Holiday on Star Virgo 1


Finally gonna have a holiday break after all e work during cny. 🙂 Though its just to the sea but I shall be grateful for it. Its better than nothing. Of course I dont mind going somewhere further but im still lacking of riches. 😦


I think my mum is being superstitious. . We ended up visiting some temples for praying before going on the trip. Since I’ve been thinking a lot bout my career lately, I tried to 求签 and the lot said that I was not focused! That’s kinda true since I’m always having trouble putting in my fullest effort at doing one thing and its been troubling me. Shall work on it after my break! Ohmmmm. Focus… maybe I should meditate while at sea.


Cant wait to get out there…


Boarding time’s at around 4.30pm? Why oh why?


After waiting for SO long, Im finally on board. Im really surprised though how the Chinese and Singaporeans are actually the minority of the big crowd!


Exploring round the ship. They’ve made some renovations here since my last visit but its still pretty much the same.


The three horses that welcomed us in.

Took a picture before going for dinner. They’ve got so many mirrors around!


Here’s how my bed space look like. I kinda like placing e stuff neatly all around. My mum was like you think your house uh.. o.o and another one went “why you bring that two cats..” HAH. I like it like that. What you gonna do?


After dinner and resting abit, we went to the Lido for an illusion show called ‘Dream’ and it was so freaking awesome. Even though I didnt pursue any theatre courses after my poly days but my passion for theatre arts remains.


The dancers, props and lights made the whole show so amazing. Everything happened so timely. Each sound, effect and magic were so heavenly combined.


And did I mention that the magician from France looks freaking hot?


Anyway today’s ootd is from uniqlo ut hello kitty series. 😉

And of course after the show, casino’s opened. Time for play. 😛

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