My 21st Hello Kitty Birthday Party Part 2 – Celebration

Its Party Time: 

After months and hours of preparation, it was finally party time! Its the first time that I put so much effort into organizing a party and I’ve got to say that it wasnt easy. I finally understand why brides are like always TIRED OUT after their wedding. There was so much to do! I remember how I kept checking on the weather forecast 2 weeks before the date of my birthday so that I could think of an alternative plan should it rain. Thank God the drizzle stopped when the guests arrived. Having a perfect party requires loads of hard work.


Anyway, after doing the decorations, it was time to get ready for the party. The decorations took up a lot of time and I had to rush to do my make up and hair. Would like to thank Xue Yan here for cabbing down just to do my hair for me in time. Thanks dear!

1426232_10202410878581334_1622118557_nHAHA I feel like a bride here..

So, let me take you through my Hello Kitty birthday party right now. I’ll play the guide, and you the guest. Upon arrival you’ll be guided in by the hello kitty balloons which were mentioned in post 1. That will lead you to Aloha Changi Chalet and you will come to a green gate.

1441355_10202410859300852_624753859_nWe placed Hello Kitty Balloons on the gate as well and this is how it looked like.



I felt that it was important that the guests at the party were being entertained. As such, we came up with some activities for the guests to participate in. Upon completion of the activity card,  guests would be entitled to the Lucky Draw which was held at the end of the party. I thought that this was a good idea as it engaged the guests to walk around and participate in the booths instead of just sitting there.

unnamedThis is how the first booth area looks like.

Jasmine, Waikei and Cherlyn were in-charged of the booth at the front door.

IMG-20131119-WA0057The activity card.

Once the guests stepped in, they’ll be given an activity card each. Rules and guidelines were all written on the card and there were a total of 8 activities. Every completion of activity will give you a chop in the box. Getting 6 chops would enable you to qualify for the lucky draw. There were 3 chops that were compulsory, the Doorgift chop, the Guestbook chop and the Photobooth chop.

Activity 1: Door Gift

I thought that it was only right to thank my guests for coming down to my party and thus I had doorgifts prepared for them. I personalized these Hello Kitty boxes to keep it to theme. Inside the boxes were just some sweets and chocolates and on the boxes its written “Sherraine’s Twentyfirst 18.11.2013”. Although it was a simple gift but its definitely one and only. I hope those of you who’ve attended the party liked it. 🙂

IMG-20131119-WA0025Did you remember your doorgift?

1425682_10202410864060971_51078021_nThe lovely boxes!

Camera 360Close up!

Activity 2: Guestbook

A guestbook is really important at a 21st party as its gonna help you remember the people who loved you enough to drop by your party. Its really nice reading those messages and knowing that there’s that many people who bothers about you. 10 years from now you’re gonna read the messages and tear out of gratefulness and die of sweetness. HAHA Just kidding. Anyway, I designed the guestbook cover myself as well so its still Hello Kitty-ish. I really love the message that came along with that pic – “You can never have too many friends”. How true! Guests were told to write in the guestbook after receiving the gift to get the second chop on the activity card.

Camera 360I’m glad I found this pic for my guestbook cover.

Camera 360How it looks inside!

1452425_10202411652840690_283684298_n Signing the book.

Activity 3: The Photobooth

Hmm.. Its definitely not cheap but it was worth the money since everyone really enjoyed playing at the photobooth. My guests went wild at the photobooth and I KNOW MANY OF YOU SPAMMED cause I have ALL your pictures. HAHA, yes! Having a photobooth means you’ll get to keep all the pictures taken there which obviously includes those of your friends with silly faces. HAH. Well, a 21st is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of party and I didnt mind putting in the effort and money into making a memorable party. I hope you guys enjoyed it!

1455028_10202410868781089_1248387432_nThe photobooth sign.

1426166_10202411665241000_1137910605_nMe and my mum’s friends at the booth!


1422337_10202411653400704_1812029274_nEven my aunts were playing at the booth. 

1456490_10202411665120997_1027227623_nI like this picture cause we posed as if we were at a photoshoot.

Okay, Im gonna post some of the pictures that I like best from the photobooth. 🙂 Look at their silly pictures! HAHA. Everyone had fun with the props. Im not sure if they know, but the Hello Kitty props were actually all hand-made by ourselves!

1475861_10202411964848490_1570907234_n1) Im gonna be biased and place my family portrait as my number 1 favourite. I hardly own a picture with both my mum and dad and am really glad to have this picture. Thank you daddy and mummy for making some sweet memories with me.

1422640_10202411958928342_101175917_n2) Me and my mum. This picture is kind of awkward. She wasnt very “on” about taking pictures at first. Well, that was until she found my makeup kit and did her pretty make-up. After that, she started going to the photobooth with her friends and family and haha caught the photo-bug. The kiss was requested by her. LOL I was shocked. Sweetness overload?

524030_10202411931807664_482772883_n3) The LAW family. Well, as you can see, they arent an experienced bunch in phototaking. I asked. They said it was their first time so please pardon the headroom and all.

1458457_10202411940967893_1888450797_n4) My second family. Here’s the family that I grew up with. I stayed with them since I was a baby until I was schooling age cause both my parents were working. They became my close family members ever since, showering me with love and concern. 🙂 My mama even came in a hello kitty shirt that she borrowed! How to not love them! OH OH! Did you spot the baby. I thought that he looked like a PROP. SHO CUTE. 

1461872_10202411943327952_525479278_n (1)5) The girls. Dressed in pink and part of my party crew. I definitely need to show some love to them. That aside, I really do like the main shot since our heights’ all about the same. Dont we look like some Taiwan girl group?

6) Genevieve. Leader of the party crew, she made the party possible. She drove me round Singapore to find all my party materials, recce the possible places for the party and more. Thanks dear. I only put this picture as number 6 cause of our fail attempt to pose a “21”. It became a “12”. LOL. Nevermind. I dont mind being 12 again.

946062_10202411948928092_1183076797_n7) The Poly Zabors definitely took the most pictures! HAHA. They’re the masscommers that possesses both beauty and brains except ONE (Fiona, cause she’s a bimbo :P). They really have the most spastic faces and Im being nice here posting something more normal.

1457732_10202411989849115_824258958_n8) Dare to pose, dare to shine. These artistes have the means to put on their happiest faces despite coming after work! Cheers people!  

1426560_10202411976208774_1123514393_n9) XingWei and YuTing here look really sweet and I dont know why but you two look like sisters! Even their outfits looked similar but HEY, whats that yellow top doing at my party!

1467198_10202411969608609_1000663991_n10) Never-aging. 不老传说. Shes a singer and a mum but she still looks so good! I really love her kitty top and Im touched she really made the effort to find a kitty top! Can tell me where you buy that top not?? I like leh!

Last but not least, another one of my favourite picture is the one with my dog! It was hard getting Bailey to look at the correct place but she managed! The thing is… I didnt get the hardcopy of this picture! Who STOLE it! TSK.

1465301_10202411930607634_1375410723_nBailey, the cutiepie.

So, there were other ways to gain other chops but I’ll not explain it here… Lets move on to the happenings outdoor.

The Party Yard

As it got darker, the lights shimmered and music started. Candles flickered, setting the mood just right.. just like what I envisioned it to be.

SAM_0668The stage area.

IMG-20131119-WA0095The dining area.

IMG-20131119-WA0073Buffet area with kitty set-up as well.

IMG-20131119-WA0012Table top.

1450785_10202411646040520_1376732747_nRed and white table cloth, pink heartshape candle, pink ruffled flowers and a Hello Kitty table balloon so that its kitty-licious.

IMG-20131119-WA0010A good look at the doorgifts and candles.

And of course not forgetting the utensils!

IMG-20131119-WA0072You like it?

Singing Performance

We initially planned for stage games and more but was not able to do so due to the constrains at the chalet. Instead of a full 3 hour performance, stage activities were cut short as the management came in to stop us from using the speakers. SAD DIE ME. So here’s what we managed to do till they came.

1459796_10202411645520507_679719101_nIntroducing to you Germaine, the singer and Jie Xiang, the guitarist!

942196_10202411674081221_828460156_nPerforming for the guests. 

1453553_10202411680961393_1085284176_nMy friends went up to sing as well.

And finally, I decided to dedicate a couple of songs to my guests who were there…

1002005_10202411702241925_331349724_n (1)Here’s how the atmosphere was like..

Singing along..

More pictures…

1472074_10202411694601734_278692990_n Sadly no one captured the whole singing on video.. but here’s a short part of it…

Cake Cutting

Finally, it was time for cake cutting.

1469782_10202411710042120_1750876925_nGetting the cake and table ready!

1450158_10202411708362078_756800627_nThe plates and serviettes.

Camera 360


1441482_10202411711922167_1406016656_nFeaturing Hello kitty and friends!

1457639_10202411717042295_1312877173_nLighting up the candles and taking pictures.

598448_10202411719642360_1657070860_nOH GOSH. Im super in love with my own cake!

Some pictures before the candles melt away…

20131117_232415With my mum and dad and my BAILEYY.

1422580_10202411829365103_309761591_nWith my getai Godparents. 

1454842_10202411750163123_1207318278_nMore pictures.

1461276_10202411833045195_1782392829_nWith the artistes.

Wang Jia Ban.

And here comes the moment when everyone’s singing e bday song for you and you stand there like an idiot. haha

1450181_10202411838565333_745647072_nI tried my best to look natural.. 

1465204_10202411841445405_1600109408_nAnd to ignore the fast-melting candles..

After the singing, my mum presented me with my 21st bday key necklace 🙂



Making a wish..


And there goes the candles..


1472020_10202411848405579_784858172_nSorry uh. hard to look glam when blowing candles neh. 

1390755_10202411851085646_679709898_nDouble checking that the candles were all blown out. WEE. IM 21!

988355_10202411852765688_754832457_nMaking my Thank You speech… and its time for more pics!

993459_10202411856125772_840242538_nThe friends I made during my Poly internship 🙂

1476287_10202411856565783_2051467511_nFriends from Zooms Academy.

1472051_10202411857165798_448529233_nMy ABTM Ah Beng BF. 

1467297_10202411858085821_1806750382_nThe performers.

1472787_10202411862805939_1320509318_nThe Big Group of Wangz Supporters! 

Here’s the videos during the cake cutting 🙂 ITs so super entertaining hahaha.

 I’d like to apologize for the delay for the cake cutting. It was getting late and many had to leave already. Its ok dear people, its the thought that count. Really APPRECIATE your attendance!

Presents WEE! 

Yes, most of my presents are all Hello Kitties! HAHA. I really love the presents alot! Would like to thank everyone for the presents and Angbaos! Thanks for joining me on this very special day!

1467461_10202411868406079_114774521_nSo many I dont know where to start! 

1468500_10202411867766063_1191054897_nThanks for the letters too! I read each and every word.




Camera 360Im a Happy Girl and officially Twenty One!

Thank you ALL! 🙂 I know I’ve enjoyed myself tremendously. I do sincerely hope that those of you who were there enjoyed yourselves too! Will be reviewing the services I engaged for my bday.. If you’re interested to know, wait for the third post.


Cheers, Sherraine.

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