Merry Xmas with 豆豆

I have always loved pancakes since young and ever since I started intership, I came to appreciate Mr Bean a lot more. They’re so widely located at various MRT stations that its so easy to grab and go. I remember always seeing a long queue at Mr Bean around 8am with office workers often in line.. Mr Bean’s pancakes just tastes so heavenly and they’re coming up with more flavors! I used to really like the cheese one but now I’ve a new favourite.. Make a guess?

This evening, I had a sudden craving for Mr Bean after filming and went to NEX to get some! AND I SAW 豆豆!

Camera 360


Camera 360

He’s really cheeky, sort of dancing around..

Camera 360

I’ve never seen a life-size 豆豆before.. Have you?


How can I not give it a hug!

After seeing the life-sized 豆豆, I fell in love with it. Its so fat and chubby.I walked into the store to purchase my pancake and I saw this whole table of cute 豆豆 plushies that are xmas-themed!

Camera 360

Arent they cute?

Camera 360

The Xmas 豆豆s come in two designs, one with the gingerbread man and another with the gift sock.

Camera 360

They also have this booth where they’ll make a personalized xmas charm for you with every purchase of the xmas 豆豆 plushie.

Camera 360

They come in three colors and you can choose your charm and the name to put on the charm. Its quite pretty, a bit old-school.

Camera 360

And so I purchased my soya milk..


And my pancake. This is one of their newer flavors called the Royal Hazelnut. My friend tried it and intro-ed it to me and indeed it tastes awesome! As quoted “its like kinderbueno only in pancake form.”  I’d prefer this as compared to their double chocolate.  Do try it out! Its just-right chocolatey and it tastes like xmas is around the corner! HAHA.


豆豆loves it too!


And yes I purchased this little fellow at around 11 bucks I think.

Camera 360

A close up on the free christmas charm. It feels really xmassy with the red and brass-like sock charm.

Finally I feel some Christmas excitement!


Happy ME with 豆豆 and its smaller version.


Camwhore with the little guy.


I like him sticking out his tongue. haha XP

If you’d like to purchase 豆豆 and get the free charms do take note of the dates below:

4-6DEC – NEX (5pm-9pm)
7-8 DEC – United Square (11am-4pm)
9-11DEC – NUH (11am-3pm)
12-13DEC- Changi City Point (11am-3pm)
14DEC- Changi City Point (1pm-9pm)
15 DEC- Star Vista (11am-7pm)
16-18 DEC – NUH (11am-3pm)

I wonder whats up for Christmas other than work…
Oh well… Happy Holidays ALL!

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