Hello Kitty Run

Hello Kitty celebrates its 40th birthday this November!  Many hello kitty items were released this year and a Hello Kitty Run was held in Singapore to commemorate Hello Kitty’s birthday. 
Woke up super early on that day..I’ve only had like 3 hours of sleep due to work.  
The highway was sort of jammed along the road to vivocity and the crowd was enormous. Many Hello Kitty fans made it a point to come down.  Many of them mentioned that they hardly even exercise but was willing to run 5km for this adorable feline. 
Everyone was in high spirits until the skies got cloudy. We were all hoping that it wouldn’t rain but well, no such luck. It started pouring 5 mins after our flagoff and everyone started sprinting to the nearest possible shelter.  

Many were drenched and that includes me. We all waited in the shelter for the rain to stop but that didn’t happen. Some runners continued to run in the rain as they wanted the medals badly. I joined in, running in the rain as well. I got soaked due to the heavy rain. I could even feel the beads dripping down from my nose. I think I finished the race pretty quickly cuz the rain was so big that u will just get wetter if you started walking.. 
Upon reaching the finish line, the rain reduced to a drizzle and many started working towards the goal line. 
And yeps, in my hands, its the limited ed hello kitty medal! Victory smile!
After the rain stopped, it was time for the party.
There was a long queue at all the photobooths so I didn’t get to take any.
But there were really nice backdrops everywhere. 

The organizers were really clever to have a touch up booth for all the ladies. And yes we all looked too horribly wet and sticky to have our photos taken. 

Anyway, Sherraine still conquered e 5km run braving the rain. Though Im pretty sure they did make it shorter la. 
Necessary jump-shot.

Please pardon my messed up hair.

Oh yes. Other than the photobooths, they had stage performances and a hello Kitty fashion show too.

Overall, it was a fun and one-of-a-kind experience. It’s my very first run and hopefully I can find the motivation to do more of this. Hope all you hello Kitty lovers enjoyed yourself too! 

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