Filial Party 我是孝子

Filial Party is a local productions by local director Boris Boo. The movie revolves around a television game show where contestants compete to show the world how filial or ‘filial’ they are to win the ultimate cash prize, a million dollars. As the contestants vie and think of all sorts of ideas to emerge as the winner, what we really see is the true side of human nature. Being in an era where new media is so apparent, we see how audiences plays a part in exposing the ugly truth and how the internet can be so useful yet harmful at the same time. Get ready for some crying as the director showers you with touching moments and realizations on the importance of family ties. Of course, like most local films, Filial Party will not be devoid of comical scenes as well. All in all, its a local film that’s worth the watch.

Filming in Process

I was very honored to be casted as one of the featured judges in the movie. This was taken on the first day on set. 

Our scenes in the studio only took 2 days but it was full of fun and many of the casts were around. 
The studio looks very much like what you guys see on screen except that the audiences behind us were actually non-existent. 
Being able to work with so many extremely good (and famous) actors and actresses was one of my biggest take away from being involved in this film and OMG.. I actually saw Christopher Lee. Although Im not like a Chris Lee fan fan fan, but he’s Fann Wong’s hubby so I 爱屋及乌 haha. I was actually hoping that I could see Fann… :((( but NOPE. NO SUCH LUCK. 
While waiting for our scenes….
   We’ve got too much time to take pictures. HAHA.
 With Ann Kok. 
 The very versatile Irene Ang. 
 With Kym Ng. (She’s really very nice and friendly!)
And Zhiwei gorgor. 
Tay Ping Hui came by as well. He’s the director of the movie, 再见巨人, which will be in cinemas soon. 
On the second day on set, Fann bought desserts for the crew and casts but it was delivered by her assistant.  
Seriously, I almost fainted. HAHA. 
Although its actually a small role, being one of the judges in the competition, but Im really thankful for the experience. It was a fun two days with the casts, the friendly crew and an extremely nice director. I learnt a lot on set, watching how the crew and casts work their magic. Playing such a fierce role infront of so many actors and actresses was damn embarrassing so I hope they still think Im a nice girl. Haha. Of course there’s definitely room for improvements and I’ll work harder, a step at a time. Hopefully, its not my last on-screen performance ya? (Keepingmyfingerscrossed)

Gala Day

Finally, after what seemed like eternity, Filial Party was released. The gala was held at Vivo and it was really more like a get-together time for all the artistes. It was nice seeing them again and everyone were decked in pretty clothes. 

The judges.

Interview on stage.

Having a lot of fun.

Cause the waiting time as like so long, everyone started going around taking selfies again..

Yin Yin who plays the crew and Ivan who plays Ann’s son.

With Ah Beng’s best friend, Aaron Tan.

Here’s You Yi.. I’ve met her once prior to this on set of 银色达人. She’s so nice and friendly and I love her role in the show.

Hayley, who plays Yoona.

Charming lady, Irene Ang.

Some other artistes who came by to support includes:

Tay Ping Hui.

Ian Fang.

Wang Lei.
Star-studded huh?? 
Fann did come….. but I wasnt able to take a picture with her cause she’s too heavily “guarded”. Plus, she was wearing a long dress that day… I didn’t want to trouble her too much since shes pregnant.
I think I’ll never get over how she’s just before me but not getting a picture taken. 
I’ll work harder so that I’ll one day be on the same set as her and then I can take all the pictures I want. HAHA.
Before the show, I was kind of afraid that I might just have 1s on screen cause the director did mention on his facebook that he had to cut out loads of scenes. But… He as so nice to keep me in the show.. AWWW.
So here’s a big thank you to you, 巫导. Thanks for letting me be a part of this amazing production.
Oh if you’ve watched the movie, comment and let me know which’s you favourite scene! 
Mine would be the part when Yoona sang the song. It brought back loads of childhood memories.. Those happy and carefree days, just being with your parents, laughing and smiling so genuinely.
Where did those disappear to?  
Dear people, please catch Filial Party in the cinemas now okay?
It’d be good to bring your parents along.. 🙂

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