Halloween Horror Nights 4 by Universal Studios

Went to Halloween Horror Nights 4 last Friday since I’m free that night.
It was quite a last min decision cause a friend needed someone to go with her.
Since I needed a protector, I got another one of my girlfriends to come along. So these three crazy girls went on the scare trip together which really turned out to be a night of fun, joy and laughter. Its been awhile since my night life has been that exciting. 

Its been 2 years since my last HHN. (You can read HHN2’s review here: HHN2)
The reason why I skipped the third one was because of a scarezone which depicted some chinese opera killer and I read somewhere that you’ll have to step on joss sticks and paper money to get through. I wasnt really comfortable with that.  This year’s HHN sounded alright and I was curious about the scary tales concept. I really wanted to see how they turn “happily ever after” into “happily evil forever”.

This year’s HHN didnt disappoint. The scare actors were really professional as usual and some of them were really nice to stop and take pictures with us.(Thankyou scareactors for the job well done).

Oh yes, the feature of Scary Tales, creepy Rapunzel who has dropped all her hair. Some boys who walked past actually shouted “Eh, where’s all your hair?” and Rapunzel glared at them as they walk away. Shes’ really into character. HAHA.

Pardon some fail photos cause its hard to do a #selfie properly with everyone looking pretty while you’re in a pushy crowd.

I really like this picture cause of the blue lights and her longing gaze.

If you’ve never been to HHN before, you’ve gotta know that they have both scare zones and haunted houses. You’ll need to queue a pretty long while for haunted houses while scare zones are places that have been decorated according to themes that you’ll be walking though. There’s 4 haunted houses this year – Jack’s 3 Dementia (Enter the world of a loony killer clown), Jing’s Revenge (Jing comes back to haunt and torment after being bullied in school), Mati Camp (Dead soldiers who went through sadistic training comes alive and haunts the grounds), The L.A.B (Go walk among all those evil aliens and see how they extinguish the human race). 
Sadly, I only managed to go for three of the haunted houses and had to miss the clown’s one cause the queue at The L.A.B was too long. We spent a good 2hours plus queuing for this one. It was so tedious that our legs ached terribly and we were so thirsty when we still had a good halfway of the queue to go. I really regretted not buying the express pass. I think that the 50 dollars is worth it if it ensures your $68 ticket to be fully utilized. We only managed to go on two rides, go through all the scarezones and visit three haunted houses within the 5 hours spent there. There wasn’t enough time to go on more rides or complete all the haunted houses cause of the super duper long queues.
Anyway, my favorite or the one that I’d say is a MUST-VISIT out of the three would be Jing’s Revenge. School settings with old cabinets, dark eerie toilets and cracked mirrors are just too creepy. Mati Camp wasnt too bad, but The L.A.B was just alright only. Makes me wonder if Jack’s 3 Demenia would have been a better choice… HMM. 

If you’re gonna be there till closing time, they do have a flash mob in front of the Revenge of the Mummies ride entrance so do walk over to catch it. Im not sure if there were flash mobs elsewhere too but about 15 mins before the park closes, different clans of evil creatures will gather at this area to have a fightout. Its quite interesting to see how they merge, fight and disperse. And of course its good photo opportunity too since most of the creatures will be in the same area. 
Yups, so all the best to those of you who’re visiting USS HHN4 on the last weekend. Im really glad how we kinda started celebrating Halloween now in SG too.
Enjoy peeps! Maybe one day we’ll have trick or treating too. We shall wait for that day.  

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