When Hello Kitty meets Ez-Link..

Just in case some of you dont know me, Im a Hello Kitty fanatic. Not the greatest fan of course, but Im the kind of girl who doesnt mind having an ultra pink room surrounded with all kinds of kitties.


Just like any other collector, I’ll go an extra mile to own another kitty item. If you’re like me, then there’s a piece of good news for you!

NA201310292118270084-62-081000000(Look at what Im holding!)

Excited to know? Just hold on till the end of the post..

Anyway, I was really glad to have received invitations to join the media launch of the newest Ez-link cards, featuring HELLO KITTY, which was held today. The theme of the day was none other than Hello Kitty. Im serious when I say it wasnt hard for me to come up with a suitable outfit.

Camera 360(With my kitty pass)

Camera 360
(I see kitties everywhere!)

Camera 360(Lovely set up.. I really love the ambiance)

Camera 360(Hard not to take notice of this humongous kitty)

Camera 360(The stage)

Everything was kitty themed and it felt surreal to be walking in the midst of a what would seem like the sweetest kitty garden.

Camera 360(They had a photobooth for us to camwhore as well)

NA201310291622550082-62-080000000(How could i possibly resist these lovely bows)

NA201310291624300045-62-080000000(Hello Kitty = Sweet)

Soon, the official launch of the cards commenced!

Camera 360(I was really dying to see the hello kitty designs!)

Camera 360(And finally…..)


Aren’t they adorable?? In partnership with Sanrio, EZ Link has produced these kitty EZ Link cards for all you kitty fans out there! (WOWWWWW!)

Camera 360

There are a total of 12 different designs which consists of 8 classic ones and 4 that are limited editions. The classic designs costs $14.90 each and they come customized in a Hello Kitty gift box with an exclusive Hello Kitty screen cleaner.


Do note that these cards do not come along with any stored value. Although I do like a few from the classic designs but my favorites would be the limited eds ones.

Camera 360(Hello Kitty Be My Valentine)

Camera 360(Hello Kitty Singapore Sights)

Camera 360(Hello Kitty Christmas Snowman)

Camera 360(Hello Kitty Train Ride)

I love how they make these cards so Uniquely Singapore! 

The Limited Editions cards are priced at $19.90 each and they are printed with glitter printing effects! AHH!! Glitter~~~~


Lets take a closer looks at the classic cards!

Camera 360(Hello Kitty Party Time)

Camera 360(Hello Kitty with Teddy)

Camera 360(Hello Kitty Polka Dot Apples)

Camera 360(Hello Kitty My Life in Color)

Camera 360(Hello Kitty Apple Joy)

Camera 360(Hello Kitty Sharing Hearts)

Camera 360(Hello Kitty Classic)

Camera 360(Hello Kitty and Tiny Chum Collection)

Okay, you’ve seen the designs, you know what you want. So how to purchase them?

Other than launching the Hello Kitty EZ Link Cards today, EZ Link also unveiled their Online Shop (www.myezlink.com.sg). Some cards are only being sold online, while some can be found at selected TransitLink Ticket Offices. Here’s the information that you might want to take note of so that you wont miss the purchasing date.

29th October: Online


(Hello Kitty Party Time & Hello Kitty My Life in Color)

30th October: Ticket Offices


(Hello Kitty Polka Dot Apples & Hello Kitty with Teddy)

11th November: Online


(Hello Kitty and Tiny Chum Collection & Hello Kitty Classic)

11th November: Ticket Offices

image015 image016

(Hello Kitty Apple Joy & Hello Kitty Sharing Hearts)

2 December: Online

(Hello Kitty Christmas Snowman)

16 December: Online


(Hello Kitty Train Ride)

30 December: Online


(Hello Kitty Singapore Sights)

13 January: Online


(Hello Kitty Be My Valentine)

Do note that only the following TransitLink Ticket Offices will be selling the cards:
Ang Mo Kio Station, Woodlands Station, Lakeside Station, Lavender Station, Harbourfron Station, Somerset Station, SengKang Station, Tampines Station, Orchard Station and Yishun Station.


Christmas is around the corner and these collectibles are just the puurfect gift for all your hellokitty-fan friends!


Anyway, remember the big kitty plushie that appeared at the front of the post? Ez-Link’s giving you the opportunity to actually win it home! To celebrate the e-shop launch, EZ-Link is holding a “Me & My Classic Cards” contest. Just simply collect all eight Hello Kitty Classic ez-link designs and three winners will each stand a chance to win that 30-inch giant Hello Kitty plushie! For more information for the contest, please go to www.myezlink.com.sg or www.facebook.com/myezlink. The contest will end on 30th November! Quickly people!


Okay, we’ve come to the end of the post. Remember the good news? 

You see.. There was this Lucky Draw at the end of the event and I was lucky enough to have won all 8 of the Classic Cards! It was like OMG cause I was never THAT lucky before in my entire lifetime. I would really like to thank the Gods, thank Sanrio and thank EZ-Link for having me there! So to share my joy, Im holding a GIVEAWAY for one of my EZ-Link Cards! Sadly, you’re not allowed to choose but just a clue that the card design that Im giving away cant be purchased at the ticketing offices.

To participate in the giveaway

1) Follow my instagram: sherraineyq
2) Please comment below the instagram giftaway picture accordingly starting with @sherraineyq

a) Guess which is my favourite Hello Kitty EZ-Link card design out of the twelve.
(I’ve got two.. just have to guess either one)
b) Which is YOUR favourite card out of the eight Classic designs and why?

Simple and Easy. Good luck to all of you out there.
1 winner will be selected.

Contest will end on 3 Nov 23:59.

*Winner will be notified and updated on blog

Oh yea, did I mention that Im hosting a Hello Kitty themed 21st Bday party as well? HAHA.

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