My Classmates, My Friends, Our Mv Shoot

There’s this song that I really love on the net. Its really a touching song and Im gonna share that with you guys later. But firstly, I’d like to thank everyone involved in the MV. The MV below is created by me and my friends, out of interest and just doing something together as a clique. It was filmed in February, when one of our friend, Brenda, came back from Australia for holidays. We went back to school together and the teachers mentioned how we could do a project together since all of us have different skills. Thus, we came up with the storyline, did the casting, directing and editing together. The shoot took a total 3 days and of course conceptualizing was much longer and took about a week.

Day One: Studio Shots

Arrived early at the studio for make up and the director, Brenda, decided to come in one hour late. 耍大牌的不是我哦,是她!


Here’s Xue Yan aka, KhioneBeauty, my makeup artist and stylist for the MV. She was my classmate in Poly as well. PS: Thank you dear for ditching school lecture to do this with us. 太感动了!


To be honest, it was quite awkward during makeup as we started talking like what other artistes and a makeup artiste would sound like.

Sherraine: Wow thats a really nice eyeliner.
XueYan: Close your eyes.
Sherraine closes eyes*
Xue Yan: Open.
Sherraine opens eyes*
Sherraine: Wa. Your eyeliner wont smudge?
Xue Yan: No.. make up artistes know how to control.
Sherraine: Oh. What brand?
Xue Yan: XXX brand lo.
Xue Yan: Close eyes.
Sherraine: Eh~~ Can you dont talk like you dont know me???????


When your close friend becomes your co-worker…
Especially when you’re the artiste and she’s giving you the star treatment.
so paiseh.

Day Two: Dating Scenes

It was a last minute idea to do the shoot and we were very lucky to have Brenda’s friend, Nicholas, who was free and didnt mind helping out. I met him for the first time that day but I was supposed to act in love with him and seriously he’s such a joker. Please dont judge his acting in the mv.. He’s not a trained actor. There were scenes where we had to be pretty close but he was pretty sporting. Thanks for your help Nicholas.

Filming started at 11am and we started with the basketball scene..


IMG_7915 IMG_7919

Next, we had lunch and 顺便 did some loving scenes there.


Here we have director Brenda trying to arrange her shot.

Star treatment again…  *blushes*


“OMG. what to do? what can lovers do at macs??”


I think we looked pretty natural here..


And this picture is enough to make all my boy fans jealous… But you’re lucky Nicholas, cause I dont think I have any.. 😦


One of my favorite scene in the MV was the icecream scene.


Sweet ya?

Next we made our way back to Temasek Poly cause they had this really nice fountain that we thought would be perfect for the shoot.


The effect that the spraying water gave was really good in the MV.


And I was given 5 mins to learn the dance.

We made our way to the reservoir just before sunset. My dearest director Brenda said that dying at sunset on my “bf”‘s back got more feel… Oh well.. you guys be the judge.


Waiting for the right timing to”die”.


The director’s camera.


They say this shot got “那些年” feel haha.


Its hard balancing on the bike as we had to stop at an exact point for the shot to be visually pleasing.


And Im supposed to faint and fall off the bike!

Day Three: Sistership 

Other than focusing on BGR, we wanted to feature family love too and thus, we had the sister role added into the MV. Playing my sister is Waikei, a friend I made from acting class. Thanks dear, for travelling down from the West to the East for two consecutive days for some simple shoots. Hope you enjoyed the process.


We couldn’t borrow a proper studio so we had to do the shoot like that.
– Sorry la. No budget is like that one-


End product

After filming, we took about 5 days to edit the whole thing and I’d really like to thank Brenda for putting in so much effort so that the MV looks like what I imagined it to be. Also, here’s a big thank you to Michelle, Yi Wei, Ben and Jonathan for helping out!

Heres a pic taken during 庆功宴.


Last but not least, presenting to you, the MV. I apologize for the recording quality cause I dont have a studio to record it. But oh well, here’s just a simple project that’s quite memorable for us as it sorta commemorates our 5 years of friendship. Please enjoy.

3 thoughts on “My Classmates, My Friends, Our Mv Shoot

  1. It was a great effort made by you and yr friends even though Nicholas wasn’t a trained actor, overall you guys did a great job! 🙂

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