Hello TwoOhOneFive

2014 has been a really different one. Though Ive lost my dearest grandpa this year, but at least I saw myself stepping out of my comfort zone and found courage to venture and explore. Now I’m even more certain of the things I want and hopefully next year will be a better year. Having that said, 2014 has been pretty good to me. 

After the rare opportunity to appear in #abtm and #abtm2 , I thought that chances of appearing on screen again was minimal. However, in May there was #我是孝子 and I was really#deadhappy to have participated in it. Despite it being a small role, it was like a miracle how I was able to be on the same set as my childhood idol Christopher Lee and familiar faces like Kym Ng姐, Irene 姐 and Ruping 姐. 謝謝巫導給機會。感恩。以前小時候總夢著要在螢幕上出現, 雖是小角也能算是夢想成真啦!

Another really special acting experience would be being able to act as 安安 in #118sg. It was the first time that I stepped into a recording studio, singing some music tracks to be used in the show. Also got to know the extremely cute Michelle Yi Da Li 姐姐 there. Thank you Aaron gor for this opportunity. Thanks for not forgetting me. 

Other than acting, I had some breakthroughs in singing as well this year. In the second half of 2014, I travelled to #Taiwan twice for their singing competitions. It was a real eye-opener being part of the Taiwan tv-industry for a week..Was also invited for a singing competition in #astro #malaysia in November. Thankful for that as well. 

Last but not least, hosting wise, I threw myself on stage to host for several big shows this year. It was like throwing myself into the pits and willing myself to crawl out stronger after every show.. N of course not forgetting the opportunity to emcee along with Wallace Ang 大帥哥哥 for passionarts. Thank you event organizers for your constant support and belief in me. 

謝謝所有人對小妹妹的疼愛與支持. Special thanks to those who look down on me constantly too cause you’ll make me work harder in 2015. Lastly, thank you 梁導 for not forgetting me in #abtm3. 謝謝師父王雷 ,讓我有機會參與新年專輯的錄音。你們讓我更期待2015! ~~ 


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