EWF Pokemon Cafe: To Go or Not

Its cute how Jap cartoon characters seems to be setting onshore our Sunny Island rapidly these days. Right after a hype with the Hello Kitty Cafe comes an all-new Pokemon Cafe by EWF, along with Parco, specially featuring every 90s kid’s favorite cartoon character, PIKACHU.


I watched a lot of Pokemon when I was young and I really loved Pikachus. As such, I decided to visit the Pokemon Cafe Friday morning, thinking that it’d not be too crowded. Well, I was wrong. I’ve honestly underestimated Pikachu’s likability. Upon arriving at 1130am, in which the cafe was supposed to open at 11am, I was greeted by this lovely signage.


I was pretty astonished at how this would mean a 7 hours wait. Was not sure if the queue was that bad, so I went up to take a look at the queue upstairs. Oh right, this signage was located at a floor lower than the cafe.


And yeps, this was how the queue looks like upstairs. It was that crowded at 11.30am, when I still thought that I’ve chosen a timing where Im able to skip fans who are students or office-workers. Okay.. Pikachu has loads of hardcore fans… Heard that the first few in line started queueing at 6am.


While I was on the way up, I saw some cafe staff offering these candy apples to the people who were queueing somewhere far off from the starting line. Kudos to the cafe for being so thoughtful and kind. It was such a nice gesture.


My cousin in the queue got me one to try. Sad to say, though it looks kinda fanciful, it has a super thick cinnamon candy coating and it was hard to bite through. The apple was kinda mushy inside too. But thank you EWF for the kind thought still.


At this point of time, the staff downstairs were all advising people after the “We’re closed for the day” sign to not join the queue cause it’d probably take a good 7 hours and it’d be near the shop’s closing time before they can dine, should they join the queue. I was about to give up even entering the cafe until my friend told me that she was in the cafe and was willing to allow me to tag her in just for pictures. Thanks Xingwei.


Anyway, their staff were really strict about entering the cafe and you’re not allowed entry if you didn’t queue. I barely managed to enter and snap some pictures for awhile before getting chased out. As such, Im not able to share much bout the cafe except share some pictures to let you know what you can expect. Oh but I managed to nibble some of my friends’ food though.


Honestly, the place looks pretty nice, with pillars of smiling Pikachus and comfortable seats arrangement. The atmosphere’s really soothing too since you’re not gonna be sitting next to throngs of queueing people so no one’s gonna watch you eat with their angry eyes.


Here’s how the table set up looks like, featuring Pikachu and its friends.


Unlike some themed cafes who only puts their focus on making ONLY their food and drinks themed, EWF has put in some real investment and have brought in pokemon-themed tablewares as well.


YAY to pokeballs EVERYWHERE. Im amazed at their effort to stay themed, taking into consideration that the Pokemon Cafe isn’t gonna be permanent..

Battle On Pikachu ~Level up with a rare candy~ ($20) -contains beef-

After an approximate 20 mins wait, the food was served. I think the waiting time for the food was reasonable though the food’s price tends to be a bit pricey. The Battle On Pikachu is actually a plate of spaghetti served with mashed potatoes and minced beef wrapped with a crepe. Got to try this and the potatoes and beef tasted not too bad. Though a tad cold, but it was still tasty. Spaghetti was normal though.

Pikachu’s Smiling Rice Omelette with Magma Sauce ($25)

I was lucky enough to have managed to try this rice dish too and it tasted good. I’ve learnt my lesson not to expect too much from themed-cafe’s food but EWF has done pretty okay until now. The rice dish is served with a bowl of curry sauce and the whole combination of soft and fragrant rice along with the curry sauce made this dish taste so awesome. Nobody left the rice unfinished.


Here’s the magma sauce, which was really curry sauce. Its YUMS. If you’re gonna visit, you should definitely try this.

Iced Pikachu Latte ($9)

It took quite awhile before the latte was served. Though it tasted a tad bit too bitter, but Pikachu looked so cute here! I guess the sweetness of Pikachu shall lessen the bitterness of the drink.

I didn’t get to try the food and drinks below. But, just in case you’d like to know how they really look like….


Pokemon Cafe’s Mix Au Lait ($8) and Soda Pop ($8)
Special Move Fire Blast Primal Groudon’s Bolognese ($20) -contains beef-
Hot Caffe Latte ($8)
Pikachu’s SWEEEET Pancake ($20)

My friends were okay with the taste of the food but was quite disappointed at some of the food presentations as they weren’t very consistent.


Its quite sad to get a Pikachu which was lopsided or not round enough but Im sure they’re already doing their best given how prompt they’re serving their food and how their open kitchen already looks like a war zone. HAHA. However, do expect the food to not be piping hot as they’d take a bit of time to decorate.


Don’t forget to get your pictures taken at the photo booth during your visit at the cafe. Though there’s only one photo opportunity but they’ve prepared a pikachu coat where you can wear it on for the picture.


And of course, just like every themed cafe, there’s a merchandise area for the Pokemon Cafe as well. You’ll find some Pokemon Cafe exclusives here which includes the badges, keychains, tote bags and the Tshirts. You’re not gonna see Pikachu in that apron any where else. Other collectibles sold here includes, figurines, plushies and accessories. Im not sure if they’re selling but I swear I saw some mangas on the shelves too.


  • Go with a friend cause you don’t wanna be stuck in line without toilet nor stay hungry for the next 2-7 hours.
  • If you’re still at the “We’re closed for the day” sign at 2pm (7hours wait), you can get ready to go home
  • Luckily, if you decide to wait, there’s aircon.
  • If you’re not SO hardcore, you can wait awhile before visiting since the cafe’s gonna be there all the way till end July.
  • Daddies and mummies, you might just wanna wait till the June hols before bringing your kids there. The queueing is some tough stuff.
  • Do expect to wait quite awhile cause there’s only approx 40 seats and people are gonna take some time to enjoy their food and snap pictures.
  • The apple sticks are DAMN sweet. Don’t be greedy and take too many if they bring it to you while you’re queueing.
  • The food’s comparatively more pricey.
  • The food’s gonna be a bit cold but fret not cause they still tasted better than Hello Kitty Cafe. 😛
  • Pikachu’s face on your plate just isn’t gonna be very perfect. Its not gonna be 100% like the official photos of the food.
  • There isn’t that much food to choose from and if you don’t eat beef then you’re gonna need to choose between the other two mains or just eat desserts.
  • There’s takeaways but only for the cream puffs. (which honestly weren’t THAT beautiful)
  • There’s only ONE photo opportunity, make full use of it.
  • The exclusive merchandises which includes the keychains, badges, tote bags and tshirts are the ones you should be aiming for.
  • The Pikachu mascot appeared on the opening day, you might wanna check when its appearing again.
  • Management’s really strict so don’t bother to sneak in cause I REALLY GOT CHASED OUT. HAHA

(Disclaimer: I didn’t dine with my friends. I only tried a mouthful of every food and spent a really short time in there snapping photos before I had to leave.)


EWF Pokemon Cafe (with Parco)
Bugis Junction Level 4
27th May till 31st July
Opening Hours: 11am-9.30pm

Anyway on a side note, if you noticed my pictures this time, they’re got really nice colors and a very strong bokeh effect cause I was using the newly launched Huawei P9. The Huawei P9 is the very first phone with LEICA CAMERA and its DUAL- LENSED which enables it to capture pictures, the LEICA WAY. The camera’s so good that I didn’t edit a single bit of the picture at all – I only added the watermark.


I really love how I can adjust the aperture which is the bokeh effect according to how I like it, with the F-stops going as low as 0.95.


I like how the camera captures nice colors, even in low lighting. Gosh, I’ve never see the sky so pink. Oh and look at the water droplets.. I see clarity.


With Leica Cameras in the Huawei P9, you can take really nice black and white shots that looks artistic and impressive without losing the details.


And if you understand DSLR language, you’ll be happy to know that you can control the ISO, shutter speed, aperture, focus and even the white balance in the PRO MODE. Thats just like having a professional camera with you, anytime anywhere. Fret not even if you’re not a professional photographer cause theres the aperture  mode for you and also the auto pro mode which takes INSTAWORTHY PHOTOS with every snap.

Just sharing this cause Im quite in love with the camera features in this phone. 🙂 If you’d like a good portable camera for food or travel blogs, this is so good.


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