And just suddenly, all that was once in front of my eyes ceased to exist. I thought that it wouldn’t hurt, that I wouldn’t mind yet I was just being a fool. I tried taking another leap, but ended up falling into a bottomless pit. Just what if, what if everything was all fated to be? Then what for am I trying. A slight sense of inadequacy struck me. I was wounded, not my someone else, but by the voices I’m hearing inside. Why is it me? I blasted the music from my ipod in the hope that it’d get more distant but it was to no avail. Silence, that’s all I need for now.

I used to think that I could run away in dreams. That they could bring me to a desirable place. Yet, these were all taken away from me, my only hope of peace and serenity. I remember how I could soar up the skies and fly pass mountains. There was this carefree smile, a childlike heart in me when I played among the clouds. Well, that was then. Wishful, I was. Perhaps even stupid.

Enough. I’ve had enough of this. I looked at myself in the mirror this morning and that ugly thing’s all I see. Its sad. No, that’s not even the word to describe this empty feeling. Its as if all that I even need now is for someone to treat me cruelly so that I may feel more alive than what I am now. Well, they told me that I ought to fear everyone in town. I chose to ignore them and now I’ve got a price to pay. You may ask, if I were to turn back the clock, would I have believed them then? All that I can tell you is that they were simply too convincing.

-PS: Pardon me. I’m just trying to write something like a story. Practicing some story-writing-

Cheers, Sherraine

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