Robot Kitty Singapore: To Go or Not

After last year’s Hello Kitty Go Around funfair in Singapore, Mighty Eight continues to please Hello Kitty lovers by bringing the Robot Kitty Exhibition to our sunny island. Along with the exhibition, they introduced Robot K and yes Hello Kitty lovers, you’re gonna love the robot. Its not every time you see Hello Kitty in robot form you know, and whatsmore when it actually looks cute. Many have been excited about Robot Kitty Singapore since its news release and it’s finally here. Got to go for the media preview and played their games too. Gonna share some tips for you over here.. If you’re thinking if its gonna be worth the trip (and money), read on.


Here’s the entrance of the Sanrio Robotics Institute. The whole place is themed to look like a factory and you’re supposed to take on the role of an engineer and help manufacture robot kitties. By the way, you need tickets to enter and its charged at $28 for adults and $14 for both child and senior ticket, before GST.


Don’t forget to take a picture with this huge metallic kitty before proceeding in.


The next room you’re gonna arrive at is the Check-In counter. Over here, you can either buy a Robot K ($38 before GST) or get a Game Card for free with every ticket purchase.


You’re gonna be given the red card if you have a Robot K, if not they’re gonna issue you a yellow game card. The yellow gaming card + admission tickets will allow you to:

  • Enter the event
  • Play all the department games
  • Access to Photo Attractions
  • To purchase merchandises at the merchandise area

However, without Robot K, you’re NOT allowed to:

  • Accumulate Koins that will be used for the exchange for Robot K’s parts and accessories later
  • Exchange for any accessories
  • Recharge the kitty to play again


This is a little bit complicated so let me explain here. Lets say if a family of three (Daddy, Mummy and Daughter) goes together and there’s only ONE Robot K, only one person’s points, the one whose holding Robot K, will be accumulated into the Robot. There’s no way you can transfer the points nor add the points. This is kinda important if you’re aiming for the accessories; you have to get the better player to play the game when you put kitty in.

So lets go on to the games… There’s a total of 5 game departments: The Component Department, The Design Department, The QC Department, The Repair Department and The Energy Department.

Before entering the games venue, you’ll be given a briefing on the whole event.


Next, you’ll proceed on for your games.


Before playing, do remember to check your Robot K at these little apple robot units. As you can see, all you need to do is to put Robot K into the box and its gonna scan and show you your accumulated points and experience. You’re gonna be putting Robot K into boxes  like this at all the game stations to start your game and points will be accumulated in the robot while others tap their game cards (the way how arcade works). I found this really cool… The robot concept is actually REAL.

1) The Component Department


You’ll need the coordination of your hands and legs here. Upon putting Robot K/Tapping your card, you’ll be shown 2 missing components (in silhouettes) thats missing in Robot K. By using the joysticks, in which the right one controls right and left, while the left controls up and down, you’ll need to snap the wire thats attached to the missing parts. When you’ve placed the cursor at the wire properly, hit the foot pedal to cut the parts.


Tips: Aim properly before hitting the foot pedal or you’ll suffer a 2 sec penalty. The silhouettes of the missing parts you’re supposed to find is flashing on the right side of the screen. Try to move both your left and right hand together, though its hard, its gonna be a lot faster to direct the cursor to the right place. Oh and you’re only given something like 12sec (approx) to complete this by the way… GOOD LUCK. I was so stressed when I played this game. Couldn’t really control both my hands at the same time. Its quite exciting given the short time limit. (Difficulty: 3/5)

2. The Design Department 



For this game, you’ll be given a ribbon controller and you’re gonna tilt it to align all the different Robot K parts in the right places. You’ll need to balance the controller and tilt it left, right, up, down to fit the flying parts in place. Oh and it doesn’t mean that if you tilt right, the stuff will go right so you really need to get the gist of it. Its more like those balancing games you play on your phone, if you get what i mean. And you’re only given like 8 secs (approx) every round. Complete 2 to pass.


Tips: Focus on only one of the parts (the ribbon is the easiest) and the rest will align itself. Hold the controller vertical to you instead of parallel. I found that ALOT easier. Tilt gently and don’t do huge movements, the controller is quite sensitive. The time limit’s really short for this too so its gonna be quite exciting too. Though the staff said that this is one of the hardest game station but I was able to do pretty well. Hope you’ll do good enough with the tips above! (Difficulty: 4/5)


3. The QC Department


This game is relatively simpler and easier to understand. You’re gonna be facing a screen and you’re supposed to raise your hand above the sensor and wave/slice it (the way you play para para in arcade).


There’s 4 buttons underneath corresponding to each kitty. Upon sensing your wave, the screen will show something pop up from the kitty (a defect). Identify it and hit the “out” button. You’ll need to react fast and do it in time. Complete 3 to pass.

Tips: Keep your eyes on the screen. Its not touch screen so dont hit the screen. You can get a friend to press the buttons for you. Mummies, I don’t think your kids will be able to reach high enough to wave.. Maybe to involve the kids, they can help do the clicking. (Difficulty: 2/5)

PS: See how Robot K fits in nicely in the sensor box. Cute ya?

4. The Repair Department 


Over here, you’ll see a malfunctioned Robot Kitty and you’re supposed to resurrect it. There are two defibrillator and you need to shake it up and down to charge it up. Note that its not gonna be that easy cause the defibrillators are kinda heavy. After the charging is done, a malfunctioned part on the kitty will light up. Place the defibrillator on the lighted area and press the two buttons on the defibrillator. You need to charge after every round and you need to complete 4 rounds to win. And of course, there’s a time limit too for this game and yes its very short. I had problems with this station cause of the charging and it was difficult aiming for the right place for the sensor to work.


Tips: Shake up and down, with the defibrillator facing downwards rather than it being parallel to you. Do it like you’re lifting weights rather than like dancing an agogo. Pay attention to the timing. There are 4 parts that will light up one by one. The heart, the legs, the hands and the nose. It will not repeat places. The hands’ lights are in red and the nose in yellow. Have fun! (Difficulty 4/5)

After finishing these 4 stations, you should take a break from the games and go around the venue to take some pictures first before proceeding to the last game station cause you’re not allowed to come back.

Some photo opportunities that you’ll find here includes:

Golden Robot K, Engineer Mimi and My Melody
With Batdz Maru, Head of the Repair Team
With Kuromi, Assistant at Design Department
With Monkichi, Head of Component Department
At Keroppi’s, Head of QC Department
Kitty Da Vinki at the Exhibition Room

The whole place was very in themed, with loads of greys and metallic colours and loads of Robot Ks.

You can read about Robot Kitty’s evolution here.


More Robot K displays


Note: There’s also a instant Photobooth at the merchandise area later and its charged at $10 per photo and a subsequent $7 (approx) for each photos which you might like to check it out. I didn’t go for it cause it was the kind with a green screen and you’re gonna be photoshopped into their background. I’d very much prefer real props and setting so I didn’t go for it.

After completing all your photos, you can now exit and proceed to the last game station.

5. The Energy Department


Here’s the easiest game station amongst all 5. Just click the two buttons alternately as quickly as you can (yah like spam) to get as many successful clicks as possible within the limited time frame. I only managed to finish with 49 clicks. After that you’ll go into a bonus stage where you can click the button and see where it lands, whether its a x1, x2, x3 ,x4 or x5. This will then be multiplied with your clicks and the Koins will then go into you Robot K. This is the last game station and upon completion, you’ll be ready for the accessories exchange.

Tips: Keep your hands close to the buttons and click rapidly! I think this is the only game really suited for kids. HAHA.


Don’t forget to snap a picture with this humongous Robot K before exiting the room!


On the way to the Check out point, you’ll find another photo opportunity.


Next, proceed on to the checkout counter.


Over here, you’ll be handing over the passes. With the yellow game card, you’ll be given a yellow plastic card holder as a souvenir.


Those with the Robot K will have to check out here as well. Just put your Robot K on the reader and you will be shown the total time you used to complete the whole event. You’ll be asked to hand over your red card and with that, you’ll be able to proceed to the Accessories Exchange booth to change for your very own Robot K accessories.


While making your way to the accessories exchange booth, you’ll see a glass display where all the accessories are on display and you can try the accessories on your Robot K.

The different kind of dressed Robot K. I really like the HEART SHAPE SHIELD.

Finally, at the accessories counter, place your Robot K on the reader and it will show you your total points accumulated.


For Level 1 items, you’ll need to have at least 200 points.
For Level 2 items, you’ll need a minimum of 350 points.
For Level 3 items, you’ll need a minimum of 650 points.


We did the maths and its impossible to get any items from Level 3 unless you do the recharge which I’ll explain more later.


As you can see, I finished the game with 396 points. The front 4 game stations will only give you 50 points each max. And I scored a 49×4 bonus at The Energy Department. Another guy got a 50×5 at The Energy Department. Thats about the highest you can go I guess. We concluded that the highest points you can get with one round of play (5 game stations) is around 450 points.

With 396 points, I can either get 1 item from Level 1 or 1 item from Level 2. If I’ve got 400 points I’ll be able to choose to get either 2 items from Level 1 or 1 item from Level 2. Sadly, I missed it by 4. 😦 So yah. I chose the level 2 category and you’ll be required to go through another random generator where you click and see which number is shown. The number will determine WHICH item you get. YES GUYS, YOUR ITEMS ARE BY RANDOM and YOU CANT CHOOSE THEM. I was kinda disappointed when I heard this cause I thought you’d get to choose the accessories you want. I experienced another heart attack when I was clicking for the random number generator cause I was so afraid that I might get something I don’t like. But I guess its good in the sense that nothing will get OOS? (Or you wouldn’t know cause its computer generated..) I expect that a trade will probably happen since not everyone will get what they want..


Anyway, I was kinda lucky and got one of the items I wanted!


Here’s how my Robot K look like now! Milk Rocket power. HAHA.


So, about the recharge counter. There’s a recharge counter for those with Robot K who would like to earn more points. You can pay another $16 (approx) to go for another round of games. Your points will then be added on to your previous amount of Koins and you’ll be able to go for a higher level or more accessories at the counter.

Last picture before exiting.

Of course no event is complete without the Merchandise area.


There’s loads of merchandises to buy here and everything is very much Robotics-themed. Items ranges from figurines, to keychains, plushies, stationeries, water tumblers to bigger items like luggages, t-shirts, umbrellas and caps. As the things were kinda expensive, I only managed to buy a T-shirt ($26.75) and a Robot K Plush ($40.65).

Display of Robot K accessories
Display of Merchandises

Lastly, if you’re feeling hungry, you can complete your Hello Kitty day with some kitty snacks here too. This is good for parents to gift their kids ya. At least its a souvenir and everyone’s happy. 🙂



  • Robot K Singapore will be happening at Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre, Hall 403 from 11th till 21st June, 10am to 8pm.
  • Bring more money cause everything is kinda expensive. A Robot K + Entry Ticket is gonna cost you around $80 and thats before you consider the recharge and merchandises. PER PAX.
  • If you only have one Robot K, please use the game cards of other friends/family to get the gist of the games, before using your Robot K. The games aren’t easy. Its highly unlikely to do well at first tries.
  • You’ll probably be quite lost if you go in without any reading. You can visit if you’d like to know how the games go.
  • There are no seats around, so you can’t dilly dally inside
  • Expect to complete the stations and photo ops within one hour without queue.
  • Be prepared cause the games isn’t that easy and there were cases where someone didn’t even hit 200 points… So you might really go back empty handed. Your Robot K might go back still naked. 🙂
  • Daddies and mummies, your children might not be able to cope with the games especially if you’re keen on getting the points for the accessories. You’ll probably be the one playing.
  • Games are pretty challenging and exciting. Would be fun to come with a few girlfriends/friends to see who can complete the games.
  • If you’ve already earned enough points for an accessory, perhaps, spending the 16 bucks on a merchandise instead of a recharge, is gonna be more worth it than playing again since the accessories generator is random and you might still not get what you want.


Anyway, I felt the event was good. Games were exciting and I was surprised that they didn’t just try to cheat off with some lame games. I actually think this is better than the Hello Kitty Town in Malaysia, games wise and photo ops wise. Would be fun to visit with your friends and fellow hello kitty lovers (then you can earn points and trade accessories too). Good to bring your kids too, just to play and bond and have some pictures. 没事做真的可以去走走看看. There was a lot of excitement throughout the whole 1 hour cause of the games. Its like until the very last part when you’re gonna get your accessories you still need to feel 心惊胆战. So yeps. I enjoyed myself a lot. I hope its not gonna be too crowded though, its really pretty enjoyable without too much crowd.


Robot Kitty Singapore
Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre
Hall 403
10am to 8pm
Adult tix: $28
Child tix: $14
Senior Citizen: $14
Robot K (Sold separately): $38
Recharge: $16 (approx)


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