Singing in Taiwan

Hello readers, its been awhile and I apologize for that. Anyway, I’ve been travelling to Taiwan kinda a lot recently so Im gonna share some stuff about my Taiwan trip for the subsequent posts okay? I’ve visited quite a number of places in Taiwan for the past two trips and I’ve had loads of fun eating. shopping and of course sight-seeing so I hope the posts coming up will be entertaining to you too.

全球闽南语歌曲创作演唱大赛 2014

My first trip to Taiwan was in July and I was actually there for a singing competition. Im not sure if any of you saw it on MioTV but it was a collaborated competition by Singtel and Taiwan’s 年代电视台. Its a international Hokkien competition and I was really honored to be part of it.

A picture during the finals in SG.
It was a good experience as we got the opportunity to go on radio interviews and was featured on i-weekly, u-weekly and various local newspapers. 🙂
Something that I thought would never happen to me..
During rehearsals in Taiwan…
And yes, they’ve humongous recording studios!
And it was freaking cold.
Day of competition, just to share some pictures..

after hair and makeup 🙂
 Doing some filming before the competition
 Yes the judges arrived in carriages! Such beautiful horses..
The four judges, spot any familiar faces?
Hosts and spokesperson of the competition.
And here’s the first ep with me inside, you can watch it here.

Honestly, I didnt think I’d make it in cause the competition was really tough and Hokkien songs are like so not my forte. 🙂 The four passes came as a surprise to me..

And here’s my celebratory dinner that night. HAHA.
A few days later, we proceeded for the recording for round 2 of the competition.

Im always so in awe of their fabulous lighting. 🙂

A photo with the host of the competition, 乃哥. He gave me pretty good comments when he came to Singapore so I think I ought to thank him a little for choosing me as one of the representatives haha.
Here’s the second round video 🙂 Think you’ll have to fast forward to about 37mins to see me..
Well, I tried my best for this round.. maybe it wasnt enough since the judges felt that it wasnt entertaining enough. HAHA. Its okay. Experienced gained. Lesson learnt. 🙂
Ill try harder next time. Im already happy that I look slim enough in the show. HAHA thankew camera ppl~
Would like to specially thank a few people for the support if not I wouldnt even have the minimum confidence to stand on that international stage.
Thank you pikachu.(From Day 1 of the competition till the end of it.)Thank you 萃霞老师.(For always telling me to enjoy the stage and just simply try my best)Thank you 阿姐.(Will never forget the bathtub in your hotel room…:P)Thank you 战友们, people like Azhuma, Uncle and Uncle’s wife-to-be (It was fun with you guys.)And of course those of you who gave me encouragement and support.. 
The second time I went to Taiwan was for this Chinese singing competition. It was organized to look for the next-singer for their group.
The competition was held at one of Taiwan’s most popular tourist area, 西门町.
Feeling nervous before going up on stage..
Chose a fast song for the first song..
And made it into the second round 🙂
I sang 眼泪 for the second round. Maybe I didnt do that well as I was too jittery on stage. HAHA. Hopefully I’ll stop being so scared when competing the next time round..
With the judges, 南拳妈妈’s 弹头, 台湾歌手李圣杰, 新加坡歌手符傑榮.
Being able to compete in Taiwan has been quite the experience for me. HAHA. You can only learn and improve with every try right? Im thankful for the opportunity already and I WIll DO BETTER every time…
Sherraine will make it. 
Just keep believing…
Will you keep supporting me?

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