Crystal Jade Yummies

 Its been a good past week filled with some hosting and acting here and there. It feels good to be learning and doing stuff I like though its draining on the energy. Anyway, today’s post will be on food again! (Hmm, do I see those saliva dripping away?) HAH. Enjoy~

I visited Crystal Jade for lunch after working on Tuesday. It was not a planned trip but I just happened to choose this restaurant since its one of the few restaurants available at Toa Payoh area, especially when I start eating only at 2plus! (Most restaurants have their break at that timing.) It was quite a pleasant experience I should say.

NA201310221405420056-62-090000000Camwhore upon arrival..

The first item that wowed me was their Iced Yuan Yang, which is a blend of tea and coffee, just to add.

Camera 360They serve their Iced Yuan Yang this way, which I felt was freaking cool! The “smoke effect” would most probably be from the dry ice, which kept the drink cold enough without affecting the taste.

Camera 360Asmall cup for you to gradually sip the tea and coffee. Im totally in love with the Yuan Yang here as the tea and coffee tasted so fragrant individually that they complemented each other so favorably when mixed. Recommended!

NA201310221412510009-62-081000000Must come back for more!

Ordered quite a lot of different food which consisted of Tim Sums and some other side dishes. Below is the roasted duck!

Camera 360The duck tasted normal to me and it was a tad too oily.

Next, we had the carrot cake from the Tim Sum menu.

I kinda like these as they are softer than the ones sold outside in texture and it has a comparatively stronger radish taste.

Camera 360Tried their Har Gao 虾角 here too. It tasted fine and the prawns tasted like as if they were cooked in some kind of soup before being wrapped in the flour skin. Not too bad.

Camera 360Decided to give their Wantons a go since I’ve no idea whats Crystal Jade’s special or must-order item. And it tasted.. tasted like normal wantons in MSG soups. However, they do have a very thin wrap. Well, guess that’s the plus point.

Camera 360Brocolli with eggs and prawns. AWESOME! Hah. Its hard to find these 3 all together in 1 dish.

Last but not least, ladies and gentlemen, here’s the liu sha paus 流沙包. Its quite difficult to find nice-tasting liu sha paus 流沙包 in Singapore, but Crystal Jade’s tasted pretty good, except for being a bit too sweet for me. (Sweetness overload!)

Camera 360Time to eat them! (Excited)

Camera 360 Starting off steady and slow just in case everything squirts out.

Camera 360 Breaking it into halves! Not working well.

Camera 360Like a finally..

Camera 360Looking good, except how the yolk blended in with the pau..
Camera 360 Look at the inside!

Camera 360 There’s many ways to eat this and one of it would be dipping in it.. Only done by yours truly.

Camera 360 I think the waitresses were judging me while I took these.. They thought that i was solely playing with my food.

Camera 360Look at how nice it is! 

How many pau allows you to perform this?


And.. its finger-licking good!

All in all, the food at Crystal Jade is definitely worth the try, especially when you’re looking for a restaurant for teabreaks! 🙂

Have been doing some reading. Will share bout that soon.. Im also looking forward to the new month.. new challenges ahead! Anyway, just a reminder for those of you who had new year resolutions, its perhaps time to take a look at them to see if they were actualized. For those of you who’ve not done your resolutions, try thinking and doing one next year. 2months plus till we welcome the next year….. yet again.. Lets not stop trying to make year 2013 a better year for everyone!

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