Food to eat at Taipei :) Part 2 (烤煎炸QQ篇)

Yay okay, so I’ve mentioned some of those flour-based food that you should try at Taiwan. Next up, I’ll be doing the oily and unhealthy stuff. HAHA, junk food will always be the extremely delicious ones , the tastier and better and yes the more fattening too… but its ok cause – As long as it tastes good enough, then its gonna be worth the calories-. What wise words.. 😛 And that’s especially so if you’re just visiting Taiwan like what, once in every three years? Definitely no reason to say NO to pigging on these street delicacies!

1. Deep Fried Squid Pieces (花枝块)


P1050379_meitu_2These are totally my favourite street snacks at Taiwan and I think I kinda ate them almost everyday during my trip there. I used to be really against eating squids in SG cause they are just so chewy and I kinda can’t bite them properly. However, these deep fried squid pieces at Taiwan tastes totally different. They’re far better than calamari, easier to chew and comes in various flavours as well. Most stalls offer at least two different flavours, but if you’re lucky you might find one like the picture above. And Im one lucky girl cause they had my favourite seaweed seasoning there. Im telling you the seaweed compliments the squid pieces so well, you’re gonna start thinking the small tubs just aren’t enough. Other flavours includes Salt and Pepper, Wasabi, Salad and Chili. I think I even found one somewhere with those fish flakes, mayo and sauce that you have on Takoyakis. 🙂

Venue: Shihlin Night Market (Can be found in most night markets and on the streets)

2. Deep Fried Potato with Cheese (起士马铃薯)


Calling all cheese and potato-lovers! Woots. If you can’t live without cheese,  then this would probably end up on your favourites list. Imagine deep fried potato filled with corn, egg, bacon, mayonnaise and deeply submerged in rich cheese. Trust me but that can only be yummy.


P1050390_meitu_5_meitu_6I really love how the fried potato is really crispy on the outside and fragrant on the inside. And yes, you get loads of cheese!! There’s no problem with takeaways too cause they pack the cheese separately to prevent the potato from turning too soggy. Of course if you’re not a superb  cheese lover then I wouldn’t recommend this cause its a tad bit OVER cheesy for me. Do expect a long queue for this yummilicious item cause its really popular in Taiwan! I enjoyed pouring the cheese out though. It was a really big packet k!

Venue: Shihlin Night Market (RaoHe Night Market.. Might be available in a few other night markets..)

3. Tamago (玉子烧)


Tamagoes. HMM.. I didn’t  expect how these sweet egg slices can taste so good with all those creative fillings and sauces. I mean how can you even make this like a dish on its own. But if you’re against the fried and oily, then these eggs may be perhaps one of the healthier alternatives when it comes to street food. Of course I have a soft spot for the word “爆桨” thats -ohsopopular- in Taiwan.

Other than being ultra “alert” when I see the word “chewy” or what they would call “QQ”, food that “explodes gravy” when you take a bite tends to be really popular amongst the Taiwanese too. Another dish that comes with loads of flavours and with that loads of people and a long wait for the food. Well, you’ve got to be really patient to get a taste of these tamagoes.


There’s more than 10 flavours to choose from and after a long long waiting and deciding time, I went for the Mentai (明太子) one. There’s many other flavours available like the spicy seafood flavour, the corn with ham flavour and even -wait what- spaghetti???


This looks far too delicious. HEHE. Mayo + Fish Roe + Fish Flakes = Contentment. 🙂

Venue: RaoHe Night Market (Not common elsewhere too)

4. Chicken Wrap (黄金爆桨鸡)P1040804_meitu_2


P1040808_meitu_3So, by now you would have noticed the lack of pork and beef in my posts. That would be cause  I hardly eat pork and the only meat I eat is chicken, especially when they’re crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I only tried these chicken wraps the second time I went to Taiwan. I’ve no idea whats the wrap, maybe its something like our 腐皮?But yes, it gives the chicken just the right amount of crispiness and ensures that the juice doesn’t just “spills” out during the cooking. See the “爆桨” words on the shop front? HAHA. They’ve many flavours for this too, ranging from cheese to curry, seaweed, chili, lemon and salt and pepper. Was really spoilt for choice and decided to just go for the plain ones. And gosh it still tasted good!

Venue: RaoHe Night Market. (Should be available in other night markets too)

5. BBQ Squid (烤花枝)


Why does Taiwan have such gigantic squids!! Its really unfair how they have awesome seafoods like that. Similar to the 花枝块s in front, these squids tastes juicy, fresh, sweet and are grilled to perfection. With a little seasoning added onto the squids, these squids will definitely make you come back for more. Its funny how I don’t eat those squids on my Hokkien Mee and spend everyday looking for these 花枝s in Taiwan. Why SG squids all -kiewzui- (缩水) one ah? But nah, I still haven’t figured the enjoyment of the tentacles part yet. Oh I didn’t mention infront but I wouldn’t consider eating these 花枝 street food at Taiwan cheap. But its okay CAUSE I REALLY LOVE THEM. The price aint gonna deter this girl from buying them EVERYDAY.

Venue: RaoHe Night Market (Most places, along the streets, other night markets)

6. Boar Meat Sausages (山猪肉香肠)


HAH, heres the only porky dish I tried. There were many other pork dishes like 猪血糕 (some kueh-like thing made of pig’s blood covered with peanut) and 猪血汤 (some tofu-like stuff thats made of pig’s blood in soup) which I didn’t even dare to hold nor bite. So back to these sausages.. Being pretty sensitive to the “pork taste”, I conclude that these really tasted different from the oriental pork sausages we have in Singapore. Boars tastes different I guess.. Theres a different “fragrance” to them. But its really subjective cause some people preferred it but some didn’t. You should try it though if you’re at Taiwan cause they consider these really yummy and yeps, they’re almost everywhere too.

Venue: RaoHe Night Market (Other night markets, maybe even right below your hotels?)

7. Blackball Yamball Sweet Potato Ball? (芋圆地瓜圆)


I think this is the most original version of Blackball cause I tried this before Blackball came over to Singapore. Sorry, Im not a fan of yam and sweet potatoes but I did try one cause my friend was all “ITS DAMN NICE, YOU MUST TRY”. So, the shop that we went was the one at 九份 and it was really crowded. It was difficult to find seats and you kinda needa hike a bit to reach the place. Cause JiuFen is up on a mountain, the air is pretty breezy and it was good to enjoy this desserts in the shop. Though it didnt taste as sweet as what we have in SG; OH I think this was even without the grass jelly but the yam and sweet potato balls had a stronger flavour and were a lot more “QQ” or chewy, compared to the ones we have in SG. I think I saw those aunties diligently measuring the flour and kneading the dough in the rooms, which you’ll pass by before reaching the seats area. I reckon they’re all made-on-the-spot.. No wonder so yummy.

Venue: Jiu Fen Old Street (Stalls along the streets sell these as well but Im not sure about the quality…)

8. Yam Kuehs (芋粿)


P1050232_meitu_9Here’s another hot favourite at Jiu Fen Old Street cause the best can only be found here. I always thought that our very own kuehs are pretty chewy and delicious but if you’re a fan of yam that you definitely wouldn’t wanna miss these  Yam kuehs that contains real yam pieces and are so much “Q-er” than what we have. There’s forever a queue here and its pretty near the entrance of Jiu Fen, so don’t miss it! I don’t really like yam, but I tried them too cause my friends bought  a few boxes so that they could eat them throughout the trip. HAHA I tried one cause I was too hungry somewhere during the trip down the mountain. Im sure they wanted to bring some back to SG too but they were so awesome its finished within the next two days.

Venue: Jiu Fen Old Street (Nowhere else that I know of)

9.  Pearl Milk Tea (珍珠奶茶)

How is it possible not to try this drink, when you’re in the city that invented it. HAHA. Theres a lot of stalls at the night market and even on the streets. Its not gonna be difficult looking for a bubble tea shop but hey where’s the nicer ones? Well, for a safer option you might wanna try 50岚 which is actually KOI (tadaaaaa).



If not I personally think that 清 isn’t bad as well. All bubble tea shops have their own strengths and some may offer more choices. Try not to stick to just one brand cause the shop across the street might just be more to your liking! Oh and they’re too generous with their pearls.. Though I think theirs aren’t as sweet.


Okays, I’ve covered most of my favourite food at Taiwan already. Of course theres a lot more that you should try, stuff like 青蛙下蛋,烤牛肉块,大肠包小肠,水煎包, HOTSTAR 炸鸡排….. The list goes on. Just note that those mentioned here are purely according to my preference and those that are on my favourites list. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed reading and hopefully this helps some of you who plans to go to Taiwan! Remember not to miss these food k! 🙂 And remember to deliver some Mister Donuts to me. Thankewwwww!

Read Part One here:面粉篇/

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