LeQueenz – True Facials Shouldn’t Hurt

Hello there. 🙂 Sorry that its been awhile since I last blogged. I guess I’ve been really busy lately, with the Getai Challenge, SG50 celebrations, Seventh month and Mid-Autumn Festival events that finally ended recently. With that being said, its been a good 4 months since my last facial and I finally found time to visit LeQueenz last week for a wonderful time of facial and relaxation. Im really lazy when it comes to doing facials and the thought of facials has always been painful but my experience at LeQueenz was so good. Im amazed, I mean, HOW CAN FACIALS NOT HURT? Well, LeQueenz did it!


Le Queenz’s Customized Facial Treatment includes all the facial steps such as cleansing, toning, extraction, massage, mask and ampoule. Facial is important as it helps you moisturizes and brightens you skin which is definitely better than at-home treatment results! Its said that we girls should get a facial at least once every 2 month? HAHA. Im not so diligent too…


Well, I tend to try to skip facials if I can cause its really painful during extraction but I was really amazed by Le Queenz during the extraction step cause it was painless (no kidding).Instead of the traditional squeezing method, the beautician uses a mask to get the dirt up to the surface before using a machine extractor to go over your skin. The process was really comfortable and with zero pain! Unbelievable! I was skeptical about whether the dirt was cleared and the beautician showed me the 粉刺 that she got out using the machine. I couldn’t believe how painless it was but yet still so effective.


The facial is 90 minutes and Le Queenz uses top quality Babor skincare range to smooth skin and restore radiance. The customized facial consists of 5 choices including Regenerating Milky Enzyme (Brightening), Moisture Booster (Hydrating), Intense Purifying (For blemishes), Intense Calming (For Sensitive Skin) and Skin Strengthening & Protection (Revitalize tired & dull skin).


The beauticians will customize accordingly to your skin concerns and needs on that day of treatment. They’re really gentle and professional, so no worries, you’re definitely in good hands. Oh and the good news is there’s no additional costs for the ampoules unlike other beauty parlours!


The facial ends off with a shoulder massage after putting the mask. I must be getting old cause I found the massage time really enjoyable. It felt so good to get all those shoulder tension off. Too much computer and phone reading causes shoulder tiredness ya know?


Enjoy a nice cup of tea after the facial and take your time at the dressing area to get your hair combed and makeup done (Yes theres a designated dressing area). Oh yes, you won’t need any sunglasses, caps or whatsoever cause the facial DOESNT LEAVE ANY REDNESS or PINCH MARKS, or SQUEEZE MARKS cause theres absolutely no squeezing!


My face felt really clean and bouncy after the facial thanks to the painless extraction and the Babor products. I did some light make up cause I had to go get some stuff and it was the first time that I felt so confident of my face after a facial session. My past facial sessions had me ending up in lots of redness and Im always pretty fed up if they tried squeezing some pimples or clogged pores but did not do it properly and made it even more visible. I used to have to scurry home after facials BUT NOT ANYMORE!

At Le Queenz, you get your own customized facial treatment and you get to enjoy the facial in your very own private room with a bathroom located inside the room, a sink, a big mirror, combs and more.  Babor products are used from the very first step till the last so you know your face is immersed ONLY in Germany’s Number 1 Skincare Product.

Thank You LeQueenz for the amazing facial experience. Im no longer scared of the pain of facials anymore but am looking forward to my next appointment with you all. I don’t usually like doing adverts cause Im really mindful about what Im advertising but Le Queenz has gained my absolute trust and Im just doing a honest review.

To share the goodness with all of you readers, Le Queenz has decided to give  a $20 OFF for their usual first time trial ($68) of the Customized Facial Treatment. All you need to do is to quote “Sherraine X Customized Facial $48” and you’ll get to enjoy the trial at only $48! Do note that this is only for first time customers and will end on 30th November. So hurry get your appointment now!

Le Queenz
Block 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza #02-28 Singapore 082001 (Tel: 6244 0228)
Website: www.lequeenz.com, Faceboook: www.facebook.com/lequeenz

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