The Bigger Picture

Sometimes, we get too blinded by the small happenings around us that we forget how big the world is. Instead of being so caught up with the hatings, the arguments and the things that perhaps we don’t possess, lets make it a resolution to look at the bigger picture and enjoy a bigger life.

I think as you grow older, you kinda realise how there are many more things to be done instead of being really bothered by the small stuffs that happens around you. You learn so much about the world and the hard truths about life. But its all gonna be okay cause you’ve gone through the “impossible”- how you used to deem challenges – and survived.

There are so many more things that I want to see and want to do.

Get crazy while you’re young, cause you’re ONLY gonna get older.

And of course, you wouldn’t know whats gonna happen tomorrow.

So enjoy today.

Enjoy tonight.

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