So Hello Kitty isnt a cat?

I’ve just heard a recent news about how the HelloKitty Run is finally coming to Singapore and swiftly registered for it.
 I’ve even contemplated going for the HelloKitty flight happening during the Winter holidays. 
The next thing I know, you’re telling me that HelloKitty is in fact not a cat?? You’re kidding me. Seriously. Sanrio, you just left me so mind-fucked that I cant trust my usual judgement anymore.. 
So what is this whole Hello-not-Kitty thingy about?
It was just yesterday when the news took over the net. I mean, it left everyone relatively surprised.. There was this anthropologist who submitted written texts about HelloKitty for a HelloKitty exhibition she was curating. Sanrio then sent her a letter to correct her saying that HelloKitty is not a cat but a British girl.. 
I am mortified. 
So now… I have a room filled with this weird British girl who decided to look like a cat, have whiskers on her face and have a yellow nose.. DOTS.
Sanrio, oh Sanrio
(1) IF thats a British girl you’re designing, why does she have a fat oval face, beady eyes, two sharp ears, a yellow nose and whiskers? Or did girls looked like that?
(2) Isn’t it written somewhere that HelloKitty is just 5 apples tall?? So this British Girl you imagined is a what? Pixie? Fairie? Dwarf? Elf?  
(3) HelloKitty? Why not Hello-something-else. So she was named HelloKitty and has a kitty-face all in coincidence? 
(4) I’ve watched HelloKitty videos all my life and I always had the impression that Hello Kitty lived in an “animal land” cause all her friends were ANIMALS – Feifei the sheep, Thomas the bear, Melody the rabbit and more.. So she’s like some Snow White now? A british girl talking and hanging with animals? 
(5) You make me feel so confused. Now Im not sure if Snoopy is a pup and if Mickey is a mouse anymore.. 😦
(6) I KNOW HelloKitty has a pet named Charmmy, she even has a hamster named Chum. Its cartoon… Chillax guys. 
(7) Come on, IDC what you think. She looks like a cat to me so lets just not spoil her way cutesy image of being a nice friend walking on two legs living in a fantasy world of ours? 
(8) Honestly…. just IMAGINE and be less SERIOUS.
(9) Oh yea, if HelloKitty is KittyWhite the British girl, she’s bald man.. PS, even Daniel has hair….
(10) Its impossible HelloKitty is not a 猫.

Sanrio did some clarifying this morning and let the truth be told..

HelloKitty is a PERSONIFICATION of a cat. Just like how Mickey lived as a human in his own world (dating Minnie, having Pluto as a pet, driving a car), HelloKitty is a cat who was given human characteristics. She walks on two legs, is able to hold a pen and likes Daniel. (if you watched the cartoon series). Compared to her sister MiMi, who was portrayed to be more quiet and reserved, HelloKitty is a fun-loving, a little spoilt and a bubbly girl.

So there you have it.
As long as Mickey is STILL a mouse.
HelloKitty is STILL a cat. 

Like phew.. 🙂 I really dont like that idea of HelloKitty being human..

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