d suggest you to drink the chocolate drink you’ve kept from your last trip. Heat it up and you’ll have some hot chocolate! Hot chocolate to fight the cold, doesn’t that feel legit, and maybe you should add some marshmallows in too! Oh and don’t forget to melt a small bar of cadbury in. Tasty rich and chocolatey, yums! For the record, you’ve got some expiring chips (YES, chips does expire, I would know cause I’ve eaten loads of expired ones) in the cupboard too which you might want to clear now! You can eat some while you prep the food! GO FOR IT!”

Boy do I hate rainy days.

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