Hello Kitty Goes Around the World Carnival- Singapore

Its the first time that there’s a Hello Kitty carnival thats happening in Singapore, and being a huge fan of Hello Kitties, Im definitely not gonna miss it. I visited the carnival near its opening date and though the carnival was pretty small scale, I managed to get some amazing photos taken. So generally, Im a okay-goer of the event despite how many trashed it.


About the Carnival

The carnival opens at 10am and closes at 8pm. Many fans initially thought that the carnival was gonna be indoors, but sadly, it was placed under the sun and was without shade. It looks big on the map but its really a small rectangular area and its kinda like a Hello Kitty pasar malam with nicer props. I visited the place during the weekdays and it was pretty empty. Couldn’t imagine how hot and crowded it’d be on weekends. So if you can, and you’d like good pictures, the off-peak period is definitely way better.


Getting There

Getting there’s gonna be A LITTLE tricky cause the carnival isn’t a big highlighted event at RWS. There wasn’t any ushers around and there wasn’t much signs.  There’s two ticketing booths and I was at the one nearer to where Krispy Kreme is, Lake of Dreams I think. After redeeming your tickets from the ticketing booth, walk past Krispy Kreme, Starbucks, Putien and some Hongkong Cafe towards Hard Rock Cafe. Near Hard Rock Cafe, theres a SMALL Hello Kitty sign that leads you to a flight of stairs. Go up the stairs and you’ll end up at this red entrance. Upon entering, you’ll be given a time limit, in which you can check out within the time frame to get the early checkout gift. I ignored this cause I didn’t like any of those coloured Hello Kitty figurines. Hello Kitties thats ALL BLUE, ALL PINK, just didn’t appeal to me.



The First

After entering the gates, you’ll be led to a room of mirrors. Here’s where you can get your photos taken. Its really a Photo Booth and its gonna cost you 12 bucks later if you’d like to get the pictures. Its a nice setting of Hello Kitty in a carousel and it comes along with a nice frame. I got mine.


The Games

You’ll be given three game coupons along with your tickets and its time to try your luck in winning some exclusive kitty plush toys back home. There’s a total of 6 game booths and you can purchase more coupons at the coupon booth if you need to! Get the 10 for 35bucks one as they’re more worth it! If not the 5 for 20 bucks’ still a better deal than 1 coupon at 5 bucks each.


Games 1: Mama’s Kitchen


How to play: Help Mama Kitty place all her ingredients into the right box. You’ll be given 3 beanbags namely the Flour, the Apple and the Milk. You’ll need to throw the beanbags across into their individual containers to get a prize. The Flour goes into the Oven, the Apple on the Weighing Scale and the Milk in the Plastic Bottle. The apple and milk’s a little tricky and its not as easy as it seems to get all three in perfectly. I didnt win in this game and it was heart aching when I got the apple on but didnt get the milk or either ways. You’re only given one try!

Prize: Popcorn Kitty  Difficulty Level: 3/5

Game 2: Tiny Chum’s Ring Toss


How to Play: Honestly, the bears caught my attention at first sight but I decided that I didnt wanna waste my tickets to win a bear so I skipped the game. At this game, you’ll be given 5 hoops per ticket. You’re required to toss the hoops so that it ends up surrounding a chum. And its not considered a win if the hoop isn’t flat on the floor Chum’s sitting on. The hoop’s really light so its not easy to gauge. Sometimes your hoop gets caught by a Chum but didnt land flat, and its a no-win. If you have other hoops available still, try using them to knock that Chum so that the hoop lands flat.

Prize: The Tiny Chum Soft Toy  Difficulty: 3.5/5

Game 3: PaPa’s Reading Room


How to Play: I totally skipped this game cause it felt so hard. I hardly even saw anyone trying this game. There’s a few newspapers at the right and theres a window aisle infront of Papa. You’ll need to use that spring machine in the middle to toss the newspapers so that they land on the aisle. You’re gonna need two to land there in order to win a prize. I didnt know how the spring’s gonna feel like so I didnt want to waste my tickets. You can try this though, if you’re confident. Its a pretty big kitty bolster anyway.

Prize: Hello Kitty Bolster  Difficulty: 4/5

Game 4: Save the Goldfish


How to Play: Here’s a really familiar game for all who’ve been to Pasar Malams. There’s a few soft toys with hooks spinning in the machine and you’re given a hook to hook up the toys. The pole’s really light and its plastic so its gonna be hard to control well. There’s a variety of toys turning in the pool so you’ll have to aim for the kitty if you want a kitty plushie. Oh, did I mention, you’re given a limit of only 25secs or was it 20s… Hmmm… See my vlog below to see it turn!

Prize: Either BadzMaru, Melody, Hello Kitty or Pompuri Plushie (Depends on what you caught)
Difficulty: 3/5

Game 5: Lucky Ribbon

How to Play: This has gotta be everyone’s favourite. Well, it seems easier and you might just get lucky enough to win that big Hello Kitty plush. You’ll be given 3 coins per ticket and just like how Prize Stage does the coin toss game at Plaza Sing, you’ll need to toss the coins and aim it in the rainbows or the circle of the ribbon (without touching the lines) to win a prize.


A coin in the circle of the ribbon will get you that big Hello Kitty plush! Many people won prizes from this.

Prizes: Depends on where your coin lands. Difficulty: 2.5/5

Game 6:  Baby Race


How to Play: This is the worst game, in my opinion. HAHA. Don’t be cheated by the props behind. They’re not gonna move like the horses did that used to be in Escape Theme Park. You’ll be given 6 balls and you’ll need to roll each ball up that slope box into a hole. Different holes will give you different points and you’ll need to score an EXACT 100 points to get a prize. Though you don’t have to use all the balls to get to a 100 but its really difficult cause it wasn’t easy to get the balls into the holes. You can see my tossing in the vlog too and how the ball just doesn’t goes in, 🙂

Prize: Random, Either a Kitty, Lala, KiKi or Melody  Difficulty: 4.5/5

*Note that the difficulty level here is just based on solely my opinions and might not be the case for everyone

I’ve read online that some parents and event-goers complained cause the games were too difficult and it was hard to get a prize. I’ve gotta agree with that cause I didnt win anything as well though my friend won ONE. And I even bought more tickets in the hope of winning something. It’d be nice if they could give out small keychains if you tried your luck at the booth. Something small would be good enough cause its just sad to leave empty-handed 😦


Photo Opportunities

One of my happier experiences of the Carnival is the photo-taking! Im gonna share some of my pretty and ugly pictures here and Im gonna take you through the photo-taking journey. Here goes..

After going past the mirror room, the first thing you’re gonna see is that lovely ferris wheel. I actually thought that there’s gonna be some rides in the carnival but NOPE. No rides at all. The ferris wheel is really JUST for photo purposes.


Opposite the ferris wheel is a Hello Kitty punk wall where you can go totally cool with BadtzMaru


On the left of the ferris wheel is where you’ll find Dear Daniel and his tote bag house.


Not gonna forget a picture with Daniel.


On the other side of the ferris wheel, is where you’ll see Melody just beside the Game Coupon Booth! Don’t miss out!


Past the ferris wheel is a grand stage where you can do some of your starlet poses!


Mimmy’s Toy Shop is just opposite and you’ll find loads of paper figurine displays of some of your favourite cute cartoon characters there!


And how can we forget Hello Kitty’s beloved sister!


You’ll probably see Fifi nearby too so grab a picture!


Pass by the Baby Race game booth and be sure to visit the side of the game stall to see these cute babies.


The next building is definitely one of my favourites! Presenting to you the Hello Kitty Post Office.


I really love how it has this bricky feel and isn’t that owl cute? Got an individual pic with the postman!


Over here, they have hard postcards on sale and each card costs you a coupon!


There’s a lot of pretty designs available and they are all hard board quality. :)))) You can choose to write a note and mail it to someone or yourself! Just simply write a message and put it inside the letter box! Don’t forget to catch Kitty and her plane on your way out!


Behind the post office, there’s a few Fashion Catchers. I thought that they were real plush catchers but NOPE they were for photos! THIS IS JUST SO AWESOME. I love this prop! Serious. But this means those kitties there aren’t for you to grab… I really liked the silver one though.


You’ll see the Hello Kitty Memory Garden opposite these machines! I expected a really big garden but NAH. Its a really small one, but they’ve got some interesting props!


And they aim to bring you back to school daze..   First up, the humongous kitty bag!


The Hello Kitty Fountain.


I used to have a pencil BOX like this!


Sorry, but I can’t count for nuts.


A lovely stamp set!


Owned some of these?? 🙂

Out of the garden, you’re gonna see some of these cute Monkichies near the exit of the Carnival. Im lucky Im still able to make it in despite the small space.


Climb up the red stairs and you’ll find a Hello Kitty Rollercoaster!! The good news is Keroppi’s here to say Hi too. Bad news, nah its not a ride. ONLY FOR PICTURES.


Here’s another one of my favourite spots, the Hello Kitty Temple.


Love how it feels so out of the world here. At the least out of SG. HAHA


Over here, you can choose to exchange a coupon for an ema.


You can write your wishes, hang it there or bring it back home.


Im gonna just bring it back home cause I’d rather have a souvenir than believe the Hello Kitty “God” is gonna grant me my wish. HAHA.


You’ll be given a coin to make a wish and you’re supposed to toss it into a box. HAHA. Fun stuff.


About the Packs:

You can choose to collect your packs after the whole carnival so that you don’t need to carry that heavy stuff in. Though so, there’s no food and drinks in the carnival so if you didnt bring water, you’ll thank God for the packs. There’s recently a big hooha regarding the SG50 pack cause they weren’t able to manufacture the Sg50 Hello Kitty Paper Figurines. They’ll ask you if you’d like to get a $20 refund, exchange the paper figurine for another one of the available figurine or refund the whole pack. I decided to refund the whole pack cause I didnt need the rest of the stuff though I REALLY wanted the t-shirt. (But its okay.) I decided to get myself the $65 plush set from the merchandises store instead and thought that it was more worth it.


I wanted to get a t-shirt too but it was priced at $50. EXPENSIVE~ Oh and the umbrellas were sold out and its only Day 4 when I visited the carnival. 😦

The Carnival costed a hefty $45 and looking at how you may have left the carnival without anything just makes it feel really expensive. But I guess I was lucky that it wasn’t crowded on the day I visited the Carnival and so managed to get some nice shots. If you’re someone who appreciates nice pictures, then you’re gonna like some of the photo props in the carnival. I think photo-wise, its far better than Malaysia’s Hello Kitty Land. I braved the heat yo, and the haze, for that feline. HAHA. Now there’s a big hole in my pocket. Needa earn that money back!

I visited SEA Aquarium after the Carnival too. So if you ask me, 2pm’s a pretty good entry timing for a non-peak visit!
Watch my Vlog to see how the Carnival looks like!

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