Together Alone

14/2/2014’s sadly just a date.
No candlelight dinners, no presents, no flowers, no date.
Oh well. I’ll get used to it.
Anyway.  I did bake a little bit on that day.
Just some simple presents to commemorate the date and to share some love to some of my single friends out there.
Its okay..
We’re together alone anyway.

Step 1 of my present was to make some handmade cards.

Camera 360
I made my own pink and purple roses using flour, water, sugar and yeast.
The most inexpensive flowers on Vday.

Camera 360

Baked some awfully chocolatey chocolate cupcakes with a little heart shape.
Ultimate sweetness for the love.

Camera 360

Pack them together in a clear plastic box.

Camera 360

And I made only 14 packs of them for 14 special people.

Camera 360

Okay.. My Dog gets the first box.

Camera 360
The day was gone just like that. Maybe next year it’ll be more special but I seriously doubt so.

Happy VDAY peeps.

Oh well.. Someday my prince will come..

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