Sorry guys for not blogging for nearly a month. Was feeling a little lazy and there were quite some shows in the December month. As such, I was busy earning some money cause I tend to spend like SOO much too! Anyway, we’ve just crossed over from 2013 to 2014 and Im grateful for it.


2013 was quite a good year with more opportunities knocking. After Ah Boys to Men 2 was released during the Chinese New Year season, I thought that appearing in the TV scene would come to an end but there were some occasional surprises that came along the way.

There was a feature by Teenage Magazine alongside with Tosh and Joshua in August…


an acting part in the movie Filial Party in November which will be released in May 2014…
(so grateful to be working with so many stars!)









Camera 360

and also the variety show with Marcus Chin in December…

(BIG THANKS to TEENAGE MAGAZINE, BORIS 导演 and DADDY) Yes, Im not much of an actress yet, more of an events singer, host or blogger but hopefully 2014 will be a bountiful year with more jobs coming in!


Looking back, I’ve to admit that I’ve changed a lot. Its like a switch you know, suddenly you just grow out of immaturity, get used to some stuff and no longer get vexed with certain stuff. Some heartaches are meant to be there to let you get a taste of life and really, all you can do is in fact just to move on and let go. Okay, I didnt like it when the adults always say, “move on and get over it”, but its true. Life goes on.. Cliche ya?

Okay..I’ve just gone through my resolutions for 2013 and Im glad that I’ve achieved some of them! YAY! And now its time for new resolutions… Well, I dont wanna list them down here one by one but overall, I just want an improvement in myself, to be a better me, in all aspects and of course to persevere in my dreams. Anyway, I did an MV on 01/01/14, quite a memorable date so that I can remind myself who I want to be in 2014.. Enjoy!

Have a good year ahead everyone! Oh wait… before I go.. Im so into baking and cooking nowadays.. HAHA. Just to share..

Camera 360
Camera 360
Camera 360
Camera 360

They are yummilicious k!!

Oh and if I were to do a vlog, any suggestions on the genre and topic? Do comment if you’ve got any ideas or preferences kay! Cheers… Happy New YEAR!

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