Day out with the girls @ USS

Made a trip to USS for some fun with the girls last week. Might as well, since its the non-peak period now for performances and my schedule seems so ridiculously unbusy. The last time I visited USS was almost a year ago during Halloween. I havent been to USS in the day time before due to my nemesis, the great big sun, but well, I decided to let my hair down and you know just have fun despite the weather. Eh, but I ended up in long sleeves and 3 bottles of sunblock.

Camera 360
(With Waikei, Cherlyn and Pikachu)

We had Ding Tai Fung for lunch before heading in cause Cherlyn wanted it. I’ve never been a real fan of Ding Tai Fung and I’ve only had it like once but I had to give them a second chance that day. Still didnt really amaze me but its better than nothing. We actually wanted to have lunch at the Malaysian Hawker Foodcourt but it was closed!! 😦

Camera 360(Proud of my camera and selfie skill)

Camera 360(Their Xiao Long Baos)

Camera 360(I dont know whats this but its something like wantons in chili and vinegar?)

Camera 360(My favourite beansprouts!)

Camera 360(Cold chicken in wine)

And after lunch, its time for some fun! Waikei was our tour guide for the day cause shes been there like thrice or more when its only our firsts and seconds.

Camera 360
(Camwhore girls!)

We went on all the rides and almost all the shows. We even went on Transformers twice. The rides were pretty nice though my favourite would be the Mummy Revenge. Unfortunately the two scariest rides are closed for awhile so we didnt get on it. Its called the Galatica. On second thoughts, I think Im more relieved that its not available.. My first experience on them last year was a “woah-shit” kind of experience.

Camera 360
(At far far away)

Camera 360(They told me to take a picture cause its a crown!)

Camera 360
(Where’s the performance?)

Camera 360(Visitor pose)

I forced them to go on every ride.. almost every.. At least those that we can fit. And that would actually mean going on the kiddy rides like this Merry-go-round, the mini ferris wheel from Shrek, flying dinosaurs at Jurrasic Park and the Magadascar plus desert adventure SLOW rides. They were REALLY REALLY slow. I cant believe we found it amusing when we were young when we’re in fact just going in circles..

Camera 360
(The only purpose we’re on these rides is to take more pictures!)

Camera 360
(WEEEEEE. so fun! “ah hem”)

Camera 360
(We’re on the ride and the picture is SO clear cause we’re like at 10mph/km. WAHAH)

 Camera 360(Me with my sunglasses, cap, long sleeves and sun-blocked legs. HAHA.)

Camera 360(Really lucky to catch them for some photos.)

Camera 360(Such a cute stall!)

Camera 360(Cherlyn’s really happy to see him. Im like, whos’ that?)

Camera 360(The only reason why I know Sesame street is cause of Mcdonalds. If Im not wrong, Macs sold their tiny plushies with Happy Meal when I was young and I only like the Cookie Monster cause hes a November baby!)

Another one of my favourite ride is the Jurassic Park water ride. We were all speculating who will get wet after the ride and thinking how we should avoid the water. I dont remember getting drenched during Halloween last year so I was pretty confident about not being too wet… In the end, we got soaked.

Camera 360(Drenched.. and being in jeans material long sleeves doesnt help AT ALL)

Camera 360(USS had this new addition since I’ve no idea when? Its a water show.. Be prepared to get wet too!)

Camera 360(Me and Waikei)

 Camera 360(Me and Cherlyn)

Anyway, USS is preparing for Halloween already and some of their props and themed items can be seen around the park. Im not sure if Im going for their Halloween this year though I wouldnt mind to.

Camera 360

Im scared, but I dont mind visiting either cause the theme looks good this year! SCARY ENOUGH~

Camera 360 (The graveyard.. )

Anyway, it was a good break and we had fun together.. Spent a lot as well of course.. Other than taking some time off singing, I’ve been planning for my 21st birthday party.. I’ve decided to plan a big birthday bash (like once in a lifetime.. cause Im not gonna have anymore bday parties after this) and I wanted it to be Hello Kitty themed. I’ve been searching high-and-low for kitty party items and Im glad to have found some! Hopefully, it will turn out good cause Im spending ALOT on the party… I’ve also been acting for some small roles recently but I was quite disappointed with myself. 总觉得自己真的不够好,还可以更好。又开始质疑自己,但是我不会放弃的!把每一次的失败变成学习经验。你们会支持我的,对吗?


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