Food to eat at Taipei :) Part One (面粉篇)

Okays peeps, Im gonna make you guys all hungry at this hour cause Im missing my days at Taiwan. I went to Taiwan twice within a year and I really liked it there. Though some of their mains were BLEAH to me cause I don’t really like flavourful pork-rich stuff. But I’ve got to say they’ve got the most creativity when it comes to mix and matching foodstuff to create some daebak street food man. Awesome much. Theres so many food to cover so I’ll just go according to my random favourites k? Okays, more like the stuff I wanna eat NOW NOW NOW. 🙂

1. Mister Donut


During my days in Taiwan, these became my favourite food items for breakfasts! If you like chewy food like mochis,  then these doughnuts will wow you. They are just so perfect with the right amount of chewiness blended in with the sweetened bread and they come in different flavours. Personal favourites: Strawberry Chocolate on choc bread, Dark Chocolate on choc bread and the plain ones.  They call those chewy ones 波提 (bo1 ti2) I think. Wouldnt mind getting these from friends who are travelling to Taiwan k! HINT HINT.

Venue: Ximending MRT Station. (You can find them at various shopping centres, train stations and HAHA everywhere else!)

 2. Chewy Waffles


So Taiwan people really like things that have 咬劲 or 弹性, so they try to make everything chewy. As for myself, I really like our local muah chee and I like that kind of “niam niam” feel so yeps, I was really in awe when her waffles aren’t waffles, they’re called moffles!! Mochi + Waffles. Yes, they exists! I loved the waffles so much that I tried making these moffles when I came back to SG. One thing about the moffles here would be how they taste strongly of essence and sugar. But if you’re good for sweet, then they’re worth trying!

Venue: Rao He Night Market (I didn’t see these elsewhere…)

3. Eggs N Cheese in Pancakes


Just look at the pic.. How can that not be yummy? Yeps, if you thought that Mr Bean in Singapore  has the best “filled” pancakes, you might think twice after trying these out. Its actually really similar to Mr Bean, how they make it. Place the pancake batter, cook it. Except that instead of -ohsoboring- chocolate or red bean filling, these pancakes are filled with a whole egg and loads of cheeseeeeeee. Imagine how the runny yolk and melted cheese “explodes” in your mouth. Now thats my kind of pancakes yo~ Do note that there’s always a long queue and they take awhile to cook. 🙂 Best eaten immediately. Woots. (Wouldn’t mind selling these in Sg.. Hmmm maybe I should.)

Venue: RaoHe Night Market (Didn’t see these anywhere else too..)

4. Soft and Crispy 鸡蛋糕


I don’t know how they make these so delicious in Taiwan but the ones in Singapore, or rather the similar stuff, like our local kueh bulus aren’t even good enough to put up a fight.



You’ll see these stalls mostly at populated night streets and these small cakes come in various sizes and designs. Try going for those that aren’t just regular round shapes cause they tend to be crispier at the edges. I have no idea how they make them so crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy inside. Definitely missing these goodies… I can eat these everyday…Anyway, they’re actually quite cheap, and they often come in 6 in a packet. I usually buy two packets and still yearned for more. They are that delicious. I especially love the ones from the Uncle above at Wu Fen Pu.

Venue: Most Night Markets if you make a search for them. (Personally prefers the ones at Wu Fen Pu.)

5. Peanut, Icecream Popiah?? 


P1020429_meitu_10Told cha that the Taiwanese have the most creativity when it comes to food. P1050228_meitu_7Yeps, they have popiahs here as well just that instead of the -eewvegetables- that we always have, they came up with some desserts popiah. As you can see in the picture, huge amount of peanut candy blocks are shaved on to the popiah skins and they do that all infront of you. They actually tasted pretty good with their ice-cream being not too sweet. Whyohwhy does Singapore only have icecream in mianbaos or cones when the dingdingding uncle rides his bicycle and come my house downstairs.. 😦 HAHA.

Venue: JiuFen Old Street (Seldom seen around but I think some Night Market might sell them)

6. Icecream Dorayaki 


P1020433_meitu_14Ahh, fans of Doraemon… HAHA, if you prefer a fluffier base to go with the icecream, you can find the Dorayaki stall pretty near to the Ice-cream Popiah stall at JiuFen. I reckon these goes well with the teens while the Popiahs entices the adults.

There’s many flavours of ice-cream available to choose from at the Dorayaki stall. (If I didn’t remember wrongly, there weren’t ice-cream choices for the Popiah stall). The Dorayakis tasted a little bit too sweet for my liking but they had a bigger serving of icecream. Then again, Im drinking 25% sugar level when I order Bubble Teas, so please don’t trust my gauge when it comes to sweetness. It might be VERY sweet to me and BLAND to you. 🙂

Venue: JiuFen Old Street (Haven’t seen these elsewhere…)

Okays, so I’ve finished my first Taipei food post – 面粉篇.
Hope its a nice read! 🙂 Theres gonna be more coming up so please stay tuned to my blog k?
Leave your comments if you’ve tried them too…
#iwannagoholiday #iwannagobacktaipei

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