Beauty Secret: Brands InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip

I recently chatted with one of my poly lecturers and she was like “Girls your age are all YPT (Young Pretty Things). Well, true enough, being young definitely gives you a certain advantage but I’ve always believed that its important to start taking care of your skin once you’ve reached a certain age (like 20?). Especially since Im in the media industry (which means a constant use of makeup), good skin doesnt come easily and a lot of effort has to be placed in exchange for beauty. 
(Recent new tries: Grey contact lens from Blincon, Lipstick from Dior)
To be honest, I dont possess those white flawless baby skin like some other fair ladies, people whom Im genuinely jealous of. In fact, Im quite prone to pimples at the T-zone area when I was in my teenage years. After the need to constantly use make up, my skin condition tends to fluctuate. 
I started doing some research online and went looking for products that can help my skin.
Seriously, like which girl doesn’t want to be pretty? And. I found this. 

Brands InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip
Okay. The key word is Collagen here.
So what is Collagen?
And why do we need it?
You see. Everyday, with the process of aging, collagen production tends to slow down and our cells structures weaken. Our skin gets thinner and is more prone to damages – lifeless hair, sagging skin, wrinkles appearing and more. Collagen is a part of the connective tissue that in the skin, helps in firmness, suppleness and constant renewal of skin cells. And the most important point – collagen is vital for skin elasticity. 
I first came across this product on a Taiwanese sitcom, 女人我最大, where artistes and makeup professionals introduce the latest beauty products in the market that is of use. A top model introduced this health supplement and mentioned how it was part of her daily routine to improve her skin. I decided to try it out.
So now that you know the importance of collagen, why Brands Innershine?
Number 1:
Brands InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip is made in Japan and contains micro marine collagen to maintain skin suppleness and elasticity. They also contain Vitamin E and B3 which are all vitamins that supports skin health, giving you good and radiant skin.
Collagen + Vitamins = Double the goodness
Number 2: 
I totally understand how those of you who are new to supplements might think. Like gawd. Im not gonna torture myself by eating more pills. For myself, Im already eating Vitamin C pills at almost a daily basis, Collagen pills just aren’t happening.
Brands InnerShine Collagen actually comes in JELLY form!
Number 3:
Honestly, when I read the package, it scared me. Its written there: Each strip contains Marine Fish Collagen 1000mg, Vitamin E 3IU, Vitamin B3 4mg. 
As awesome as it sounds, but hey, did I see FISH?
1000mg of fish whatever sounds disgusting. (Cause I hate “fishy” stuff. Will never forget the most terrible experience of eating cod liver oil capsules. OMG. Even the reminiscing of that puking event makes me shiver.)
But these collagen JELLY strips tastes awesome! I swear.
They come in three different flavors, Acai Berry, Japanese Mikan and Kyoho Grape
The ones Im eating now is the Kyoho Grape flavored ones and they taste really good! 
A little bit sweet, just enough sour and they’re kinda chewy.
Its an interesting texture.

They are only 12Kcal per strip! 

World’s best snacks. You can eat up to three per day. 🙂 
Number 4:
And lastly, they’re really convenient to bring along with you in your bags as they come in separate strips. There’s a total of 10 strips per box. They’re really easy to eat as there’s no liquid, so you dont have to worry about them causing a mess and you just have to simply open the package and squeeze the jelly out. 
I actually just eat them when Im walking along the streets, taking the bus or even when Im shopping. HAH 
Oh yea. And they come really handy when you have those sudden dessert cravings that will spoil your entire diet plan. Take these instead! I’ve been eating these daily for around a week and I’ve already seen some improvements in my skin. My face feels smoother and bouncier (You know the toing toing feel?). HAHA
Definitely recommending these awesome collagen supplements.
You can get Brands InnerShine Marine Collagen Essence Strip at 
(Note: This is not a sponsored ad/review)
Hope you guys find them useful too!
Lets all work towards beautiful skin!

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