Dog-Friendly Cafes in Singapore

I seriously think that there is a lack of dog-friendly cafes in Singapore. Its a lovely weekend. I need a break. I wanna bring my furball out. I wanna catch up with some friends.Where do I go? The sad truth is that you DONT get alot of choices. But luckily there’s still a handful of places that allow dogs and I managed to visit two today with Waikei, Yoshi and Bailey. (Im sure you can tell that Waikei is not a dog name.. if not Im totally judging you..)
iii Cafe 
Located at East Coast, we have iii Cafe. Its pretty popular I guess since there’s quite a lot of people and furkids there during tea time. The dogs are allowed to run around freely and hang with other dogs. I really like the place there as its really clean, it feels hygienic, its got a comfortable setting and the food there is not too bad for a dog cafe. (You have no idea how many places have sucky food nowadays but charge an exorbitant price).
iiicafe’s fully air-conditioned which ensures high level of comfort for both owners and pets. They’re really nice to serve a bowl of water to our furkids upon arrival and the staff explained to us the menu and the layout of the place.
You dont have to worry about your furkids going hungry as they do have an extensive menu for them too! Just proceed to the Barkery area to get your pups some munchies which will surely make their day.
Lovely displays at the counter.
They have their “human” menu on the wall behind the counter and as you can see, its quite decent for a dog cafe. There’s a wide range of drinks and food that you can choose from and I felt that their price is pretty reasonable!

Look at how clean the place is! And they even have hand-sanitisers and tissues on every table. Not forgetting a pee pan for the fluffies. Really love their thoughtfulness.
Its Bailey’s first time here and shes happy to see so many friends! Just look at her wide smile! 🙂
Food was served really quickly and surprisingly, they looked delish! (I always felt that dog cafes were more slipshod when it comes to food presentation but its definitely different here.)
Iced Mocha ($5.90): Not too bad. Coffee tasted fragrant. Perhaps a little bit more chocolate would be good
Brunch ($14.90) : consists of smoked salmon scrambled eggs, ham, sausage and toast. Waikei said they tasted alright and its quite a reasonable portion.
Roasted Chicken ($12.90): with summer salad and a choice of fries. As mentioned, I wasn’t expecting much in regards of the food but their chicken tasted really awesome! Recommending this dish!
OH and I just checked the receipt and realised something amazing~~

THERES NO GST and service charge!

isnt that awesome? 
Saving 17% is a lot okay. 
Aircon somemore leh!
Before we digged in, Waikei and I decided to change seats as we preferred the window seats. Seeing that the staff were busy, we made the shift ourselves. The staff quickly came over and said that they’ll need to clean the place first before we took our seats. We politely said that it was alright since its not really dirty but the staff insisted that they had to do the clean.

Like OMG. How can their service be like so good? They’re really concerned about hygiene and cleanliness. I feel so in awe by their excellent service and I felt ‘safe’.

A close up of the cutiepie.
Enjoying the window seat. (I didnt order any food for her cause she just had lunch but I’m pretty interested to let her try the food here the next time we visit.)
Ok, she looks sad here cause I placed my bag infront of her to prevent her from jumping down the sofa. I’ll admit that Im over-protective of her and refused to let her run around, making friends, before I assess that its REALLY safe. And shes not spayed! I dont want her getting “erhrm” by any male dogs present without my consent. HAHA. Of course, I did let her roam around and do some butt-sniffing in the end for a short while, but with me following close behind her.
Here’s Waikei with her schnauzer, Yoshi.
While Im being reluctant about letting Bailey run around, Waikei had a busy time trying to calm Yoshi down to prevent him from barking. That dog’s got a really loud bark and he’s more aggressive. We think that its cause he’s being protective of Waikei that whenever anyone or animal approach his owner, he barks and thrusts himself forward.
“See no evil.”
“Bark no evil”
I actually think its just us… cause the other owners had it easy.
With their furry friends.
Yes, you get sniffed while eating.
Yes, you get extra companies.
But, they’re so cute.
So joyful.
And so friendly.
And it feels so good to be around them.
Selfies with my darling before leaving..
Finally got her to look at e cam after numerous attempts.
With the pretty girl.
 And a very FAIL shot of four of us. -.-
III Café
687A East Coast Road, 2nd floor, Singapore, Singapore 459055
Tel: 6655-8288, 6448-0270
Operation Hours:
Tue – Thur: 12pm to 10pm
Fri – Sun: 11am to 11pm
Closed on Monday
Doggiestyle Cafe
After leaving, we went in search for another dog-friendly place. We were looking through some reviews online and it was stated that there was a Melba Cafe at Goodman that allowed pets. It was only upon arrival that we were told that they had changed their policy due to customers’ complains and they no longer allow pets! #saddieme #damnit #onelessdoghangout
As such, we decided on Doggiestyle Cafe since we’ve been to their branch at Nex before and they’d DEFINITELY not change their policy.
We reached there around 8pm, so it was getting pretty dark and it wasnt crowded. There were customers but it just felt a lot less lively as compared to iiicafe.
Some cute decorations on the wall.
Their seats.
The counter.
Maybe Im too impressed with iiicafe… I didnt really like this place. Its not as warm (as in cosy kind of warm, they’ve got aircon too), service was normal, drinks were not up-to-standard. I wanted to order some waffles but they were unavailable. Its quite disappointing.
One of the cute pets spotted here. She looked really princessie.
 And these two were lazing around. Cute ya?
It wasnt much fun being there and Bailey and Yoshi were either too tired or were just too bored so we quickly drank up and left the place.

496  Changi Road, Singapore 419902
Tel: 64491296
Operation Hours:
Weekdays: 1pm to 10pm

Weekends and PHs: 11am to 10pm 
Closed on Wednesday
Both places in this post are dog-friendly but they both have parking problems so please come prepared. Comparatively, I’ll prefer iiiCafe as it felt comfortable and their food was surprisingly not bad! If you’re free on the weekends, it’ll be good to bring your dogs to the cafe for them to bond with their friends while you bond with yours. 🙂
I read this post on the internet and I felt that it was important to share. If you’re a dog-lover. Read and share:
Here’s Bailey after a long fun day.
Forever loving you darling…
*If you’ve visited the cafes after reading the post please comment and share your experience with me. It’d be good to hear from you guys too. Of course if you guys have anymore recommendations, please feel free to leave them at the comments as well.

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