Chinese New Rooster Year: EspritXLoveBonito

Happy Chinese New Year guys. Days are passing by real quick and we’re into the second month of 2017 (And I thought we just counted down to 2017?). Goodness. Chinese New Year seems to be getting more and more boring for me, especially since the passing of my grandfather. Somehow, theres just SO many kids around and I either end up being some children’s entertainer, or just sitting there watching them play during CNY.

Here’s one of my favourite look this CNY, with grey long sleeves from #Esprit and the white outer dress from #LoveBonito. Really like how they have those big pockets, just nice for my angpows! HAHA.



Im actually real glad that Im finally done with the Year of the Monkey. Here’s hoping that the Rooster Year will be a better year for all of us! Cheers.

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