Street Art at Penang George Town

Okay, this post is almost five months overdue :PP. Am too busy with stuff lately. I wonder if my blog still has any viewership. Oh well… So a few months back, I went on a tour to Penang. It was a simple tour and in fact the only thing I was interested in was the food and the street art. 🙂 Im guessing most of you would feel the same..

Penang Street Art

I vaguely remember a Hong Kong TVB show that placed their setting at Malaysia and that sort of created a hype for these street arts. I decided to visit the place too. I had a driver friend to bring me around so it was easy for me. These street arts are spreaded out around the area so its not really advisable to do the search via walking. Biking would definitely be a better choice especially in such a hot country.

My friend actually gave me a map of all the street arts and that made things really easier. If you’re gonna walk aimlessly, chances are you’d have a hard time looking for some of these masterpieces and perhaps even walk past them, without even knowing they’re just around the corner. So here’s a list of the ones that I’ve visited and a bit of info about them.. Do note that these art pieces were never officially named. The names here are what they are known as on the net..

Name: Reaching Up
Venue: Cannon Street
Artist: Ernest Zacharevic
Name: Little Children on a Bicycle
Venue: Armenian Street
Artist:Ernest Zacharevic
(Sadly some of the drawings are starting to fade off due to wear and tear..)
Name: Boy on a Bike
Venue: Ah Quee Street
Artist: Ernest Zacharevic
(This one’s hardly visible already…)
Name: Little Boy with Pet Dinosaur
Venue: Ah Quee Street
Artist: Ernest Zacharevic
(In case you’re wondering why Dinosaur… Here’s how it originally looked like..)
(You can hardly figure out a dinosaur in the picture now..)
(I call her the Kung Fu girl and she’s really humongous!)
Name: The Girl in Blue
Venue: Muntri Street
Artist: Ernest Zacharevic
(Spot me! This will probably give you an idea of how enormous the painting is!)
Name: The Awaiting Trishaw Peddler
Venue: Penang Road
Artist: Ernest Zacharevic
Story: So if you’re wondering who Ernest Zacharevic is? Well, he’s the reason why there’s such a big hoo-ha about the street art at Penang. In 2012, this Lithuanian artist started a project called “Mirrors George Town” for George Town Festival. He went around looking for suitable walls, got a signed agreement with the property owner and did his magic. It soon became a big hit as tourists traveled over to Penang just to have pictures taken.. Yups, tourists like me.. 🙂
(Open your eyes big and be on the look out as there’s art everywhere..)
Name: Skippy The Giant Cat
Venue: Armenian Street Ghaut
Story: This mural painting is actually a part of the 101 Lost Kittens project launched by the Artists for Stray Animals (ASA) which consists of Natthaton Muangkliang (Thai), Ang Yeok Khang (Bukit Mertajamand) and Louise Low (KL). Through their combined efforts, they have created a total of 12 cat-related murals and artworks to create more awareness towards stray animals! Kudos for the thought! Do note that the paint used for the murals are environmental-friendly and these beautiful art pieces will be washed off in two years time! So do quickly snap a pic now! Oh ya, they’ve also created a bonus Rat artwork. After finding all the kittens go search for the rat!
Name: Tok Tok Mee
Venue: Junction of China Street and Pitt Street
Artist: Tang Mun Kian
Name: Win-Win Situation
Venue: Muntri Street
Artist: Lefty
Story: A total of 52 iron caricatures will be located around George Town so that visitors can learn more about the history of Penang. Each caricature tells you the background of the streets there and is a comical anecdote about life on that street. The two pictures shows 2 out of the 24 iron caricatures that have already been placed on the streets. This is still an on-going project by Penang’s tourism board and we’re definitely excited to see more!
There were many more street arts around but unfortunately, I didnt have time to go find and visit all. Some of them were really out of place  but Im glad that I’ve been there and done that. After the treasure hunt, I went on to try Penang’s famous Hawker Food. Allow me to share. 🙂
The Hawker is at Anjung Gurney. I’ve heard so much about their hawker food and was really excited to try them out!
They had all these small little tents and umbrellas around and their shops were all in small booths like these. Their tables and chairs were all plastic and their shops were just big metal box tins. Definitely not something that you’ll see in SG anymore..
I didnt eat those shells but I really loved the Char Kuay Teow. I actually ordered a Prawn Bee Hoon Soup too which I ate so quickly I forgot about photography. 😛 Sorry.

After filling up le belly, I took a walk near this “Idunnoifitsabeach” place and that pretty much sums up my day at George Town Penang.

The next day, the ship stopped at Langkawi and we had a day to visit the sunny beaches.

It was a lovely morning and the sun was scorching. We went on a boat ride to the different islands.

The first island we visited was called Dayang Bunting and it consisted of the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden.
It was said that the mountains looked like a pregnant lady.
Well, I took a panorama shot of the mountains..
Think you might be able to spot it?

In order to get to the lake, we had to hike through a hill and of course we were pleased to see many of our islanders there.

Next, we went back onto the boat, and left to look for the brown eagles.

Just in case you didn’t know, Langkawi actually means Island of the Reddish Brown Eagles in Malay.

We stopped our boat in the middle of the sea/lake whatever and the boat drivers started to throw food into the sea.  We then saw eagles swooping down at the water for the food.

There were like about a hundred eagles flying and hovering in the skies.
It was beautiful.

The next venue on our itinerary was to hit the beaches where a BBQ feast would be prepared.
We were allowed to wander the beaches the whole afternoon before having to make our way back to the cruise in the evening.

If you know me, Im not exactly a SUNSHINE person.
But its okay. I TRIED going into the sea and running on the beach.

But thats just cause I wanted photos and it was for a GOOD FIFTEEN MINUTES.

The rest of the day, HAHA, was spent in the shelter.

I’ve made a video on my trip where you’ll be able to see the beautiful scenery more clearly.
Enjoy it!
And please pardon me for the dim-lit picture above.
My photographer said “sexy pose” and haha that was it.
(Photographer is a GIRL kay)

Video of Sherraine Wandertales (Penang/Langkawi)

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