How do I live without you.

Growing up was lonely for me since Im an only child.
Im from a divorced family too, but please dont judge.
There is nothing wrong with my parents whom happened to be unable to get along.
My mum spent most of her time working outdoors and I was pretty much left alone with my maid. 
  And all I ever wanted as a child was pure companionship.
People asked me if its nice being an only-child since you tend to you know get everything you want.
The thing is…
I have like 3 sets of monopoly.
A playstation. 
4 different digivices. 
3 tamagochis.
Many badminton rackets.
2 Table Tennis bats.
3 Gameboys.
I honestly think there were times when I played different players for the monopoly game or played a badminton or table tennis game with the wall.
Of course I do have friends. Schoolmates, friends from music classes and all. 
But they’re not gonna be there for you day and night right?
I lived life like that for sixteen years, yearning for a true companion.
There were many or rather numerous lonely nights.
That was me, until I went to poly.
I wanted a dog so badly then that I’ll just look at my computer screen of a dog and tear.
Of course, it took A VERY LONG WHILE until my mum was convinced of how serious I was about wanting and needing a puppy in my life. 
And then here comes Bailey. 🙂 
Life’s different with Bailey around. 
She’s here for me to hug, here for me to talk to, here for me to call to and here for me when Im afraid of the dark.
With Bailey comes responsibilities as well. 
I was “forced” to bathe her, feed her, clean her poo and urine and had to teach her skills and potty-train her. 
I used to be quite a princess.
Cleaning up feces and “germy” things was not something that I would do.
In fact I was semi-germ-phobic. If there was anything like that.
But yes, things changed, I changed. 
So yes, Im still clearing her shit now kay… 
And I totally hate it when she makes a mess.
Its been 5 years since she entered my house.
Im so used to her being around that I can never imagine a day without her.
She sleeps with me on my bed and Im so used to her smell.
Time is passing by too quickly..

On 30th of July, Bailey celebrated her 5th birthday.
I bought a cake and some snacks for her.
Shes’ a real darling and she’s always loved fruity and berry flavors more than cheese or meat.

Bailey and her presents.

Bought a pink cake cause I like the color though I really think she’ll prefer the banana flavored yellow one.
Enjoying her cake nevertheless cause shes’ such a sweet darling.

I cant imagine life without this precious of mine,
Please grow old slower cause I need you in my life.
My Dearest Darling.

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