Yamanashi: Fujikawaguchiko

冬季的富士山,好美。它壮观,却不抢眼。它是种静态的美丽- 就像位穿着和服的日本姑娘一样, 温柔,文静。她很有姿态地坐在云雾里. 她从不喧哗, 也不会刻意地去吸引你的目光,可你却始终对她目不转睛。若在日落那一刻,你回头望了她一眼; 你将发现,撒在她身上的阳光,带着忧伤,但在迷雾中的她,却带着希望。这是我眼中的富士山,一个特别叫人欣赏的“她”.

Kawaguchiko is a great place. It acts as a central hub to tourists who wishes to see or visit Fuji and its got a picturesque view of it. I visited Fuji end December during winter and it was really beautiful though its a pity that we didn’t get to hike up Fuji due to the freezing weather.



It was around 15 degrees in the day and can go down to 5 degrees at night. Night falls at around 5pm (SG TIME: 4pm) and it gets pitch black real fast (The kind that you need your flashlights.. so fun!). My everyday lifestyle there was waking up at 4.30am (SG TIME 3.30am) and sleeping at 8.30pm (SG TIME 7.30pm). That in short, just simply means #bodyclockscrewedup BIGTIME.


I visited both the Ice Cave and the Wind Cave and even walked through a part of the Aokigahara Forest. Its quite an experience if you’ve never done much hiking in your life.


The Ice Cave was a little challenging with loads of steps and a very low ceiling (that means you’ll have to keep your back bend while walking for abit) but upon completing the Ice Cave, you’ll probably find the Wind Cave really boring.



Nights at Yamanashi may get pretty boring especially if you’re travelling alone. The shops closes real early and you’re just left with erm.. the supermarkets and convenience stores. Restaurants are sparse there so you’ll probably have to be prepared to whip up something for breakfast and dinner if you get hungry easily.


If you’re looking for food options at Yamanashi, heres my recommendation: a bowl of Hoto Noodles. These noodles are a specialty over here at the Yamanashi prefecture and they’re really delicious!


Its texture is somewhat like Udon, only thicker and chewier. The noodles are served with a good serving of flavourful Miso Soup with loads of vegetables, mushrooms and pumpkins. If you’re a veggie person like me, you’re sure to enjoy this dish. Its really nice how they used these hot stone pots as the bowl to keep the dish so warm and tasty despite the cold weather.


I managed to stay in a lovely airbnb apartment (I really do recommend airbnbs if you’d like to experience how the locals live) which had those genuine Tatami rooms, a very well equipped kitchen and a super cosy living room during my short stay there.


The rooms included balcony areas where you can sit around, perhaps enjoy a cup of hot coffee, and slowly take in the garden view. Room, bed and shower heaters were provided (Thank God) and the place was really comfortable. The toilet was clean and theres a bathtub too! WEE.


A holiday at Yamanashi would be one thats more relaxing and involves loads of walking and sight-seeing. There’s a tour bus there to get around the area so its actually really convenient.




Having an ice cream in the cold weather was a great idea! Especially when they’ve got awesome Matcha and Blueberry flavours and a beautiful view of Mt Fuji.


You may also want to take the cablecar up for a higher angle view of Mount Fuji.


Remember to sound the bell while you’re up there for some good luck! May the best wishes be with you.



Being in Singapore, where you can hardly ever, ever experience true silence, where you can hardly see the stars in the sky, enjoy the fresh air the trees provide or anticipate the first morning light, life in Fujikawaguchiko was good. It was a life that focused more on simplicity, bonds, rest and inner peace.


The hope that comes along with the first sun ray every morning; that breaks through the cold still air; that brings about that warmth that you so yearn for – thats a simple kind of beauty, a simple kind of goodness in life. It was nice, to wake up with gratefulness in heart, and be thankful just for these simple things. #missbeingthere #inneedofpeaceohm

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