Best-selling burgers in Japan finally in Singapore!

MCD Ebi Burger

Well well, if you think that Mcdonalds’ gonna stop after the Samurais attacked Singapore, you’re wrong! This winter, you can expect some new items on the menu. If you’re not a meat-lover and am looking for an alternative other than the regular fillets, you’re in for a feast. They’re limited, while stocks last and its the very first time they’re available in Singapore! Presenting to you what we’d expect to beat the Samurais, the Ebi Burglars..


(Burgers. I mean Burgers.. moving on..)

The Ebi Burgers are the Number One seller in Japan and they will be officially launched on 7th November (thurs) with two other new items – the Tropical Tango McFizz and Banana Pie! (Weeee) Lets introduce them one by one starting with the Tropical Tango McFizz.

Camera 360(The green thing is not a GRASSHOPPER! Its a shrimp origami!)

Ever since I tasted McDonald’s Lychee McFizz, I fell in love with the different McFizzes available.  I was pretty disappointed when they stopped serving Lychee McFizzes. However, we’ve been told that they’re coming back along with the Ebi Burgers! YAY! But in a different flavour though. So McFizz fans, do grab those Tropical Tango McFizz while they’re available. Although I do prefer the Lychee ones still, but the Tropical Tango McFizz have a really interesting flavor. Its more towards the sweet side and it tastes something like mango, orange and passion fruit in a mix. HAHA, Im trying my best to describe the taste but its hard to tell what exactly contributed to the fruitilicious taste.

Camera 360(See how much I love the Tropical Tango McFizz that I finished the cup so quickly!)

Next up, we had the long-awaited Ebi Burgers. HAHA. Just to share , its my first time at a Macs Tasting Party and it was like OMG. McDonalds’ actually used a pink theme for the party, much to my liking. All the plates and utensils were in pink! That amazed me…

Camera 360(Burgers and fries on a pink pink plate!)

We were all excited to taste the burgers when it was served. I haven’t tried a prawn burger before and McSpicy’s my favourite burger from McDonald’s. After trying the Ebi Burgers, I might just consider changing my preference. The Ebi Burger’s a tasty combination of succulent whole shrimps in a golden breadcrumb patty, topped with thousand island sauce and crisp lettuce, in between lightly toasted sesame seed buns. (Yummy!) If you refer to the banner pic of the post, you’d see those small prawns at the surface of the burgers. I thought that it was purely for photo purpose, to let people know that its a prawn burger. You’d be surprised though cause it looks exactly the same inside. You can see, bite and taste those shrimps.

Camera 360(Can you see the shrimps??)

Camera 360

To me, its pretty much like eating Har Gao (Prawn Dumplings)? The interior texture tastes just like that but with a much crunchier exterior! The prawns are sweet and fresh and the thousand island sauce really compliments the patties really well. If you’re like me who prefer the burgers plain usually, try to not go for plain this time. The sauce brings the burger to a new level of goodness.

Camera 360

Last but not least, we had the banana pies! Its also the very first time that banana pies are introduced in Singapore. Some of the bloggers said that it tasted like the local Goreng Pisang, but its definitely better in my view.

Camera 360

You see, some Goreng Pisang might just taste too oily at times, but you can enjoy these hot, toasty banana pies right now without fear that you might taste more of the oil instead of bananas. They taste way healthier though I found it a little too sweet. That would probably be just me cause the other bloggers told me that the sweetness is just like any other banana desserts.

Camera 360

(Look at it! Just look at how its all warm and gooey. Mouthwatering ya?)

Camera 360

There are banana pieces inside too! Do try it out! They’re good for takeaways as well cause I had mine packed and ate it after 2 hours. I expected the pie to turn a little soggy but they managed to remain crispy despite the hours. Thumbs up!

Camera 360(They had us try our hands on making these shrimp origamis while we’re waiting for the food to be served.)

Camera 360
(Its not easy but I managed to complete it! This is my ugly pink shrimp!)

The Ebi Feast Meal consists of an Ebi Burger, Tropical Tango McFizz, Banana Pie and a large fries. Do note that its only gonna be available for a limited time only. Its good to at least taste it once!


Remember, its the best-seller in Japan! Those of you who only eats fish fillet burger can try a different alternative right now!


(The Jap stars love it!)

With the launch of the Ebi Feast Meal, we’ve got to wave goodbye to the samurai burgers. Though so, I really appreciate how Macs tries to surprise us or bring us new food items from time to time.  Take away Samurai! But but.. Can we still have the seaweed shaker fries pleaseeeeee. HAHA.

PS: Im waiting for my twister fries..

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