Hello Kitty Cafe Singapore: TO GO OR NOT.

Atlas, after the long wait, we finally have a Hello Kitty Cafe in Singapore. 🙂 Its conveniently located at Changi Airport Terminal 3 where both tourists and locals can visit before flying off or after landing. Im sure East-siders are feeling happy and excited about this new dining place.


The Hello Kitty Cafe in Singapore, unlike others, isn’t pink-themed so fear not guys, theres no pink wonderland here. Yet, Hello Kitty Orchid Garden has its own unique features and is really more graceful than cutesy.


The counter looks really classic and I actually like how its a mature-themed kind of Hello Kitty Cafe. The ones I’ve been to overseas always seemed more catered for kids.


Say hello to Kitty Garden…


You’re definitely gonna love the wooden ribbon seats right?


So pretty, I wanna bring it home. Gosh.


The cheapest souvenirs you can keep: the Hello Kitty Orchid Garden water bottle. And yes you need to pay for water here…


I saw loads of couples specially requesting for these swinging seats. They’re really nice for photos but not really comfortable for dining so… you’ll need to decide if you really want these seats.


I went there at about 1am and realised that they actually have different menus. There’s the Day Menu, the one thats in booklet form and this, the midnight menu. They took out some mains and desserts for the latter.. So do expect less choices if you come at such late timings. I was pretty upset cause there were loads of food that were out-of-stock too, including all their iced drinks. WHAT….. -.-


Here’s what I didnt get to try… But yea, their iced drinks are served in these cute jars. Oh and I particularly loved the straws. Candy-cane cuteness.


Had no choice so I tried their Mocha but it tasted kinda weird, too bitter for me and it had a weird aftertaste like the choc and coffee just didnt blend well or go well together..


Though Im sure kitty fans will still get it for photography purposes.


Here’s one of the most-ordered dish,, their kitty big breakfast. I love how it looks but please don’t expect them to taste too delicious. Heard some customers complaining that they were too cold.. And the waffles are kinda too hard, maybe a texture nearer to a biscuit? Eggs tasted normal and the smoked duck tasted average. Maybe some will like the sweet and fruity maple syrup but yah.. DONT EXPECT MUCH.


Another dish to order would be the Kitty chicken burger. Tasted like normal sandwich too.. I think the price is really just for the Kitty-shaped bread. 🙂


And.. Sorry to say, but the food continues to disappoint. Their eggs Benedict comes in two, one with smoked salmon and the other with duck. Sounds really savoury but the runny eggs weren’t consistent, one was runnier than the other and I didnt like the yuzu -like sauce on the eggs or bread. It was really sour and it covered the fragrance of anything else. Its just…. sour… too sour and the bread slices were sadly still too hard.


Okay, my favourite dish at the Hello Kitty cafe… The truffle ketchup fries. Guys, this is so safe. 🙂 Eat this.


Didnt try the desserts cause the cakes looked normal and were only made fanciful with Hello Kitty chocolate pieces placed on top. Neighbouring tables tried them and I overheard that they tasted pretty average too. Let me know if they taste good, will you? I’d like to go back to try them if they do.


Although the food’s not that amazing, but photo opportunities here are sure to attract. It really helps when the Hello Kitty in Orchid Garden Cafe is the only one with two ribbons on its head, making it so UNIQUELY Singapore. Hello, our ONE AND ONLY.


There’s two photo ops in the restaurant. One at the back where you can sit and hug Hello Kitty and the other at the entrance.


At the entrance, you’ll find a standing kitty holding a bouquet of orchid flowers.


Mandatory picture with the kitty.. 🙂



And here’s a nice flowery orchid pillar. ^^

All in all, I think its nice to visit the cafe at least once since its our new tourist place. Would be nice if they can improve on the taste of the food and the service. I went there at about 1am and there just weren’t enough people serving, clearing the tables and taking orders. It seemed like there was just one waitress who was capable of taking orders cause she’s the only one with the ordering pad. But really a big kudos to one of the waitress Roslynn who was really calm, helpful and friendly despite being pretty overwhelmed. Really hoped that the waitresses were more attentive though.

In cause you’d like to know, I waited for almost 1 hr on a Thursday night or Friday morning before getting in, reaching the line at 1am and dining at 2am.

I almost forgot this but there’s a merchandise area within the store. And I forgot this part cause its really not much to mention since the Hello Kitty plushies are all sold out.


Im not sure if theres’ gonna be any restocks but Im hoping for it cause I REALLY WANT ONE.


Anyway, since there’s no plushies, the only thing that you can really get at the store are these postcards, which comes in a pack of 3 and cost you a whopping 16 bucks. Honestly, unless you’re like someone who gardens, this is the ONLY thing you can get cause the rest of the merchandises are all seeds and plants. Ya, #iknowright 0.o #Orchidgardenmuch.

Verdict: Go if you’re a kitty fan, for the pictures. Don’t expect any good food and merchandise.

Rushed this post in the hope that this article is helpful to those of you who’d like to visit.


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